California Penal Code 368 Describes Elder abuse as Being Mistreatment. Accoridng to California Penal Code 368 describes elder abuse as being the mistreatment of an elderly person by someone known to the senior (sixty-five years or older). This includes financial abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. Elder Abuse happens everywhere-in poor, middle class, and upper income households.

It is a problem that has no demographic or ethnic boundaries. Family members, close friends and care givers of the senior, often the culprits of financial, physical, and emotional abuse, this abuse often difficult to discover and to accept. Due to these close relationships it often makes discovery or disclosure of the abuse difficult.

California Penal Code 368 Describes Elder abuse as Being Mistreatment

If you suspect any family member, or loved one, may be the victim of financial abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect, we may be able to help.

Penal Code 368 PC (California Elder Abuse Laws)

The Penal Code is a 368 law in California that defines the crime of “serious conduct”.

In particular, it says in this section

“A person, as it is known or reasonable to be an adult or an adult dependent. Also, can cause serious harm to health or death in circumstances or circumstances. Adult Care Either causing or possibly injuring a large or dependent adult, or deliberately causing or placing an adult. Or dependent adult in a situation where the person or health is in danger. The Nebraska Aropanapai is six thousand dollars (000 in 6000). A fine of up to ten thousand dollars more than a fine.”$10,000 A second or subsequent conviction, fine and imprisonment, two, three or four years prison in the form of imprisonment.”

According to California Penal Code 368

According to California Penal Code 368, California’s Basic Abuse Act, “serious abuse” may be as follows. ., For sixty-five (65) years and older:

  • Physical abuse (causing unjust pain or injury to an older victim),
  • Emotional violence (sometimes in the form of psychological stress due to loneliness or ridicule).
  • Negligence and threat (deliberately placing an adult or an adult in a situation where his / her health or safety is in danger).
  • Financial robbery (also known as fraud or acrobatics)

Financial Abuse

Specific examples of scenarios that lead to allegations of adult abuse in California include:

Nursing Home Worker Sexually Abuses Resident

The adult son deliberately ceases to take the medication his elderly mother supposed to give and
A person can use the advanced age of their older aunt and use their social security checks.
In accordance with Article 368 of the Criminal Code, an adult may be liable for misconduct or misconduct. Also, epending on the choice of prosecutor, depending on the criminal record of the defendant and the circumstances of the case.

In cases where harassment considered misconduct, the possible penalty can be up to one year in county jail and thousands of dollars in fines. In case of criminal prosecution, the defendant may be sentence to imprisonment of two or four years.

Legal Defense

Furthermore, California penalties for elder abuse (Penal Code 368) are high and, as discussed below. Prosecutors are very wary of prosecuting adult abuse or Elder Abuse Investigation. Because respondents often care about older people, they usually have a lot of stress in their lives. And heavy emotional bonds with the victim. Thus, accusations of adult abuse and Elder Abuse Investigation can be fatal.

Fortunately, there are many remedies that can help combat these claims.

In addition to
  • False accusations
  • Defect identification and
  • Enough evidence.
  • Elder Abuse Investigation
    Because California’s adult abuse law is complex and the area of ​​mature law for false charges and false arrests. It’s important to consult an experienced lawyer who has handle these Elder Abuse Investigation types of crimes.

After successfully prosecuting and defending adult abuse in California, our criminal lawyers understand the most effective ways to deal with adult abuse claims and Elder Abuse Investigation.

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