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What are technical security counter majors (TSCMs) or bug cleaning? These are terms used in government circles for many years. These are methods and etiquettes that keep government, businesses, and individuals secure from compromising its sensitive information.

This is once again the cornerstone of the government’s efforts to protect intellectual property, privacy issues, privacy concerns, corporate espionage, non-disclosure, and non-competitive contracts for business people and individuals. Estimates of losses because of corporate and private espionage. Billions of dollars a year.

Today, they carry retaliation out by trained individuals who use advanced skills and technical tools to identify and identify secret agreements with a particular business or individual security.

The Najar Investigations Firm has a trained anti-measurement (bug clearing) team with varying degrees of expertise and experience. Our procedure at NI is very simple, we provide several approaches to ensure that it protects the client from any possible listening devices. Also, we provide equipment training and tuition which can purchase from our firm to help the client feel more secure after the initial NI sweep.

Best PI for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

PI Mohammed Najar is a Specialist in Technical Surveillance Counter Messer (TSCM) wiretapping tracking, consulting services

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An expert is a career law enforcement officer trained in technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) and wiretapping techniques. Detective in California State Police, Intelligence Bureau, Electronic Surveillance Unit, Specialist. The experts designed, installed, maintained, and removed several courts appointed by wiretaps, hearing aids, and hidden cameras, the federal government, the CASP, the CA Attorney General’s Office, and several CA County Prosecutor’s Offices. I also had to investigate illegal wiretaps and other leakage crimes against California citizens. Specialist, after formal training in TSCM and getting several certificates. I selected an expert to perform the TSCM sweep of the offices, vehicles, and homes of selected California officials, VIPs, and other state dignitaries.

Therefore, NI Wire Topping and Consulting Specialist provide TSCM for an elected official. Also, trying to weaken the authority of the opponent and disrupt government services. Consulting with a company that feared its competition was stealing trade secrets through illegal wiretaps and hidden microphones. Tap on the counter-wire tape for telephone expert wire detection for consultation.

Video Analysis, Counter Public Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Video Analysis to Counter Public Health Threats

While each individual has a role to play in addressing public health risks, as always, there are ways organizations can use their existing investments in alternative ways to make these efforts more efficient – and for intelligent video surveillance. Speaking of which, it is no different. Coronavirus.

Here, viral video analytics capabilities play a role in helping protect the public and prevent the spread of the disease.

Complete with public health regulations

Organizations can seamlessly and permanently monitor their possession statistics, including real-time video content analysts, to facilitate compliance and protect visitors and staff from the venue. Instead of.

Enforcing Social Distance

When organizations take advantage of intelligent video surveillance, they can create principled alerts to trigger notifications when people exceed the pre-set threshold.

Contact effect

As the Coronavirus epidemic intensifies, authorities around the world are identifying innovative ways to reduce infection rates. Understanding the interaction between people and things in their environment is important for affected people to interact with their surroundings.

Reduce the bottles

One way to avoid unnecessary congestion is to detect it with increasing traffic congestion. Take precautionary and proactive responses to mitigate hazards by preparing personnel or signs to achieve the same effect to redirect traffic to other walkways or access points.

Identify hospices and trades

Therefore, essential business people can use dashboards to represent object movements, behavior trends, hotspots, and object interactions.

Best PI for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Services Consulting

The protection of confidentiality and confidential or proprietary information from physical or electronic surveillance (universal services) and espionage has become an essential requirement for individuals, businesses, and organizations of all kinds. Technical Surveillance Counter Major (TSCM) services are instructed to detect and prevent such operations while minimizing the risk of future compromise.

Unfortunately, TSCM services are not easily understood and trying to find a legitimate operator can lead to great confusion and uncertainty. Individual needs, whether personal or business or a small residential or large corporate environment, need to navigate the sea of ​​provider claims and information.

Without proper understanding or qualifications to ensure standard Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Services. Also, customers can leave, in a vulnerable position without a clear direction. NI counter monitoring eliminates confusion and uncertainty while building trust with specialized professional TSCM services. We work with trained and highly experienced TSCM experts and operational teams to provide targeted customized solutions designed for each client’s specific needs and technical security needs.

Therefore, Najar Investigations Counter Surveillance provides a range of targeted services tailored to the needs of its customers. Also, individuals and small businesses to large businesses, corporates, and government organizations. We believe in a knowledgeable client and our vision is always to provide accurate, realistic, and detailed information to all our customers.

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