Finding reliable private investigators for investigative services in the United States is easy because, Najar Investigations is a private detective agency for investigative services in the United States. You can call an Nagar investigations when you need a private investigator for US investigative services. Najar Investigations is a private detective agency founded by former Mohammed Najar police. After completing secondary education and the University of Mohammed Najar joined the United States Marine Corps. Mohammed Najar established a Najar investigations in July 2012 after his resignation at the River Side County Sheriff’s Department. Mohammed Najar retired in January 2016 from California law enforcement.

Private Investigator Executive Summary of Najar Investigations

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Private Investigators for Investigative Services in the United States

When should I use private investigators for Investigative Services in the United States?

It is difficult to answer this question because it depends on your situation. Involving a private investigator when you need to find the truth, but you can’t do it yourself, regardless of security concerns or finding vital information. Our licensed, closed, and insured Private investigators have their proven credibility and experience to the end. In additions, we’ve access to resources and vocational training for sensitive information that would otherwise be impossible or dangerous to access.
Najar Investigations provides a number of Investigative Services in the United States to get the answers you need. However, we not sure what you need in your situation. Stay tuned to get in touch with Najar Investigations and we can advise you what is best for you. We’re available 24/7 and provide best private investigators for investigative services in the United States.


Najar Investigations is a private investigations and Spy security consulting agency located in California, at 23811 Washington Avenue, Suite C110286 Murrieta, CA 92562United States. We’re committed to providing our unioque customers with advanced Investigative Services. Also, business monitoring, technology discovery Investigative Services security advisory services. In addition, we serve a wide range of clients, including individual clients, properties and law firms of all sizes, international corporations, hedge funds, funders and religious organizations.

Private Investigators for Investigative Services in the United States


As a leader in the world of investigations and security, Najar’s investigation led to his deportation. PI Mohammed Najar has access to a former foreign law enforcement network. In addition, have numerous contacts around the world at Spy Investigation Company. Master the important and complex investigations.

Child Abduction Due Diligence Investigation Private Investigator CA
Elder Abuse Investigation Family Law Investigation Litigation Support

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Elder Abuse Investigation

Family Law Investigation

Criminal Investigation Kidnapping Investigations Computer Hacking Cases
Fraud Investigation Extortion Investigations Judgement Recovery Cases
Corruption Investigations Sexual Harrasment Investigations Industrial Espionage Cases
Theft Investigations Discrimination Investigations Workplace Violence Investigations
Breach of Contract Investigations Money Laundering Investigations Asset Searches
Infidelity Investigation Skip trace/Locate Surveillance Investigation
Criminal Investigation Najar Investigations Employee Process Serving

The Najar Investigations reliable investigators have a way of communicating and knowing, even more when accessing information from all over the world is difficult. Najar Investigations provides these
Private Investigators for Investigative Services in the United States to individuals, corporations, legal entities and government entities. Also, these studies include remote monitoring, interviews, retrieval of information, identifying, IT forensics and verifying witnesses and searching for assets.


Anti-Money Laundering Services

Therefore, The fight against money laundering is related to a number of laws. However, the law regulations and regulations that also prevent criminals from making illegal money laundering. In addition, the Law on Legalization of Income (IP) provides for even more limited operations and also, criminal behavior. So, the consequences are ultimately available.

Najar Investigations ‘Anti-Money Laundering Division has conducted hundreds of AML investigations. In addition, working with several multinational banks and even more financial institutions.


  • Checking controls
  • Testing procedure
  • Support in compliance with the ri Patriot Act
  • Assistance in complying with state banking laws
  • Aid compliance with international AML regulations
  • Helping the Program with Risk Compliance “Know Your User
  • Training, scenarios and desktop exercise programs for staff


  • Specific land-based intelligence in each country
  • Obligation of customers, affiliates, intermediaries, shopkeepers and employees
  • Background screening
  • Document verification and verification
  • Market intelligence related to high-risk regions and in addition jurisdiction


  • Retrieving forensic data
  • Funds flow analysis
  • Gap and link analysis
  • Traditional research and intelligence support
  • liaison with law enforcement agencies and regulators
  • Inappropriate Compliance Programs
  • Good positioning program with regulators

Search for assets

Najar Investigations is looking for research assets around the world. However, we have successfully searched in Europe in Western and Eastern Europe, Also, in South America and Asia on family matters, litigation and fraud cases.

