You can hire the best private investigator CA for Surveillance Investigations in the United States. We have three in the administration, and investigators distributed throughout the United States country. So, our private investigators investigate and advise in many types of Surveillance Investigations cases. Therefore, examples are criminal cases, child welfare cases, reconnaissance assignments, financial abuse and fraud detection, mediation, waste – and even more. Also, we respond in the event of an urgent need for help in a case. In addition, our investigators have training and experience in, the Police, the Tax Administration, and the security industry.

Also, we deal with child welfare, health, and Surveillance Investigations with modern technology and safe working methods. Also, we offer solid investigation services to both private individuals, businesses, public companies, financial institutions, lawyers, and insurance companies. Leave also, comment if any problem you will face to hire the best private investigator CA for surveillance investigation cases.

Best private investigator CA for Surveillance Investigations

You can hire one of the best private investigators CA for surveillance investigations at Najar Investigations agency. Najar Investigations agency has coverage all over the United States.

The Najar Investigation Agency Services.

This is a selection of the services we offer. Contact us with questions for a free assessment and non-binding offers We have a duty of confidentiality from the first inquiry. All information and documentation we receive from you as a client is treated in strict confidence and stored encrypted.


Surveillance means keeping someone or something under surveillance, so you get the information you need. I often use this service for shoplifting, blasphemy, fraud, mapping, and theft.

  • Therefore, we provide quality information.
  • We track people and values.
  • We, spy, observe, and investigate many private investigations.
  • Also, we deliver to individuals and companies.
  • Also, take assignments of the day.

Background check

  • Are you during a hiring process and want information about candidates?
  • Are you or your company looking for new tenants for a rental property?
  • Maybe you want to order the service as a private person?

We provide information and provide a clear report of each relevant candidate. It takes 2-5 days after we receive the information.

  • ID check.
  • Address check
  • Work permit.
  • Certification of documents education and certificate.
  • Confirm working conditions in the CV.
  • Verify the authenticity of the references.
  • Examine business interests (positions, companies).
  • Search in the open (in the depths of social media, usually in all search engines).
  • Credit check (includes financial liability in any position).
  • Obtain a certificate of moral conduct or clearance certificate.
  • Threats, blackmail, and “stacking”


PI #: 187816

23811 Washington Avenue

Suite C110286 Murrieta, CA–92562

Contact: +1 866-286-5378

Are you bothered by an ongoing person, threats, or extortion?

Therefore, we help you solve your problems and we know that it affects your daily life. In addition, we can help you find out who it is. Help you with proof of review or application for a pending order or in the event of a conflict.

  • Our private investigator CA will track people.
  • We use digital tools.
  • We observe and document and provide proof of review or restraining order.
  • Also, we contact the right authorities.
  • Also, deliver to individuals and companies and take assignments of the day.

Child welfare and child distribution

  • Do you think your case has been miss treated by the Child Welfare Service?
  • Don’t know what to do next, or do you think you’ve already tried everything?
  • Do you suspect that other parents do not treat their child (s) as they should?
  • Maybe you want more uniformity or full care?

With the goal of winning, we organize existing evidence and gather new ones to shape your case. It’ll be important for you to contact those who are contacted by the Child Welfare Service, or who are already in contact with the Child Welfare Service, to get help quickly.

  • We’re investigating your case and we’re investigating.
  • We organize the evidence, and we advise and guidance.
  • Our Private investigators keep in touch with an excellent lawyer as needed.
  • Also, we contact the right authorities.
  • In addition, we take assignments of the day.

Anonymous search in tax lists

Do you want information about someone on the tax list in 100% anonymity? We receive NOK 1000 for each individual and N 3000 NOK for five.

We need at least:

  • First Name
  • Knit
  • Location (city/municipality)
  • Possibly also (if you have information):
  • Year of birth (+/- 5 years)
  • Postal Code
  • Postal address


  • Do you suspect disbelief and the material you want to test?
  • Maybe you suspect that someone you know is using drugs, or a close family may not be your biologist?

We do DNA testing and give you solid answers.

  • Paternity test.
  • Generation test (biological family).
  • Family tree testing (breed/breed)
  • Kufr tests (hair, blood, body fluids, condoms, underwear).
  • Health test
  • Foster test.
  • Drug testing (BAL)

Police closed

Has the police have dropped your case? Therefore, we offer a free assessment of this case and see if there’re recovery opportunities or a new review.

  • Therefore, the Najar Investigations agency can track people, vehicles, and objects.
  • We also use digital tools and we observe and document.
  • We’re bouncing and we get the evidence to contact the right authorities.
  • Also, we take assignments of the day.

Lineage and family unity

Are you interested in finding out more about where your ancestors came from, what their names were, and what they did? Or you may have lost contact with a close member.

Therefore, we help you locate it efficiently and at a reasonable price!

  • Also, we make simple family trees and large-scale family trees.
  • We have inherited the settlement and search for the lost.
  • Our private investigators helping with the document and provide supplementary reports.
  • They reach out to individuals, lawyers, and public institutions.
  • Our private investigators take assignments of the day.

To find out:

Are you looking for values ​​or people?

  • Therefore, we can find what you want.
  • Also, we track people and values and use digital tools.
  • Our private investigators observe and document.
  • So, they deliver to individuals and companies.
  • In addition, our private investigators take assignments of the day.

In Conclusion of Best private investigator CA for Surveillance Investigations

Thanks for visiting Najar Investigations agency for hiring the best private investigator CA for Surveillance Investigations. Therefore, you can contact to Najar Investigations agency for a free consultation at +1 866-286-5378 to the best private investigator CA for Surveillance Investigations. Also, place comments on any question to hiring the best private investigator CA for Surveillance Investigations. We’ll also get back t you shortly along with the solution. PI Mohammed Najar and his private investigator’s team can save you and also your business. You can consider PI Mohammed Najar as the best private investigator CA in the United States. PI Mohammed Najar is famous also for surveillance investigations cases. Furthermore, you can visit more articles on the web to know how to hire a private investigator CA in the United States. In addition, we posting new articles on the website on daily bases.