Private Investigators describe amazing things they see in the investigations process. We let you go through our own investigation, not just in movies and books. This’s a legal profession, and the truth is as serious as any fictional detective suggests it to be. Editing investigators may not be as weird as Sherlock Holmes or Jessica Jones, but the story of Najar Investigations Employee still interesting.

The actual work of PI requires rigorous preparation and a lot of training. You cannot solve puzzles without special skills. Although it is impossible to plan every private investigator’s eyes to see that most of these professionals work respectfully. But even when things go wrong, they remain curious, the day of the detective is full of surprises.

Private Investigators describe amazing things they see in the investigations

What is a Private Investigation?
Private investigators play an important role in helping individuals, law enforcement and companies. Some duties include helping to find missing people or researching financial or criminal law investigations.

PI Mohammed Najar who is founder of Najar Investigations describe amazing things which thire private investigators see in the investigations process.

The spouse divorced

The wife convinced that her husband attaching his donkey to such her random things. He was a man, I wish I could post video here. What you don’t realize is I didn’t set up cameras in the bathrooms so you gotta picture this dude walking around the house with this toothbrush sticking out of his rear end.

Because of course he’s naked, I would assume the clothing pushing on it would make it more uncomfortable than it already was. And dude had a semi. I’m still scarred from these images. I could never tell if it was bristles out or in tho.

A nurse excused from having a disability so that she could have a bandage

Supervised by nurses She may disable until she is unable to work. They suspect that she’s working. The easiest inspection I’ve ever done. I came. She got in the car for about 15 minutes. She went to the striptease club she entered and started work.

The video banned by the club. So I had to go inside and watch her dance so I could testify that when I went to court I saw her dance. In the next few days I turned to three other clubs and did the same. She’s excused from a disability so that she’d be bandage. This month I changed my life sketching report. Eventually it went before the WC Board. When the judge asked why she’s stripping she just shrugged and said she made twice as much money than when she’s nursing.

The benefits that snatched by the insurance company are happy.

Formerly crazy people mistaken for members of a cult fanatic.

Late in the party but I’m a private fire detective. I’ve seen some people doing weird things. But there was a strange man who believed that the neighboring church burned down his house. He told us he came to his car and prayed that the accident happen and it happened. Then they came up and prayed that his house was on fire and it happened.

When “churches” also come together and that really means the denominations, there is a difference. But he did not burn the house. Former boyfriend Rebad boyfriend thought that I’d interviewing members of the community for a while.

A Hedge Fund Manager Wanted To Investigate Himself

Former PI Mohammed Najar a founder of Najat Investigations, Here, the majority of the problems I do are lawsuits and large financial companies. (Fraud, insider trading, etc.), but we will occasionally meet with heresies with peculiar requests. Another hedge fund manager hired us to look at him. (He’s investigating himself) to find out what kind of information can protect him or his family’s ransom. General chat room

Previously, this man hired my investigations company to the [adult] site when his ex girlfriend’s girlfriend claimed he was a star.

The woman claimed to be blind while driving in a van church

Hired to follow a woman who claims she is completely blind. (Of course, collecting insurance money) the next day, while she’s shopping at a church shop …

An elderly man repeatedly cheats on his young wife

One of the traumatic events with us is that there’re women aged 28-30 who’re suspected to sleeping with their 55-year-old secretary accountant (it seems that they’ve fallen from an ugly tree and are on the way to every branch. I am deep). The client kept us up at night to follow him. Of course, he and … the secretary left the office on time and went to the bar together. After some time he retired from his car and we got a beautiful video clip of him riding the back seat …

We report that photos and users should immediately tear up and pay 100,100 or more receipts. The saddest part of the story is that she returned four times. Every time he took off his pants, he was actually caught. At the secretary’s house in the car, the veil opens during the day when you are in the office – you name it.

After the invoice was about $ 21,000, we sat down and explained that we would stop it. It is a cruel story that repeatedly shows her husband.

We never saw it again. I hope he takes it to them. It’s worth it.

Secret police tried to arrest two investigators

We’re trying to gather evidence that married men regularly visit gay sites. (Our client, his wife, saw other people’s messages quoted but needed more concrete things because he intended to divorce her and wants it. Data is bulletproof)

Tonight when we entered the site to find a quiet place to park and observe, we saw a car with a gentleman sitting in the back seat. Think of this as another “customer” we care about, just write a car registration to save yourself.

That night was very rare and we decided to test the hotspots in other areas to find out if our article lines were any of them. Come dry, we come back to the original site and when we get ahead of the car, we see other people in the car whose spouse thinks the women. Time passed and we decided to call it all day. When we get out of the car, the car comes back to life and starts following us. My collaborators made some extraordinary steps to stop and try them out. But they are with us

We decided to turn our attention to the local hospital to see if they would follow and confront our stocks. (Thinking that public places are violent and hindered in trying to do anything in the best place, we parked and all our followers did the same. jumping out of the car

My colleague mistakenly opened his window and firmly but politely said, “Can I help you?”

The man with the biggest smile on his face said: “We are secret police officers looking for suspicious activity in the area.”

Me and my private investigators CA pulled out our PI #: 187816 and said, “Well, we are private investigators. We inform the local police that we will work in an unsupported area. This is a record number of calls.”

