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Muhammad Najar

Muhammad Najar, the founder of Najar Investigations, is one of the best spies providers in California for the Independent Counsel. Also, Najar investigations help you with all types of investigations, such as surveillance investigations and private detective in California for providing Investigative service. That is to say, In elderly couple investigations, the best private detective in California for accident investigations, in other words, you can contact the Najar Investigations agency to verify the inspection history of your search process.

Professional work experience as a best private detective in California for providing Investigative service

Najar Investigations, Private Investigator

July 2012 – Present

However, Duties Performed: Analyze information about legal, financial, and personal matters. Offer many services, including verifying people’s backgrounds, tracing missing persons, investigating computer crimes, and protecting celebrities. Perform undercover operations such as evaluating the performance and honesty of employees by posing as customers or employees. Interview persons to obtain evidence for cases of divorce, child custody, or missing persons, or information about individuals’ character or financial status.

also, Search computer databases, credit reports, public records, tax and legal filings, and other resources to locate persons or to compile information for investigations. Write reports and case summaries to document investigations. Currently assigned to the Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside County Defense Conflict Panel and Propria Persona Investigator Panel.

University of Phoenix, Adjunct Professor

 June 2012 – Present

Duties Performed: Providing a quality learning experience for the University of Phoenix, School of Criminal Justice, and Security students on a semester basis. Adjunct faculty report to the director and perform instruction-related duties and responsibilities promptly and by the mission, policies, and procedures of the college. The relationship of the adjunct faculty member to the student is one of teacher and facilitator of learning. I’ll start by telling you what the best private detective in California for providing Investigative service. After that, I’ll tell you why you should always use them for Investigative services.

California Department of Insurance, Detective Sergeant

November 2012 – January 2016

Investigative service Duties Performed: Manage Investigative services teams to conduct felony criminal investigations of insurance fraud and related penal statutes, both State and Federal. Oversee investigators make arrests, interrogate suspects, interview witnesses, work with informants, prepare comprehensive written reports, and utilize sophisticated surveillance and electronic evidence gathering equipment. For best private detective in California Sergeants expected to coordinate undercover investigations, manage informants, and network with private, state, and federal agencies to further investigate the California Department of Insurance.

Pechanga Gaming Commission, Director of Investigations

July 2012 – October 2012

Duties Performed: Managed a team of investigators to conduct investigations as assigned by the Commission. Duties included directing investigations, budget, and training of investigators within the unit.

California Department of Justice, Special Agent Supervisor

April 2010 – February 2012

Above all, Duties Performed: Assigned as Task Force Commander of Inland Crackdown Allied Task Force (INCA). Supervise task force members from 10 agencies, including local, state, and federal in a major narcotics investigation. Tasked with organizing complex and/or sensitive investigations involving gangs, violent crime, and related narcotic activity and assuring investigations conducted by applicable laws, rules, and policies of the Division of Law Enforcement.

Also, The investigations were conducted via nontraditional strategies to include wiretap investigation, electronic surveillance, confidential informants, and undercover operatives. Provides high-level technical advice and training to local law enforcement. Collateral duties included dignitary protection of the California Attorney General, In other words, range Master, and Field Training Officer.

California Department of Justice, Special Agent

August 2005 – April 2010

Duties Performed:

Investigated illegal drug activity, complex money-laundering operations, and worked undercover to infiltrate underground criminal organizations. Assigned to the Gang Suppression and Enforcement Team where we’re tasked with the suppression of violent gangs through traditional/nontraditional law enforcement strategies.

Temporary assignment to Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP)- led teams of local, state, and federal officers to locate and destroy marijuana gardens in remote sites throughout CA. Responsible for finding and dismantling clandestine drug labs that manufacture methamphetamine as well as other illegal substances.

Being an investigated persons for a best private detective in California for providing Investigative service

During, assignment to the Bureau of Firearms, investigated persons who’re prohibited from possessing firearms as a result of their felony/misdemeanor convictions, mental health status, and/or issuance of a restraining/protective order. That is to say, in other words, to clarify to you about all my activities.

Also, The California Armed Prohibited Persons Program is the primary focus of the enforcement section and is responsible for disarming, apprehending, and ensuring prosecution. Assigned to the Bureau of Gambling Control and investigated suspected violations of gambling laws; conducted extensive background investigations on individuals applying for state gambling licenses.

Planned and coordinated multi-agency investigations; inspected premises where gambling equipment manufactured, distributed, or sold; and was responsible for monitoring the conduct of individuals involved in gambling operations to ensure that gambling sites were conducted honestly and free of criminal and corrupt elements.

Riverside County Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff

January 1997 – August 2005

Also, Duties Performed: While assigned to the Correction Bureau, my duties included Custody Floor Operations, Emergency Response, and Classification. While assigned to Field Operations Bureau. also, my duties included general investigation of narcotics, crimes against people, a crime against property, and gang suppression and enforcement. After that assigned to the Special Investigations Bureau,

We’re letting you go through My duties included street-level to middle-level narcotics and vice investigations. Also, Assigned to the Riverside County Emergency Services Team as a Hostage Negotiator in California for providing Investigative service.

United States Marine Corps, Platoon Sergeant

December 1992 – November 1996

Managed 11 marines to include training, morale, and welfare. Also, as a Supply Clerk, my duties included procurement, tracking, receiving, and budgeting. Also worked as Information Systems Coordinator. Held various positions in a technical field and technical sales as well as digital engineering jobs and assistant mechanic.


Held various positions in a technical field and technical sales as well as digital engineering jobs, and assistant mechanic.


West Point Leadership Academy

July 2012

University of Redlands

December 2011

Master of Arts Degree in Management

University of Phoenix

May 2005

Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology


Fluent in English, Also, can speak Urdu and Hindi, Bengali


Member of the University of Redlands’ Whitehead Leadership Society, 2011

Contact Information

Mohammed Najar

23811 Washington Avenue, Suite C110286

Murrieta, California 92562

+1 (951) 834-6766

Email address: mohammed.najar@gmail.com

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