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Whether you meet someone at the part or on social media online. So, you only know as much about that individual as he or she wants to share. If you pay attention to the news. You’ll hear dozens of stories from people who thought they met someone great. Later learned that the person was a scam artist, an abuser or even a murderer. With the background check, you can find out who that person is and what he or she did in the past is. While paying a private spy or private investigator to do that search can cost hundreds of dollars or more. You can do a simple and affordable search yourself online.

One thing that we can point out is that you can only do a background checks online for personal use. However, if you own a large company or a small business and want to find the top employees. You’ll need to work with a professional background check company. Therefore, prospective employees can sue you if they discover you rejected them based on the information you found online. Even if that individual never faced charges in court. Some sites will keep their profile until they pay a fee to take them down.

Hire Private spy for Background Check in Warner Springs City

Whether you want to reunite with your college roommate or know more about your daughter dating, Intelius is the source to find people to go to you. We are constantly updating the search engines to provide you with a valid and strong set of information about your people.


Quickly get information you need, and be given the right to make the right decision to stay safe.

Do not show your name

All searches are private and fully confidential. No one will know you find them.

As these conditions you just need to know more about someone, a background check is often the most smart move. When you start a background check with Intelius, your individual’s criminal record, marriage and divorce history, legal cases they have been involved in, bankruptcy, liberation, and more, and more that will receive a report. Check your backgrounds can also include the full name, date of birth, addresses, and other basic people more information. You will start your search from entering any first and last name above. Then limited your results by location to find individual you are looking for.

Reasons to Use Background Checks

While you can’t use online background checks when deciding who to hire, you can use those searches before you let someone do basic work around your house. Background checks are a simple and easy way to get information on a contractor who might pain your home or build an addition to your home. You’ll quickly find out if that contractor has liens and lawsuits filed against him that can affect his work. Public records also let you learn more about people you may want to be friends with or date. The information you find can determine if you really want that person around.

What Background Checks Tell You

Online background checks can tell you more about a person than you ever expected to find, including:

  • Criminal records relating to some of the illegal activities the individual performed
  • Whether the person is currently married or filed for divorce recently
  • If the person has children and is behind on child support
  • Any liens or lawsuits filed against that individual

At Najar Investigation, we can direct you to the best places on the web to do a background check. You can use those resources to search for a person’s name and then find his or her social security, date of birth and other detailed information. Use our resources to perform any type of background check.

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