From our experience, the most common hidden assets for also researching are:

  • Guaranteed Deposits
  • Under the pseudonym
  • With relatives, friends and partners
  • Foreign / Foreign Accounts
  • Housing and Commercial Mortgage
  • Excess deduction to IRS
  • Global Insurance
  • My dear cases
  • Broker accounts
  • Credit card overpayments
  • Collapsed corporations
  • Cars, yachts, airplanes, jewelry
  • Savings bonds, passenger checks and cash

Our experience has shown that invisible assets are often liquid. For example, bank accounts, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Other types of hidden assets include homes and land, as well as original cars. Often, individuals have this asset in places such as life insurance, years, foreign accounts, mortgages or credit card payments, or generally transferring assets through lenders, litigation, or “Enemies.” Spouse, friendship, or business. are residential or foreign savings accounts.

Investigated local Private investigators in relevant cities

Najar investigation has investigated local investigators in relevant cities around the world with the ability and knowledge to store evidence of hidden assets. In addition, our private investigators have been discovering hidden assets for years and use low-cost sources and methods to defend facts, documents, or methods.

Disclaimer: However, for each case, Najar Investigations, also performs the necessary Investigative Services to obtain an existing financial account (information) related to the subject matter of the investigation. In other words, which complements all applicable laws on the search. Even more, Federal Banking Commissions or Above all, state or federal laws.


For each case, Najar Investigations Employee performs the necessary services to obtain current account information related to the investigation, which is consistent with all applicable laws, including, without limitation. Under any restrictions, Federal Banking Commission or state or federal laws. (“FBC”) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).

Bank, broker and job. Bank account, brokerage account, and POE location information is a reliable option in all 48 states using your name, address and SSN (person) or fen (company) client. * Canada location services and foreign assets are also available from Najar investigations.


Before your search, confirm your articles, social security numbers, or fan numbers
There are numerous accounts.
It also includes the current balance sheet.
Provide the latest known articles, if available.
Includes branch location if needed.
Return about 30 days – The service will be available soon.
It was reported when savings boxes were available.
Balance refill (about 1 – 2 days) (changes).

Corporate Studies The Efficacy of Causes of Corporate Studies

As most corporate lawyers know, it is possible to avoid a comprehensive and comprehensive investigation of misconduct. Thus, and performing the traditional expertise of law firms, In addition, study of one investigating company like Najar investigations provides significant value for comprehensive testing of potential corporate transaction issues. Yes.

Apart from the specifics of the contract or financial statements, the investigative obligations provide additional value for corporate expenses, which include:

Access to non-governmental information and resources
Misleading or unwanted information
Intelligence analysis from a judicial perspective
Reliable evaluation and revealing real intentions

Corporate environment

Why Research? The current corporate environment is filled with mines that are potentially harmful. Traditional fees can only go so far as to access and collect this intelligence. However, only through the efforts of experienced investigators can the company be assured. However, by that they will handle confidential information that could potentially damage the securities of this agreement. In addition depth interviews, leader and contact development, credible data surveillance. Also, confidential surveillance, access to confidential documents or other available and industry and government resources. In other words, our private investigators can reveal company information to them. It is necessary to provide peace of mind.

Furthermore, Najar investigations also provide individual, analysts and forensic private investigators. PI Mohammed Najar Survey have done extensive research for some of the world’s leading corporations, institutions and companies.

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations also, depending on what you are looking for, Najar Investigation has all the resources to get your answers. Whether you want to disclose administrative errors, employees, third parties. In addition, if you want to invest, buy or work with another company. Also, we can investigate based on your needs. Even more, we can disclose whether a business partner is legitimate or not if the employee lists or reviews any fraud or theft. In other words, we can assure you that the corporation is in charge of any issues and questions within the law, or if there are corrections and / or actions that are necessary.

Our Corporate Investigations investigative services include:

Internal business audit
International Business Tests
Financial / Financial Research
Business inspection
Internal inspection
Staff background check
Electronic / electronic survey.

Criminal Investigation

Therefore, Criminal investigations are skills that involve the study of evidence that can be used later in a trial. Also, full criminal investigation may include interviewing, collecting and protecting evidence, revealing. In addition, interrogating witnesses, court records, and more. Najar investigations have access to the latest Spy technology and databases to ensure the efficiency. Even more effectiveness of criminal investigations, no matter how small or small.

