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Najar Investigations is private licensed surveillance investigation firm in California. A private investigator CA, that gets results in southern California. Get free consultation on phone call from private investigators for investigative services in the United States

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About Us Najar Investigations is a full-service investigations firm licensed and … By working as a private investigator, he recognized that he could protect and …

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Welcome to the Najar Investigations Agency. Find the latest reporting on United States, and world investigations. View photos, videos and articles covering criminal justice and exposing corruption, scandal and more…

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I Had to stop by for some personal business and from the moment he opened the door until I left, I felt very comfortable he very professional and passionate person. You’re an amazing person. It really gave me what I needed. They gave me information about my ex-husband, information about where he lived. His work and where he came from. Quick response You give me what I need and more. They’re highly respected and smart in getting result.

Mano Prro, Mano

He is very amazing amazing amazing! He gave me exactly what I needed. He gave me information about my ex husbands affair, information about where she lives, works, and her background. Very quick answers. He gave me exactly what I needed and more. He’s very smart and honor.


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