Welcome to the United States’ best private detective agency in California, the United States since 2012. Najar Investigation Agency is the best private detective agency in California, the United States that provides accurate and reliable information to the needy people of the spy service.

We did a lot of personal and corporate investigations involving marital investigations, confidential love affairs, and spouse marriage evidence, job verification, alumni/divorce cases, getting evidence and evidence, risk analysis., Secret operations, due, and credits. Eligibility, Asset Validation, Legal help, Theft and Theft Incidents, Deprived People, Permanent Investigations, Surveillance Detectives, Business Intervention Investigations, Cybercrime Investigation, Trademark Infringement, and Rights Post.

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Najar Investigation is a great private detective agency in California, USA. We also assign our spy services to Dubai, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, USA, USA, UK, Nepal, Japan, London, Bangkok, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Paris to those people who California. I’m looking for our spy services., The United States.

Najar’s investigation is a valuable private detective agency in California, USA. Here you will find investigative services all over the United States. However, we provide several excellent investigations and spy services to specific customer needs. We are a well-known intelligence agency in the United States of California.

Najar investigation

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Najar’s investigations in this field for 10 years. I dedicate ourselves to a private detective agency in California, USA, which served many clients and provides many ongoing investigations. We provide services that include marital investigations, divorce case investigations, marital relationships, personal, corporate, cybercrime investigations, loyalty checks, still photo and videography, and litigation support investigations. And surveillance tracking. investigation. However, we specialize in providing corporate inquiries for corporations.

This is the right place for people looking for a reliable private detective agency because we have 100% confidentiality guarantees. They make our commitment to our customers and are always in line with their expectations. The client can rely on Najar’s investigation because it is the most prominent spy agency in California, the United States.

We are under investigation for PI Mohammed Najar. I assure you you will provide the maximum solution to your problem. We’re a trusted, specialized, and experienced team of professionals who specialize in solving many issues for our clients. Also, I’ve recognized us as a highly regarded detective organization that serves our clients with all their faith and integrity.


However, Private detective agencies in California, the United States offer the best pre-investigation services. Marital investigations are an important testament to modern life. It can change the whole course of your life. Why not foresee and know the facts?

After the marital investigation

It’s said that success in marriage does not come from finding the right partner, but by becoming the right partner. With the increasing number of unmarried spouses and spouses cheating on each other these days. However, these things make no sense.

Investigation of Divorce Matters

Najar’s investigation looking into marital life matters such as divorce, which is a very critical issue. Divorce is a situation where having a personal relationship no longer has a future.

Loyalty test investigation

Najar’s investigation gains a holistic view of spying services about relationships. We are well aware that no one can handle the problem of relationships alone. And it becomes compulsory.

An investigation into non-marriage matters

The biggest challenge in marriage is whether your partner is involved in marriage matters. A marital relationship does not remain faithful and can cause divorce. If your partner’s activities are suspicious, and you think …..

Inquiries to support litigation

However, as a private investigative agency, private investigations know how difficult litigation matters, but we’re skilled at tackling all these complex cases and successfully resolving them. For litigation success.

After confirming the job

With post-job verification, we will know about all employee activities within our client organization. If an employee cheating or cheating with the management of the company, I will expose them through this investigation.

Asset Verification

Najar’s investigation is a specialist private investigative agency in California, USA. I make asset certification services for the classification of business or any personal assets such as liabilities, vehicles, income, business interests, real estate, shares.

Missing Investigation

Lost personal verification is the process in which we detect people who were intentionally hiding. Also, we generally saw that such people have taken large sums of money but have no intention of returning it.

Trademark and Copyright Verification

I commit Najar Investigations to verify the trademark and copyright as we’ve hired a skilled investigative specialist who knows the nuances of trademark infringement. They also work in this industry.

Employee theft confirmation

However, employee theft has become the biggest problem for any organization. If you worried about the theft of employees in your company? How much damage did you do to employee theft? Who is the man who’s stealing money?

Business interruption investigation

When you will start your own business, it is not an easy task as you need several factors to run your business. Suppose you want to start an online shopping business then you need manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, delivery boys.

Assessing the Risk

It also defines risk analysis is also as the potential risk a business can have and the strategies in which we can analyze this risk and deal with it intelligently. Risk analysis needs to implement as the company or organization can prepare.

We have put forward the concept of being vigilant for investigative reasons. Our investigative obligations provide clients with a consultative approach to executing a new and important project, whether writing an IPO, considering mergers or acquisitions.

Personal Detective Services in California, USA

Specializes in the personal detective agency, pre-marital investigation, divorce case investigation, loyalty test investigation, missing person investigation, surveillance detective, extraordinary matters, background check, litigation support, etc. in California.

Corporate spy services in California, United States

Najar’s Investigation is one of the best and the largest private detective agency specializing in corporate investigations in California, USA. Also, our corporate spy services in California, USA include insurance fraud, employee fraud, employee theft, litigation and legal aid, job screening, and more.

Cybercrime Detective Services in California, USA

However, Najar’s investigation is a well-known private detective agency in the United States of America. Also, we have a dedicated team of experts who specialize in dealing with cybercrime cases. Cybercrime has grown in recent decades. Many are based also on cyber-crime. So you need to hire a competent cybercrime investigation agency, which is the perfect place to go with no scrutiny.

Marriage Services in California, USA

Najar’s investigation into the state of California is an excellent and highly professional spy agency for marital and post-marital interrogation. We strive to find the truth with the help of our qualified and experienced tracking agents. However, we use photography, videography, microphone, audio recording, and more.

In Conclusion of best private detective agency in California

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