These Investigative Services include:

Illegal arrests
Find witnesses to the interview
Data collection / delivery chain
Searching for court records
A forensic examination

Internal Business Investigation

A recent investigation by the government and stakeholders, including the SarbanesOxley Act of 2002, changed the way they operate. Including how they investigate allegations of mismanagement and possible violations of the law. Also, Najar Investigations Employee play an important role in restoring public and government trust to companies that accuse counterfeit companies. In addition, important factor in conducting an investigation is determining who will work with an internal lawyer. Also, an outside lawyer to conduct an investigation. However, there’re three important factors to consider

The decisions are:

The confidence of the investigators

The credibility of the investigators is important as both the public and the government check the results. The investigator must therefore have a disadvantage in his moral, integrity and work experience. Private investigations can give companies confidence and experience. As the sole research company, managed and managed by a major leader in this field, the expertise, experience and knowledge of the Nagar investigation team is unique in the ancient industry.

The quality of the investigation

Quality. The quality of the investigation is important because it contradicts all disputes that are questioning its accuracy and reliability. After a thorough and documented review, which reports accurate information, it will help the corporation overcome any doubts and other assumptions. As a leader, leading research professionals in the research world, Najar’s research professionals are able to take advantage of the vast potential of their global network to bring inconsistent standards and professionalism into the field. Provide level-based customized customer service.

Freedom of application

Freedom. At a minimum, any internal investigation should be conducted independently, objectively, and better by an external investigator to avoid the inherent bias of self-determination.

Due Diligence & Background Checks

Najar Investigations provides also, best private Investigators, reliable intelligence and background checks, including compliance with the US Patriot Act and “Get to know your customer”. Therefore, these private Investigators for Investigative services in the United States range from pre-employment screening and database testing to extensive background investigations. In addition, used to gather intelligence on also both individuals and businesses:

  • Acquisition candidates
  • Business partners
  • Current and potential employees
  • Clients
  • Investors
  • Senior Executives
  • Vendors
  • Witnesses

Digital Forensics

Therefore, digital criminology is the collection, storage and analysis of all types of digital media information. But, its also depending on your needs. So, the information you provide may be use as evidence for the court or for peace of mind. However, whatever the case, Najar Investigations specializes in finding and analyzing data from a variety of digital sources.

Also, we’ll be able to find the information you need above all your situation or situation to criminalize our notebooks and our desktops. In addition, our private investigators criminal team can also detect the use of any login or word tracking software installed on your computer.

That is to say, our specialists are efficient enough to scan files and archives on any Smartphone or iPhone. Our private Investigators for Investigative services in the United States include modifying or cloning mobile phones.

Are you worry above all others or the work of your loved ones on social media?

Najar Investigations has the potential to collect a lot of information on above all, social media network.

Whatever your concerns and what you’re looking for, Najar private investigators for Investigative services in the United States is here to help you with all your digital legal needs.

  • Desktops/Laptops Forensics
  • iPhone and Smartphone
  • SD Card Recovery
  • Text Message Recovery
  • Video and photo recovery
  • Social Media investigations

Employment Investigations

Najar Investigations will assure you that the experience of the staff you hire or want to hire as for tested. However, this process will give you the opportunity to find the best candidate for your company. Pre-employment audits can include work history, criminal records, civil records, quotations and more.

Also, we can help you find the right job. However, there are many reasons to invite outside the HR department. Also, Investigations may include employee statistics (email, company cell phones, even more browser history. In addition, interviews with other employees. Even more, Workplace testing can create a space based on safety, reliability and productivity.

We will also provide you with answers when investigating. Therefore, you’re now ready to make any decisions that must be made at work. that is to say, some of our job and also, job research services include:


  • Pre-Employment Background Check investigations
  • Employment Background investigations Check 
  • National Criminal Background investigations Checks
  • Criminal Background investigations checks
  • Driver license Records investigations
  • Credit Checks investigations

Workplace will be as a result:

  • Defamation
  • Retaliation
  • Substance abuse
  • Violence
  • Conflict of interest
  • Data theft
  • Financial Fraud
  • Data manipulation
  • Violation of company handbook

Investigations Analysis

Have you always faced problems in the investigations process or do you think something went wrong? You may want to know above all an inquiry.
Sometimes a large or multi-dimensional investigation can take some time, sometimes months or even longer. In the meantime the evidence may be lost, forgotten or neglected. They never understand these things. Misunderstood, or asked the right questions, which can lead to the investigator’s death or bring about something new.

After hiring a Najar investigations, you will have new eyes and open minds. We can look at things from a different perspective, which can lead to new information. To gather evidence, a brief analysis use also to help segments identify new contexts which can be remove or exposed to another ground. Were gone

So, if your investigation is block, and you’re looking for a little more speed, we’re here for you. Our private investigators investigative services are available in the United States for 24 days. On the other hand, we can help you find the missing pieces so that you can successfully resolve your case.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud is also a serious problem in the world, with an estimated $ 80 billion paid in annual fraud claims. As a result, in higher premiums for everyone. But, If you believe you’re the victim of insurance fraud, allow Najar Investigations to work with the required restriction to ensure that this claim is valid or invalid. Najar Investigations can also help you in your insurance investigations. However, our private investigators for Investigative services in the United States also included, but not limited to.

