A Private Investigator Executive Summary of Najar Investigations.

This Investigation business plan details the goals and objectives for (PI) an independent Private Investigator firm founded by Mohammed Najar former police officers. After the complete high school and university, Muhammad Najar Joined US Marines Corps. Mohammed Najar founded Najar Investigations in July 2012 after his retirement of the River Side County Sheriff’s Department. Muhammad Najar retired in January 2016 from the State of California Law Enforcement.

Executive Summary of Private Investigator Najar Investigations

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Muhammad Najar Attended High School and University here in the US. Joined the US Marine Corps. After the US Marine Corps, he joined the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

At that time, the River Side County Sheriff’s Department went the different routes. Mohammed Najar spent most of his career in the fraud section. He spent most of his time in the Narcotics Division. In addition, he spent his entire career focused on the administration and administration of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

While the newly formed Naji Investigation Firm concentrated its career in separate divisions of this major police force. He enjoyed the investigative part of his job and took all the necessary steps to educate himself on all aspects of his job. Not only did all these skills make him the leader of their divisions, but he also gave them ample access to other police forces in California.

Start his own Private Investigations Firm

Mohammed Najar decided to seek retirement to start his own private research firm. While there was considerable competition from long-established firms, it decided on solid market statistics that supported the decision to open its own private investment (PI) firm.

Private Investigative Exploratory Summary

Six months before his public retirement, he spent his free time collecting and working on a private investigative exploratory summary of the Najar Investigation Business Plan. He also hired a management consulting firm to create a private prosecutor-specific summary of the Investigation Business Plan and to seek external feedback about the business sector.

While most private investigative (PI) firms were the operation of one or two people. Which focused on industry basics such as monitoring and finding the culprits. Najar Investigation decided that this was a good area, but wanted to include all their backgrounds. In addition, the training of a private investigative business to a private investigative business.

Therefore, during the preparation of a private Investigator Gateway Expat summary of the Najar Investigation Business Plan. However, the specific skills that incorporated into the services of the Najar Investigations Agency that will offer it to the market.


Based on the local market, as well the background and training Mohammed Najar within Najar Investigations, the products, and investigative services offered determined as follows:

Background check for employers

Do a background check for employers, the employer’s verifiable information includes your work history, credit, driving record, criminal record, vehicle registration, court record, compensation, bankruptcy, medical record, notes, property rights, drug tests. , Military records and information on sex offenders.

Fraud investigations

Fraud investigations for companies occur quickly when an employee reports fraud to an employee. The local police force can also be hired where personal investigation needed.

Competition Search

The competition gained when any company thinks that its copyrights or products copied by someone or sold to someone.

Surveillance of Wife and husband’s Promiscuity

For Constant monitoring of a husband or wife’s promise. There’s a lot of competition in this area. However, the partners felt that through their training, they would attract more paying customers, which would allow them more of an administrative type client base. This area is the highest percentage of revenue for most PI companies, and it cannot be ignored.

Bounty hunting

This grace area is another strong point for Private Investigator, with training and work experience, where partners feel they have the confidence and confidence of police forces and customers. Skills needed.

The expertise of a Private Investigator company immediately catches those who run it and quickly becomes the cash flow for the Private Investigator. The area will be contracting with other officers working in the police force, but this part-time job seeks to make money. Existing laws in the region allow police officers to work in similar jobs if they do not use information from police databases and files.

Missing persons

Those who’s missing. The area, although small, still has a lot of potentials. In fact, due to the large scale work of the local police force, the vast majority of missing persons investigated by the police force and most missing persons don’t receive a formal hearing unless they are found guilty. The basic fee for this service is high, however, as part of this reason, we offer this service free of charge in certain cases, such as children or low incomes.
However, Each case will be a review on an individual basis.

Stolen Property

The stolen property is likely to become one of the smaller areas of our commercial business services. However, since there are so many unexploded properties in the area each year, we think it is possible to provide a service and make money simultaneously with training and background in the area.

A large part of the stolen property belongs to the criminals. Due to the large insurance costs, most traders do not report theft because the cost of insurance increases and in most cases these costs are due to the high cost of 5 items, a police force is unable to report the cost.


Competition in Investigative Market

In the current investigation market, we have the following competitors:

Glass Investigators

He’s been in the business for 20 years. They only work in surveillance and missing areas. He’s a ten-employee company with a strong foundation in the market. They target the private market, not the corporate arena.

Hayes Investigation, Inc

It is a great company that provides services to all the areas we offer. He’s been in business for 25 years and has a strong connection with China, a national private investor. They get a lot of money and customers have difficulty paying these bills. Hess employs 20 full-time investigators and 10 part-time investigators. In fact, two of the founders of the FBI actually worked for 5 years on a part-time basis.

Spyware Detection

This two-person company specializes in surveillance, especially in situations such as marriage and divorce. Most of their leads and clients come from lawyers who want to improve their clients’ cases with videotapes or pictures.

Here are four more companies that operate under one person – the owner-manager type situation. These companies only generate enough revenue to cover the cost of the company, that is. There’s been no development in this area.

This is probably the area where we exist. The biggest motive we see is from external national chain investigators. These companies hired, and they enter our market primarily for doing their job. This is because the recruitment company thinks that their clients’ needs and needs are important in getting their services.

Through our market research

We haven’t determined that hiring companies hire a local company because we understand the market better and therefore are faster and less costly. It can provide services.
As noted in the aforementioned competitor error, we identified areas where each competitor has paid their attention. A deeper understanding of each competitor’s expertise will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the market at a rapid rate.

