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Does California Law Enforcement Agencies protect people’s civil liberties?

This’s the question that privacy advocates ask because it makes it easier for California Law Enforcement Agencies to monitor citizens.

CID Police Can Spy Mini Spy Camera for Workplace Investigation Cases

We can see Radar devices through walls to the microphone networks that report the bullets to the CID Police officers. Here Some Spy ways in which the CID police Officers can monitor it and why some groups find them alarming.

1. Range-R

What it is Range R? Range-R looks like a search engine for high-tech studios, but identifies people inside rooms. Also, Range-R radar device uses radio waves to “see” through walls to find criminals people inside the wall. It can detect a slight movement similar to a human’s breath, which can detect a person’s location at a distance of 50 feet. But provides no indication of the presence of the inside. Range-R device was designe for soldiers to use in Iraq and Afghanistan War. Furthermore, Range-R used by US law enforcement agencies to spy criminals at Workplace Investigation Cases since 2012.

Why you might care:

Privacy advocates and supporters worried about all using the device without a search warrant order. A federal appeals court in Kansas made the case public in December. An American deputy Marshal, who had an arrest warrant on parolee’s. But did not a search warrant, used Range-R to determine if any was inside a Wichita house where authorities suspect the felon lived. The parolee’s attorney tried to deny the use of radar. While the allegations substantiated, the court ruled that “the use of such a powerful tool by the government to search inside homes raises serious questions on the Fourth Amendment.”

2. stationery

What it is Stingray? Stingray transforms itself into a cellphone tower, forcing all nearby cell phones to connect. It’s usually mounted in a CID Police car and law enforcement vehicles. It can use the Stingray and to determine where a mobile phone usage is in real time. Together with antennas, police can use stunts to determine where a real-time mobile phone is. The telephone also transmits data to the device, including telephone and identification numbers. Which can be use to retrieve data from previous calls and text messages and any dialing numbers. This technology initially developed for law enforcement, spy agencies, military security and intelligence agencies.

Why you might care:

Law enforcement, including CID Police spy, private investigator, have extremely secretive about whether and how they use Stingray technology. A civil rights group suing the San Diego Police Department for refusing to provide information about the Stingray technology.

However, Police in other parts of the California has admitt that they use Stingray technology without a court warrant order. Which Spy agencies and Defense organizations say the the Fourth Amendment is a violation.Therefore, Civil groups also concern that many cell phones are not just the target phone, connected to the device. They want to know that which security forces are in place to protect information collected from innocent civilians.

3.Body Cameras

What it is Body Cameras?

US Police departments have a variety of body Spy cameras mounted on officers’ shoulders, chests, or sunglasses to spy criminals. CID Police officers are responsible for turning spy cameras during conversations with the public for Workplace Investigation Cases. Many believe that they reduce conflicts between police and the public and increase transparency in law enforcement. A Workplace investigation conducted several months ago by California Police Department says officers use less power since installed spy cameras. Also, members of the public complained less about all CID Police officers.

Why you care for Body Cameras?

Lawmakers and Legislators, CID police departments, and civil defense organizations generally agree that body cameras are a useful tool. but there’re much debate about all the policies they use.

Where will spy camera videos be store and for how long? Who has the ability to see recorded pictures? Should CID Police officers register all meetings? Recently, a dispute arose when a California Police officer did not turn on his camera before he shot a man. The Police department reviewed its body spy cameras policy after the shooting.
but it sparked renewed debate about all the effectiveness of the spy camera devices.

4. Facial Recognition Software

What it is facial recognition software? The facial recognition software analyzes aspects of a person’s face (the length between the eyes or the nose) and creates a template. This template compared to a photographic database, which may include surveys, surveillance videos or photographs of photographs to identify a person. Recently, the FBI launched the Next Generation Identification System, which will contain more than 50 million photos that the police can access to verify someone’s identity.

Why you care: Many organizations say that facial recognition software simply does not work. Facial hair, weight loss, aging, even a big smile can fool the system. But there are also privacy issues. The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a lawsuit against the government to obtain more information about the FBI system, saying that the software is “in the midst of dangerous new developments, because Americans can easily find their hidden, remote and maps cannot taken. precautionary measures against generalized grip. ”

5. License plate readers

What it is: The license plate reader scans a vehicle’s license plate and saves the GPS’s current history, history, and image from the moment it’s captured. Depending on the jurisdiction, data may be store for days, months, or years. Scan registration numbers can be verifiy from a list of stolen or required vehicles. This technology was not widely used until the 1990s, when the software became cheaper and more efficient. License plate readers are use to enforce traffic rules and are found on the streets

6. spy Drone

What it is Spy Drone? Spy Drone, or unmanned aerial vehicles, come in many forms and manned or controlled by humans remotely. The wingspan of the Predator B drone, which was once use by Customs and Border Protection, is about 65 feet wide. Others are much smaller, like the Nano Hummingbird, which weighs less than AA batteries. Drones can be equipp with a variety of tools, from weapons to surveillance technology. Common uses include “law enforcement, fire fighting, border patrol, disaster relief, search and rescue, military training and other government operational missions.” The drone legislation introduced in nearly three dozen states by 2014.

Why you care:

The police department is increasingly interest in drone technology as technology becomes more affordable and easier to use. Although many groups agree that there are positive uses, privacy advocates and legislators calling for clear rules to protect privacy. If drones are use for surveillance work, for example, a court order will be require. Civil rights organizations also argued that images taken by drones should not protect, unless their investigation ongoing.

7. Dump cell phone tower

What it is: A cellphone tower landfill occurs when a law enforcement agency requests information sent from a cellphone to a cellphone for a specific period of time. Cell phone towers, equipped with antennas and electrical equipment, enable GPS and allow the phone to make calls and send text messages. Phones constantly look for towers to connect and send, even when they’re not in use. This data may be store by telephone companies for months or years, including location information, call history, text messages sent, and search terms written in telephone browsers. Law enforcement may ask cellphone companies for some of this information to continue investigating.

Why you care:

Hundreds of millions of people use cell phones, which make calls, text messages, and website visits that cellphone operators save for various reasons. Legal agencies can use the dirt of the tower to pay attention to the bad guys, but a lot of innocent people’s data accumulated in the process. Privacy supporters want a clear understanding of where that data goes, how long it’s store and who has access to it. In addition, investigators do not always need a court order to launch landfill at cellphone towers, which many organizations oppose. In addition, the Supreme Court ruled that certain information sent to mobile phone providers such as dial numbers not protect by the Fourth Amendment. Civil rights groups and advocates have argue that privacy concerns related to digital data should be review.

8. Shot spotter

What it is: Shot Splitter is a system that uses audio sensors to determine when and where shots taken. The location forwarded to the police departments so that officers can investigate. Once the sensor triggers where the shots coming from, the sound is sent to a review center where a person decides if they were actually shots. If so, a notification is sent to the police. Officers get a map of where the shots fired, the time of the shooting, how many shots fired, and the direction the shooter going.

Why you might care:

Many agree that the ability to better determine where and when shots are a good thing, but technology unwanted and unpleasant side effects. The sensors constantly capture sound, but are only sent 2 seconds before shots and 4 seconds later for review. Nevertheless, there’ve been cases in which the conversation immediately after the shootings used in court. In one case, the words of the victim reported as evidence that a man suspected of shooting an Auckland resident. Microphones located near private property are also a cause for concern.

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