Welcome to NI investigative services for background criminal investigations and insurance fraud. Najar Investigative Services, which provides our clients with the experience, skills, and expertise needed to assure quality service. Our Private Investigation Services is a full-service private investigative agency that provides a variety of confidential services to lawyers. And insurance companies, small and public business companies.

Whether it’s criminal or civil investigations, insurance fraud, background screening, trademark infringement, accident investigation, maritime work. Also, physical electronic monitoring, investigative services, professional and affordable campaign investigations.

To provide the best customer service, we guarantee a high level of privacy, customer attention, and fast results. Investigative Services, which are private investigators, licensed, bound, and insured for doing business in the United States. We are a registered member of a licensed private detective organization in California. Customer trust is our greatest asset, we look forward to working with you for a long-term working relationship.

NI Investigative Services for Background Criminal Investigations

PI Mohammed Najar is proud to be a member of a world-renowned private detective organization. Besides the International Intelligence Network. Private investigator, PI Mohamed Najar, read trade publications for private detectives, police detectives. Investigators and anyone interested in learning how to become a PI (Private Investigator) at a California Investigative Agency.

Najar (NI Investigative Services) Investigations

You can also hire NI investigative services for background criminal investigations and insurance fraud. Our private investigation services are available for background criminal investigations and insurance fraud. However, for all private investigations listed in the United States, you can contact Najar Investigations.

  • Accidents.
  • Activity Checks
  • Background Checks
  • Criminal investigation.
  • Covert Undercover
  • Domestic problems.
  • Forensic Evidence
  • Marine Operations.
  • Surveillance investigations.
  • Statements.

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NI investigators have investigated all aspects of the accident investigation. From slip and fall to major accidents, we can provide resources for what happened and how. By recording events, specifying locations, witnesses, statements. Also, getting basic information from the parties involved in the complete accident. We can provide investigative and expert witnesses.

Criminal investigation.

Investigators can help legal advisers collect important information on criminal defense issues. Finding them, building relationships with them, taking statements from them and assuring them of their presence in court. Najar’s investigators can find your witnesses before you need to win the case.

We can help assemble important editions and assure their acceptance while maintaining a significant range. Here, the researchers worked near with the lawyer from the very beginning and followed the prosecution. The judicial process describes the difficulty of succeeding in another context. Increase the odds of success by providing another set, which is alcohol issues. By providing important evidence and/or strategies, that would not otherwise found.

Covert Undercover

NI has the equipment and expertise to deploy appropriate video apparatus for all situations. They can hide video equipment in a tie, baseball cap, bag, shirt, button, pager. Plus, they can hide glasses anywhere, you think. We’ll customize the hidden camera system to connect with what’s going on.

Other types of covert work may include researchers working with specific types of organizations at companies. Or engage in any profession necessary to build trust with suspected criminals. From short-term to long-term assignments, NI can provide inspectors with experience in this inspection.

Najar Research Services offers hidden services in the following areas of expertise.

  • In-house surveillance: No longer confines a branch to detect a spouse’s infidelity. Also, NI can carry out surveillance to determine the factors that lead to domestic abuse, child abuse/neglect, abused Elderly / Neglect.
  • Activity Monitoring: We can conduct an inquiry to determine the activities of people suspected of stalking your loved ones.
  • Sea exploration such as Marine-Water Investigations.
  • Gathering forensic evidence.

Domestic problems.

Private Investigative Services (NI) has been providing professional private detective services to the United States since 2012. Our private investigators have extensive experience in dealing with disputes, spouses and children, drug abuse, gambling, and home sensitive investigations. Another secret activity is to find answers to these questions, such as meeting human needs, facilitating the decision to take custody of children in the short and long term, and affecting financial settlement in divorce cases.

Once human needs met, an important barrier to overcoming uncertainty is the decision-making process. Knowledge of your facts can affect negotiations.

Our staff experienced in providing the information and documentation needed to confirm the suspicions (which omitted accurately). Likewise, the evidence can negotiate a fair settlement in a divorce case or a custody battle.

Surrounding a domestic investigation

We understand the sensitive and often expressive charged circumstances of a domestic investigation. Call us in confidence to discuss the details of your situation. The Inquisitor will hear affectionately and offer our extensive experience and recommendations based on the features of your situation. If your situation requires a lawyer, we may refer you to several people we know you can handle the case you are dealing with.

Although it is often difficult to believe, such situations are often the same as others. Our experience shows that it is not you. Blame yourself and don’t feel guilty about feeling your gut! After many years and thousands of household affairs, we can only explain that it is part of human nature.

Najar Investigations

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Whether here in the United States, North America, South America, or anywhere, we can provide information regional, national, and globally.

Here are some recommendations based on our experience dealing with hundreds of issues like yours.

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Surveillance Investigations.

Najar Research Services, (NI) has the equipment and experience to provide short- or long-term cover for surveillance solutions. Whether by installing hidden camera equipment or strategizing with investigators to document suspicious activity, we will review your situation and provide recommendations on how to resolve the issue.

Secret camera equipment can install anywhere to “catch someone in the act” and provide the evidence needed to take action.

Permanent over-camera equipment can install to discourage people from engaging in illegal activities. Instead of waiting for problems to arise and trying to “catch someone in the act,” it’s more beneficial to discourage people from engaging in inappropriate behavior.

Often visible (overt) camera devices installed after a business person or person who has to deal with the hassle and costs of using secret equipment to “catch someone in the act.”

Call us at +1 866-286-5378 to discuss the details of your case situation. However, there is no charge for discussing the situation with your monitoring investigation.


Investigative Services, (NI) has tested the investigators you may need a statement from and to decide what, when, where, where, and in what form this statement should have taken. Plus witnesses, written messages, recorded messages or video tape interviews, NI can provide information about your situation in practice.

Call +1 866-286-5378 to discuss the details of your situation, there is no charge to discuss this matter. NI investigative services for background criminal investigations available in the United States.

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