PI Mohammed Najar is the best private investigator CA in San Francisco, California, for private investigative cases. Najar’s investigation has over 25 years of law enforcement experience. Therefore, we specialize in covert operations, surveillance, and counter-surveillance. Including also money-laundering investigations, human trafficking investigations, background investigations, genocide investigations, and missing persons. Each case begins with an open and confidential initial consultation. In this meeting, we will discuss your case in full and determine the right point of view.

 Therefore, if you work with us, we’ll make a plan to get the best results. You can rely on Najar Investigation to gather all the information you need to help you make informed decisions, both ethically and professionally. In each case, we will provide the best help to our clients, or guide them in the right direction. I always keep all matters under discussion secret. If you’re asking the most questions about hiring the best private investigator CA in San Francisco, California, so leave a comment.

Best Private Investigator CA In San Francisco

Najar Investigations: One of the most trusted private investigative firms in San Francisco. Specialists in asset search, employee theft, non-competitive violations, fraud, and more. San Francisco since 2012. All California service in-depth research options.

Get the services of a private investigation CA now in Najjar Investigation. We offer professional surveillance investigative services in CA # 1 Offering the best rates, 24 hours service. Call now at +1-866-286-5378 for a free consultation.

Therefore, Najar Investigation specializes in many civil, corporate, and criminal cases in the state of California. We work with our clients to provide a variety of investigative services to law firms, corporate risk management, retail companies, insurance companies, small businesses and individuals, and the public. Also, we use the latest video surveillance technology and advanced equipment on the market today to get the job done right.

Our investigators, highly trained and knowledgeable, have high personal ethics and professional ethics and work collectively as a team to meet the individual needs of each client.

Consider PI Mohammed Najar as the best private investigator CA In San Francisco, California for surveillance investigations. PI Mohammed Najar and his private investigative team can get results shortly in your private investigative cases. If you’re seeking a private investigator CA for your private investigative case, then consider PI Mohammed Najar. Najar Investigations is famous for getting results in private investigative cases.

Best Private Investigator CA In San Francisco, California

Therefore, Najar Investigation specializes in specific investigations. Years of experience have taught us to handle every investigation professionally, and they commit us to protect every customer’s privacy by doing our best to provide clients with timely and accurate results. Anyone can hire our private investigative team for private investigations. Our professional private investigators can get results in private investigations near San Francisco and throughout California. We also work with attorneys, insurers, business owners, corporations, public figures, and everyday citizens. Najar investigations agency provides the best private investigator CA In San Francisco, California since 2012.

Server Security and Counter Surveillance

Our private investigators have years of experience in covert surveillance and counter-surveillance. Also, you can hire the best private investigator CA here. So, some areas we monitor are:

  1. Civil/criminal matters
  2. Disability fraud
  3. Insurance fraud investigations
  4. Unfaithfulness
  5. Marital
  6. Personal injury
  7. Workers’ compensation fraud
  8. Background investigation

Background research has become more important in today’s society. PI Mohammed Najar and his team will also get results in your private investigative cases. Our background checks are not your typical Google search or online paid website search. We dig deeper to provide you with potential warning signs so you can make a more informed decision. Here are some reasons to investigate the background:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • New tenant screening
  • Business plan
  • Hiring a nanny
  • Personal relationships
  • Underwriter Investments

The world seems to turn into a more dangerous place, and that means it is becoming harder and harder to trust people blindly. Through this service, our skilled private investigators will use all available resources to find the information you are looking for. If you hire PI Mohammed Najar to investigate, you’re guaranteed accurate, honest, and timely results.

Immorality investigation

This is an area that is often difficult to accept but if you suspect that your other major is cheating. Therefore, we can help uncover the truth. Because Najar Investigative team can also get results.

Missing person investigation

People go missing for a variety of reasons, and often your local law enforcement agency limited in resources. In the private investigation. Therefore, we have private investigators who highly experienced in finding missing persons.

Here are some reasons to start a missing person investigation:

  • Finding family members or long-lost loved ones
  • I suspect fugitives and minors of being abducted
  • Missing persons who now classified in the cold case


Our private investigators mostly retired NYPD spies and Law enforcement. Also, who has been in the private sector for many years, many of whom have mastered through years of private investigative service. Some notable skills are:

  • Specialist in covert operations
  • Interview specialist
  • Expert in finding people
  • Money laundering, an expert in complex investigations ranging from fraud to genocide
  • Experienced in the latest’s use of technology in video surveillance
  • Experienced in various software computer applications.

Your satisfaction is our priority

We’ll keep also in touch and notify you of your status. We have a very separate area that we investigate. In case you need areas that are not best suited for our help. Therefore, we’re happy to provide you with a suitable one for your needs and refer to the famous agency.

We promise quality

Najar Investigation handles every case carefully and professionally. Only matters that guarantee we accept the need for our private investigative services. Therefore, your case is being addressed unilaterally. The Najjar Investigation will brief the client on all aspects of its investigation to ensure that the client’s case handled professionally. Private investigations do not rely on advertising or publicity. Najjar Investigations has established its reputation through recommendations with discretion and confidentiality.

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Therefore, you can hire private investigators anywhere, but PI Mohammed Najar is the best private investigator CA in San Francisco. You can consider PI Mohammed Najar also the best private investigator CA in the United States. PI Mohammaed Najar is an expert also in getting results. Call to Najar Investigative also at +1-866-286-5378 for a free consultation.

In Conclusion of the best private investigator CA

Thanks for visiting Najar Investigative services for hiring the best private investigator CA in San Francisco, California. PI Mohammed Najar is the best private investigator CA in San Francisco, California, for surveillance investigations. Therefore, you can contact to Najar Investigative team at +1-866-286-5378 for a free consultation. Place a comment if you are asking above all for hiring the best private investigator CA in San Francisco, California.