Criminal investigations are every bit as involved and require as much expertise as law enforcement investigations. A mantra of Najar Investigations is “In order to offer a good defense, you must have a good offense”.  In other words, knowing how your opponent. The main objective of the detective and prosecutor working on a criminal case is to send the defendant(s) to prison. Understanding this philosophy helps us work with your criminal defense attorney to plan for the best possible defense strategy.

Criminal Investigations are Involve for Investigations into law enforcement

Since Najar Investigations employs active and retired law enforcement personnel with investigative backgrounds, we’re able to support this mantra.However, Criminal Investigations are Involve for Investigations into law enforcement.

We will review all documents and discovery, scrutinize every report, analyze all evidence and uncover any flaws or weaknesses in your adversaries’ case.

Our criminal defense investigations may include

  • Client consultation
  • Initial review of the case details
  • Obtaining copies of police reports
  • Review and analysis of documents and evidence
  • Review of prior witness statements
  • Witness interviews and re-interviews
  • Seeking out new witnesses and evidence until get result.
  • Comprehensive report preparation
  • Courtroom testimony where necessary

In Conclusion of Criminal Investigations are Involve for Investigations

Najar Investigations are experts at re-interviewing existing witnesses. We utilize information on every available database system, along with canvassing the neighborhood, also referred to as pounding the pavement, in an attempt to discover any additional witnesses or evidence that may be crucial to your defense.

Also, Criminal investigations can be imprecise undertakings. Often performed in reaction to out the facts and evidence that were considere to reach their conclusions and form the reasonable. However, when on duty, it’s frequently necessary for a private investigator to do that.Thanks for visiting Najar Investigations. You can also ask us for Criminal Investigations to Najar Investigations Private Investigation Firm that Gets Results.