  1. Monitoring
  2. Workers’ Compensation
  3. Insurance fraud
  4. Personal injury
  5. Investigation Claims
  6. Investigation of accident scenes.

Individual Property Investigation

Najar Investigations ‘intellectual property investigative capabilities focus on all aspects of intellectual property and technology law. In addition patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, trade dress, trade secrets, advertising and even more other related rights. However, our Private Investigators gathering and Investigative Services in the United States experience and knowledge enable us to help IP attorneys as they guide their clients in property acquisition, protection and enforcement transactions. Therefore, our work extends to every major city in the world. In conclusion, our focus and experience are as follows:

Management of Intellectual Property

Provide watch services for and surveillance of all forms of intellectual property worldwide through
intelligence networks. Also through proven latest investigative techniques.

Intellectual Property Infringement Litigation

Help IP attorneys gather evidence to execute their plans and strategies for identifying. In addition, securing
the needed evidence and information for prosecution and defense of patents, trademarks and

Representative Matters

  • Also, Safe evidence to support multinational cases in several.
  • In addition, Asian countries and the United States.
  • Information Services Company in case of copyright infringement of brand name
  • Evidence of violation of sales contract and intellectual property violation.
  • US-based media community.
  • Gather evidence of strategic partnership agreement and intellectual property infringement.
  • Violations for a European biotech manufacturing and distribution company.
  • Secret intelligence gathering operations conducted in several states throughout the United States.
  • Establish international manufacturer’s design patent violations.
  • Evidence gathered through secret operation of pharmaceutical company over infringement.
  • Submission for litigation.

International Investigations

PI Mohammed Najar a founder of Najar Investigations specializes in international assignments. Since Najar Investigations is an investigator in many countries around the world.

Najar Investigations can provide private investigators for Investigative services in the United States and in addition to worldwide. Also, provide responsible and reliable results for our worldwide clients. Most foreign countries have privacy and other local laws that make access to documents, evidence, information and intelligence difficult. We have many years of experience in private investigators for investigative services in the United States. In addition, experience in foreign affairs allows us to gain local knowledge and experience to access difficult information. The following mentioned are our investigative services abroad.

  • International background investigations
  • International corporate due diligence investigations
  • Witness location and interviews
  • Asset searches investigations
  • International surveillance investigations
  • Close executive protection services and Foreign travel security

Representative Matters

  • Insurance fraud investigation by Multinational Fortune 500 Insurance.
  • Business intelligence gathering operations in Beijing, UK and UAE.
  • Search and also, investigate international assets to detect fraudulent money from a Middle East bank. Also, prove the innocence of a bank founder to the international legal community.
  • Steel Multi-Risk Assessment for an International Steel Manufacturing Company, Including Overview of Facility Operations in More Than 15 Countries.
  • A gathering of oversight and intelligence on a top political figure when he went to the United States and Africa to be able to present a legal paper to a client in a certain jurisdiction.
  • white Mexican fugitives wanted for white-collar crime entering America were monitored.
  • Security and close security assignment for an American celebrity and his television production staff traveling across several African countries.
  • Set An international asset search that includes different countries. In addition, Caribbean for a group of private investors.

Litigation Support

Together with legal entities and general counsel, we provide timely, reliable and timely legal analysis and timely analysis that allow for effective strategy, strategy and decision making. However, our participation will enhance your understanding of the opposition’s strategy and the ability to prepare your case.

  • Fact-gathering and lead building
  • Witness identification and credibility assessment
  • Gathering and analyzing of electronic evidence
  • Gathering of forensic accounting evidence, including asset assessments, damage calculations
    and valuations
  • Expert testimony (e.g. audio experts, security experts)

As a result, of our investigators’ experience, we’ve been able to achieve advanced success
Results for our customers.

Case Study:

A national law firm involved in a major lawsuit in federal court required to interview a contentious, negative party witness to determine credibility and devise a strategy. In addition, witness’ testimony is the key piece of evidence that fuels the lawsuit. The firm hires Najar Investigations. Mohammed Najar quickly locate the witness in another state, obtain his full background, meet with him and gain his confidence. Within hours, the investigators secure a sworn statement from the witness that changes the entire course of the lawsuit to the benefit of Najar Investigations’ client. Najar’s client filed a complaint a week later to show his excitement and his resignation in a federal court.

