Consider hiring PI Mohammed Najar if you will hire a Private investigator CA in the UK for a Background check. Therefore, we’re a multi-award-winning private investigative company in California. In addition, we offering leading private surveillance agency services in the UK. Also, we have the best services of Private investigator CA in the UK for a Background check. we provide national and international press. Also, we provide affordable and legal services to anyone seeking peace. Therefore, our multi-talented team of private investigators, both men, and women specialize in conducting private, commercial, and civil investigations.

So, when you suspect your partner or need the help of an unreliable business partner, we can help. Our professional private investigators are well-experienced in a background check. Well-qualified team to deal with many challenging situations and are capable even in the most complex cases. With a track record of success, you’ll get the best services from a team of professionals.

 Are they safe? Private investigators are also experienced in all civil, criminal, and domestic matters. These include marital interrogation, video surveillance, blasphemy, online dating interrogation, child custody interrogation, major conversions. Insurance fraud, home care negligence, and other investigations.

Our team can also offer people search for missing relatives or loved ones. Anti-surveillance services, camera installation, corporate investigations, and marital investigations.

Our private investigative services also include but are not limited to:

  • Partner Investigation
  • Background check
  • Missing Persons Investigation
  • ID check
  • Online dating research
  • Pre-marital interrogation
  • Arranging marriage investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Insurance and fraud investigations
  • Child custody investigation
  • Child Rehabilitation Investigation
  • Marital supervision
  • Inquiry into landline and mobile phone number ownership
  • Corporate investigations
  • Asset Inquiry
  • Private investigation
  • Secret private investigations

Make sure they’re also safe. Private detectives will also conduct all inquiries and private investigations. I also carried out all our private investigations in full compliance with the law.

Hire a Private investigator CA in the UK for a Background check

Therefore, investigations have reputation for getting results and feedback from your clients. If after an initial discussion, therefore, you want to direct us to the investigation for you. Assign also your dedicated case manager. Our private investigator will also help you update during the investigation.

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Our Services

  • Relationship Investigations
  • Private Investigations
  • Commercial Investigations
  • Trace An Individual
  • Mobile Phone Number Tracing UK
  • Arranged Marriage Investigations
  • Online Dating Checks
  • Asset Trace
  • Child Custody Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Protective Surveillance
  • Employment Background checks
  • Vehicle Sweeps
  • Nanny Background Checks
  • International Background Checks
  • Pre-matrimonial Background Checks
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Background Checks
  • Tenant Background Checks
  • Vehicle Surveillance
  • Device Bug Sweeping
  • Counter Surveillance Services
  • Child Maintenance Investigations
  • Online Private Investigations
  • Catfish Investigations
  • Online Fraud Investigations
  • Digital Infidelity
  • Cohabitation Investigations
  • Online Harassment Investigations
  • Private Investigator Costs
  • Corporate investigation
  • Cyber Investigator
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations

Private investigator CA in the UK for Background check

‘Are They Safe’ examines the hidden and comprehensive background of the suspected. Illicit history based on selected individuals whose background screening investigation no one is wise. Our services are also providing relevant partners, parents, employees, business partners, and landlords to create an intelligent image to reduce risk. Prevent future behavior, verify claims, or assist legal action. Ultimately, ‘they’re safe’ expert services are designed to provide timely and privileged intelligence to help our clients make informed decisions in their personal and professional lives.

Also, our background check will verify the personal contact data provided on an individual. We also provide financial search and criminal history. Any red flag found by a background check can be further investigated. If you find yourself in a situation where you also feel the need to learn more about a past before taking your relationship (professional. Or personal to the next level, a background check will help you. An ideal way to relax.

Extreme caution and diligence

Implemented also with extreme caution and diligence. Our investigations into the background and history of the individual’s private life will also allow you to:

  • Also, check with a potential or current personal partner before deciding to marry or form a deeper romantic relationship.
  • Check out an online date so you know exactly who you’re meeting and who they say they are.
  • Look also for someone close to your children. Former Partner New Partner / Nanny or Opera
  • Look for also someone who may have come from abroad and has a limited history of background in the UK.
  • Regardless of whether you are thinking of a business or personal relationship. Also, establish the financial status and reputation of a potential partner.

Check the background on any public confession of a person

Background reporting is also a great way to easily engage your mind and easily screen people in your life. Our helpful user-friendly report has been developed in conjunction with the Green and also Red Flag Check System. Which will also highlight any areas of concern.

Our standard background checks will include:

Confirmation of Personal Details: Full Name, Address, Contact Details / Birth, Death and Marriage / Electoral Register / NI Number (if given) / Passport (if given) / Driving License (if given) Who says they are?

Criminal Date Check: Court Cases / Date / Court / Judge / Plaintiff / Crime & Individual / Punishment. Have they been convicted of a violent crime or first-degree criminal activity in the media?

Financial Searches: Credit History Check / Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Searches / CCJ and Decisions. Are they solvents, do they have significant financial risk or debt? Do they want to benefit you or their loved ones financially?

(the UK only)

Our enhanced background checks will include:

Therefore, an enhanced background check will include the above details as well as additional company information, approval checks, and research on property ownership. A better test also includes:

  • Including the above background checks: verification of personal details, financial search, and criminal history check.
  • International Approval Check do they appear on any international law enforcement, banking, or government watch list?
  • Business interests Provide information on current and past directorships and company history.
  • Property Ownership the date of the address is prepared in which all the associated addresses and companions are noted.
  • News, media, and also internet sources. Through negative media and also internet scrutiny.
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