Choose the Best Personal Investigation Services in Los Angeles City! Whenever you think of going to a stranger or even someone in your home, you risk morality and / or physical injury. This’s a tragic reality in today’s world, which is very easy to create a false identity through social media and other forms of technology.

Choose the Best Personal Investigation Services in Los Angeles City!

Fortunately, there’re many things that can be done to protect you and Your family from untrustworthy people, in your family situation, especially if you’ve small children, you’re interested in getting people into your home or talking to you on a regular basis. Therefore, the main purpose of your private investigator is to make sure that all the ways involved tracking the person’s past. He or she can obtain any information that is legitimate and, if necessary, to court for justice. Get information.

Hiring a Private Detective

Regardless of at Najar Investigations PI 187816, we specialize in a number of personal investigations. Whether it’s a future spouse, personal business, prospective employee or anyone in between. Our many years of experience as a private investigator in California and the surrounding area. Also, provide us with the skills necessary to implement a comprehensive process for all types of background checks.

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How You Can Help With Your Personal Investigation

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We’ve great private investigators who specialize in everything from infidelity investigations to digital data recovery. No job is too big or small because we examine individuals’ backgrounds, as well as conduct major criminal investigation cases.

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Local News and Social Media

Our 5 Stars reviews are genuine and our clients keep coming back also for more service they need. Even the Local News and the Social Media also respond to all your questions. Of course we also we advise and handle international inquiries, but also take care of regular people who just need address detection.

Furthermore, our company counting for 8 years! Our PI license number proves. We do not combine years of experience with our private investigators. The founder and owner, Mohammed Najar, retired in January 2016 from State of California Law Enforcement. Many bad guys catched by Mohammed Najar when he’s working for State of California Law Enforcement and solving problems.

Choose the Best Personal Investigation Services in Los Angeles City!

Choose the Best Personal Investigation Services in Los Angeles City!

We have access to many complex resources that are not publicly available, such as court records and police records, including national sex crimes. This record helps us answer the following questions in investigations:

  • The true identity of this person depends on them or not.
  • Crims record for if they arrested or not?
  • Do they have a criminal record?
  • Do they have credit problems?
  • Are they legally allowed to live and work in the United States?

Criminal Checks

The criminal checks conducted by the court will provide the date of the arrest. Also, the case number, the original accusation and the disposition. That’s to say if the individual has been found guilty or declared guilty, the date of the disposition and if the person received probation or parole. Furthermore, your safety and well-being are our top priority, as we understand that what appear to be extreme measures can save you from a potentially unpleasant or even dangerous situation.

Furthermore, criminal background checks of court proceedings stating the date of arrest, the number of offenses. The first offense and what’s such that the person was found guilty or acquitted, the date of the trial. And whether that person will be question. Your safety and your well-being are all in front of us. Because we understand that harsh procedures can help you from unwanted or dangerous routes.

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Reviews From Najar Investigations Customers:

We’ve some great reviews that our clients have left us about our investigative service.

For example, Mano Prro said:

“I Had to stop by for some personal business and from the moment he opened the door until I left, I felt very comfortable he very professional and passionate person.
You’re an amazing person. It really gave me what I needed. They gave me information about my ex-husband, information about where he lived. His work and where he came from. Quick response You give me what I need and more. They’re highly respected and smart in getting result.”

Also, We provide the highest quality of Legal Process services in Murrieta, CA. Najar Investigations is a legally licensed and a certified institutigator. We’re well known for our California State informative updates and timely turnaround services especially.

In conclusion of Choose the Best Personal Investigation Services in Los Angeles City!

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