Matrimonial Investigations

Najar Investigations is here to help and guide you through what can be a very difficult and personal time of your life. Also, get the answers you need. In addition, we offer discretion and privacy in every way, so that you can make appropriate and factual decisions for your future. Whether it’s a pre-marital inquiry, where you want to confirm that the person you’re marrying is really what they say or if you find yourself after a marital dispute. Let Najar Investigations review you so that you can make logical decisions about your future.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Surveillance Investigations
  • Background checks
  • Infidelity Surveillance Investigations
  • Hidden Asset Checks
  • Child Investigations Custody Issues
  • Parental Life style activity checks

Risk Management Services

Every corporate leader knows that risk has a beneficial effect. Without it, the other is impossible. However, the unexpected threat is a wild card that can hurt the organization’s goals. In addition, it could be a threat to its existence. From physical and even more informational issues to regulatory and legal threats internationally, as well as in the United States. Above all, the current status of firms’ risks is fraught with uncertainty. Also, risk management organizations around the world recognize the following best practices and guidelines for their members.

  • Identification and assessment of risks, also including development, identify significant risks, risk registers and risk mapping. Further, both quantitative and qualitative disclosure analysis
  • Strategy to reduce risks by developing risk lines
  • The default preferences described.
  • Id residual risk transfer that includes residual risk management
  • Insurance, partnerships and other alternative methods.
  • Risk reporting, namely the organization of risk reporting processes
  • Monitoring to ensure policy consistency, performance and consistency;
  • A Risk management procedures

Corporate Inquiry Tool

Corporate inquiry is a good tool for corporate risk management professionals to help them carry out every planning step. Our specialists are equipped to handle the many risks that corporations face today, both abroad and in the United States.
Najar Investigations Risk Management Services include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • IT Security
  • Due Diligence
  • Background Checks
  • Intelligence Gathering


Najar Investigations is sensitive to incidents that occur in our schools around the United States. Our private investigators for investigative services team can help you in the United States for any school problem.

In addition, we help parents and families in need and in their quest for peace and security. Also, from harassment and harassment or lectures to threat research, threatening services, security services, social media investigations. Furthermore, we also available to give lectures on active shootings. Even more on harassment and abuse to students, teachers and parents. We also, provide tips and recommendations on how to assess the safety of all schools.

These services include in Private Investigators for Investigative Services in the United States:

  • Bullying/ harassment investigation
  • Threat assessments Investigations
  • Lectures

Universal Asset Report

Therefore, the Universal Asset Report is a complete financial review of the article in the study. Furthermore, at the reporting date we are 100% correct. Below is the report information available on this subject.

Social Security number

Social Security number date of birth, address; telephone; driver’s license. Family status; employment; bankruptcy along with corporate; objectivity / judgment; bank accounts with balances and, if any, multiplication. Closed accounts;

Business accounts; Investment accounts

Real estate includes: real estate / real estate. Transportation;

Subscriber also, gives us a way to get rid of what’s determined if a certain account (if any) returned.

However, this information will be in the form of a bank account (s) on the day of opening the account.

Also, the route number, the balance (s) on which the information disclosed and the last deposit (s).

In addition, The lawyer will process after that information provided to the Identity Bank (P). And above all information provided to the specified accounts, for the purpose of obtaining a complete account history such as the amount received. And login to the account (s).

After that, identifying the information, Najar’s investigation sends that information to the lawyer, The lawyer can send a notification to any bank or company to retain the personal information on the subject. Asset information is available.


Therefore, TSCM is a technological control initiative that reduces fault clearance or electronic control. However, if you feel that you are in breach of the security of your personal life. Najar investigations will also give you the psychological comfort you deserve. In addition, we have the latest equipment and technology, including hidden cameras, hearing aids, hidden microphones in your home or office, and GPS tracking devices. In life, do not wonder if they are watching you!

  • Bug Sweeps
  • GPS Tracking Spy devices- detected and removed
  • Listening Spy devices- detected and removed
  • Hidden Mini Spy cameras- detected and removed

In conclusion of Private Investigators for Investigative Services in the United States

First of all, Najar Investigations team would like welcome for Visiting Najar Investigations. You can call to Najar Investigation regarding private investigators for investigative services in the United States. We can help you in your above all mentioned investigative services in the United States. However, contact us through Contact us form or Call at +1 866-286-5378 for Free Consultation on Phone Call in United State for Private Investigator CA.