Six months before our company

In the six months before our company launched, Mohammed Najar a founder of Najar investigations spent time preparing the company. We hire best provide investigators, each of the private investigator will be under 50-54 years old when they retire. Each of them required to take salaries from the company, which will initial package, Also, they all received bonus bonuses of $ 300K- $ 400K. With the fact that all Najar private Investigators are intelligent.

While most startup companies start with a lot of debt in the first few years, Najar Investigations may not be in that position. All the necessary investigative software, investigations training and more already been paid for. Also, start-up costs include advertising and office for investigation setup. All Najar Investigations’ private investigators felt that an office should be established. Although most of the homes in this area are home-base, the customers we have left are corporate-like. They also want to find a place where can find customers who’re very confidential with our company. Which can meet in a way because that especially important in fraud investigations cases?


Initially, it’s decided that each private investigator would focus on his or her area of expertise and seek to hire contract employees as needed. I will recruit it.

The key to our market research strategy is to create a slow process for products. That’ll help us to grow in our investigations role and prevent our competitors from finding their presence. We’re not rabbits, our turtles.

When we specialize in the market, we believe their times will come when we cooperate with other companies and offer advice and services. Over time, we believe this will be the key to building strong relationships with our clients and colleagues.


The forms of marketing we’ll use to market our Private Investigator Agency:

Word of mouth; clients telling other clients about our Najar Investigations Service.

  • Najar’s investigations, people in our past work in the police force are part of a private licensed surveillance investigation in California. Personal investigations from Southern California confirm that they’re getting results.
  • Yellow Pages advertising; that’ll be a small portion of Najar’s investigations client acquisitions, yet a required expense
  • Law Firms; we’ll actively target these firms for business opportunity and referrals
  • Charity work well in the community. while this may not seem like a place to find some clients. It’s our opinion that key to our success. There’s a lot of solid relationships made while donating your time in the community.
  • Other police forces around the United State, where we’ll offer specialized forms of Investigative services to this sector. However. due the nature of our investigative business, we cannot elaborate.

Newspapers and weekly Magazines

  • We’ll also offer in magazines a weekly or monthly and in newspapers editorial column. This’ll allow us to be known for our Najar Investigative services while getting exposure to the local market for free. Nobody in the local market do this presently and we’ve inquired with magazines and local newspapers.
  • Also, We have a website that offers free advice to anyone wanting investigation information. However, due to legal limitations, we can’t go into detail in this section. However, we’ll post general information about different areas of interest to our readers on the website.

Market Analysis

the city of Los Angeles has nearly 5 million-plus people living in the city, with another 39.56 million in California. This is the big city in the cities of CA. The pace of growth in the city allows billions of rands to be spent on infrastructure. While the positive aspects of this growth are clear, the not so glorious area of crime and criminal activity has flourished.

Based on our market analysis, we determined that $ 50,000,000 is spent annually in the investigative sector. Najar Investigation’s goal is to reach at least 10% of this market in the first year.

The types of clients and the average per–use charges

  1. For Typical Surveillance Case—$700 per day.
  2. Fraud Investigations Case—$1500 per day.
  3. Bounty Hunter Case—40% of the fee paid to courts for bail jumping.
  4. Background Checks Investigation—start at $1000 and can go as high as $10,000 base on the amount of detail also required and position in the company of person being hired.

Note: all the above all fees are expense–extra–base.

We’ve already talked with some clients and they’ve signed formal agreements. When we open this, we have a contract to work for them. Based on the previous two–year average of expenditures we’ve determined that’s will amount to approximately $ 500,000 per year in revenue to our Najar Investigations firm. The Other client indicated that while they could not make a commitment at this time. But would ask us for a quote to Investigate Fraud investigations when they tender certain jobs.

As noted here, all of our revenue contracts we’ve in from local companies. Once we advertise that we’re in business for coverage California State. We’re confident that we’ll gain a market share of the independent market, and base on our services. Also, we’ll offer, this’ll come from areas of service we offer that’s required in our market, however,  not yet offered by local firms.

Rate of Growth

However, at the present rate of growth, we’re very confident that the opening of our investigative firm will position us in the next two years to hire at least 50 contract investigators.

Over the career of all the private investigators, they’re able to build very strong relationships with other Najar Investigations employees. Also, these relationships allowed the management of the investigation firm to cultivate the ability to add contract staff needed. A large number of qualified investigators allow us to grow our business faster than expected.

Most sub–investigators just want to make a little additional income on a part-time basis. On average these private investigators can make $65K to $180K per year from us but depending on experience.


With the start-up of FBEyes, each partner invested $10,000 for a total of $30,000; this was to cover the following:

  1. Office Rental Investigations—$800.00 per month
  2. Telephone Equipment for Investigations—$1500
  3. Incorporation Investigations Cost—$700
  4. Business License process—$220
  5. Equipment for Office—$2200
  6. Computers Investigations—$5700
  7. Furniture Investigation—$2500
  8. Supplies Investigators—$700
  9. For Yellow Page Ad (Prepay)—$1600
  10. Specialized Investigations Equipment—$5600 (Paid Already)
  11. Spy Specialized Software—$8900 (Paid Already)
  12. Lease vehicles Company —$1200 monthly
  13. Legal Fee—$2000

In conclusion of A Private Investigator Executive Summary of Najar Investigations

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