She and her partner (who is a woman …) suffered severe depression, apparently sitting there for hours, hoping that we would have a crime and be able to relieve their anger. They confirmed our story, deeply apologized and went back to the car to watch the clock.

A Cheater’s Case Led The Investigator To A Cool Car Show…

The best case I worked on was a boy who was an instructor at the Corette Museum in Bowling Green. The wife suspects that she’s cheating on one of the models who worked on the event. Just spend the weekend watching Lambos, Corvettes, Porches and 50 other 500+ HP cars racing all weekend, just for the guy to go to his hotel room and then sleep.

A corporation tapped its employee’s phone

Okay, here. After I left the navy, I worked for one of the leading PI companies in Houston. Due to my electronics background, I often go to work with hidden inspection and hidden surveillance equipment.
We received a call from a client who was confident that his office debugged because his client knew everything he had done before he did. His office is a mobile preview on the customer’s website. He is a subcontractor for a large oilfield construction company.

We did a full electronic sweep and we found nothing. (Back in the early decades, no need to worry about bomb signaling etc.) No device buried in his phone. He insists on sweeping the whole body, both inside and outside. So we crawled under the trailer and got the stairs and checked the roof. Still nothing

We’re ready to go out and he said: “Look, I’m not crazy, pick up the phone, press 9 to receive an outside call and you will start to hear all types of voices or click sounds.” Change our office phone is sent through the organization’s PBX. His client They don’t have an error at their office, they can “Get extensions” inside the main building and listen to what they want. We’re not even sure that it is illegal. We advise him to install a private telephone line that he pays if he wants a private conversation. We ended up charging him like two grand for that visit.

A woman thought that a caring man tearing into his condo and moving furniture

I’ve been sent a lawsuit by a lawyer that I work to include a woman who believes her fellow keepers going to her house while she’s walking and walking. She buys a condo. Actually by her (in other words, it was her old holiday).

I met him to talk about the matter and he seems to be reasonable. She’s an attractive old lady, a guy who’s familiar with condo and accessible destination plans, and hell, I see strange things, so we move on. Jana agreed that I would install a hidden camera setting with Motion Detector. If you think that if anything, you will call me. A few days passed and he called. I went and received the tape. (This was before digital recording) and checked. It’s nothing but you. I met him to tell you about it and he said, “He should have some machines that make him invisible. He’s a stranger in space.” He never mentioned important pieces of information.

I told her that the level of technology is beyond my management capabilities and we should talk to her lawyer to determine the best course of action in the future. I called the lawyer to let him know that our client had some problems and we were able to get psychiatric help from him.

Civil servants may have some confidential information

My brother is a PI in the early 90’s. He worked for a law firm. I was twenty years old at the time so he received me as a processor server. He’s facing a special aggressive divorce case. The husband is a Jordanian citizen who’s married to an American woman. (One of many wives) who ended up becoming a breeder in the family and wanted to move out, she also works for NASA.

He’s assigned to enter his house, which is in his name. (He’s not there, he’s in the apartment until he consents) and gets a brief case with financial information. Since I am a processor server, if for some reason I am home, I have to go too. We went and waited for the road until everyone went out and entered the briefcase. No big deal We brought her back to the attorney’s office and they called the woman and said she had. It let him open it and it’s full of technical plans from Boeing for Apache helicopters.

The lawyer said that I was immediately told to close the brief case and my brother is out now, so we do we have never heard of this case, except he has told the FBI about it. Contacted on the issue …

Attorney sent us in for financial statements

The lawyer sent us the financial statements. He’s surprised when he saw what he’d and asked us to separate. The situation with strange customers … The wife is a government official and NASA. Her husband divorced from Jordan. It is not much But when the first war in the Gulf of Thailand was full of excitement, we both laughed for a couple of weeks thinking “Oh very bad”.

One person claimed to be seriously injured

But he carried heavy equipment and smoked a cracked pipe on the camera

I work for a PI company, which handles wage compensation primarily for insurance companies or other employers.

Seattle, assigned to a Seattle case, where a man claims to suffered injuries to the waist and shoulders. After a few hours at his home, he pulled in the truck to wash his bed, only gardening. After collecting everything, he headed to a neighbor’s house, pulled out pieces of the building, pulled out torn pipes, and smoked in front of everyone with a camera.

Cheater was found in a financial parking lot

In another case in Texas, I’s looking for a man. (Back injury) goes to the mall where he meets a woman who is not his wife. (I specified her the day before) then followed them around and then returned to his vehicle as they proceeded to have sex in the car in the middle of the MALL parking lot!

I’m definitely shooting But I have to call my boss to make sure I can deliver this to clients.

The investigator found that someone did the right thing

I briefly investigated insurance fraud / litigation. Usually, we’re assigned to someone for only two days, unless we find something that takes more time. When he saw this boy on my first day, he left his home for eight hours (for me) seven hours a day.

I found it outside the city … out on the highway … still on the highway … in the subway area … in the city (oh dan * where’re you going) and the parking of my server It’s a little worried because I have a video camera, laptop and all background documents in the passenger seat. Before I brought the car to my bag, I threw it into my bag or grab it in my bag. Finished riding the lift outside the garage with the boy and his family

They will see the parade on seasonal holidays, so at least it will look good.

The two investigators hired to follow each other

I’s hired to follow other inspectors, who appeared to be behind me.

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