Najar Investigations Providing free consultation services in the United States. It is extremely painful to get a good private detective for analytical functions in the United States. That is why it now gives free consultations for company inspection duties in the United States. The Najar Investigation is the strongest private detective agency for investigative services in the United States. You can call Najar’s investigation when you call for an independent agent for the US investigation work.

Private Investigator Executive Summary of Najar Investigations

Najar Investigations is a secret detective agency established by an old law enforcement director, Mohamed Najar. After finishing secondary education and Mohammed Najar University joined the US Marine Corps. Mohammed Najar established Najar Investigations in July 2012 after his retirement at the Riverside County Sheriff’s Division. He got retirement in January 2016 from California Law Enforcement.

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Free Consultation for Corporate Investigations Services in the United States

When should I use private investigators for investigative services in the United States?

It’s painful to say this query because it depends on your condition. Add a secret detective when you desire to get out of the fact. But you can’t make it of freedom or vital intelligence. Our private detectives with rights have positive and verified practices. We still have a connection to expert abilities and work out for precise intelligence which may be Not or critical to access Najar Investigations provides several Investigative Services in the United States to take the returns you need.

However, we are not clear about what you require in your condition. Get in touch with Najar Investigation, and we can advise you what’s best for you. We are available 24/7 and bring the strongest private detective for investigative services in the United States.


Najar Investigation is a private investigative and detective security consulting agency based in California, United States. We’re committed to providing our unique customers with advanced inspection services business monitoring, technology discovery, and investigative services Security Advisory Services. However, we serve a variety of clients, including individual properties and international corporations of all sizes, legal entities. So, hedge funds and religious organizations. Private Investigators for Investigative Services in the United States.


As a leader in the world of investigation and security, Najar’s investigations led to his deportation. PI Mohammed Najjar has access to a former foreign law enforcement network. Also, I have many contacts around the world with the Spy Investigation Company. Proficient in critical and complex investigations.

  1. Child Abduction Due Diligence Investigation Private Investigator CA
  2. Elder Abuse Investigation Family Law Investigation Litigation Support
  3. Skip trace/Locate.
  4. Elder Abuse Investigation and Family Law Investigation
  5. Criminal Investigation Kidnapping Investigations Computer Hacking Cases
  6. Fraud Investigation Extortion Investigations Judgment Recovery Cases
  7. Corruption Investigations Sexual Harassment Investigations Industrial Espionage Cases
  8. Theft Investigations Discrimination Investigations Workplace Violence Investigations
  9. Breach of Contract Investigations Money Laundering Investigations Asset Searches
  10. Infidelity Investigation Skip trace/Locate Surveillance Investigation

Criminal Investigation Najar Investigations Employee Process Serving

The Najar Investigations reliable investigators have a way of communicating and knowing when accessing information from all over the world is difficult. Najar Investigations provides these Private Investigators for Investigative Services in the United States to individuals, corporations, legal entities, and government entities. Also, these studies include remote monitoring, interviews, retrieval of information, identifying, IT forensics and verifying witnesses and searching for assets.


Anti-Money Laundering Services that the fight against money laundering related to several laws. However, law regulations and regulations also prevent criminals from making illegal money laundering. Also, the Law on Legalization of Income (IP) provides for even more limited operations and criminal behavior. So, the consequences are available. Najar Investigations ‘Anti-Money Laundering Division has conducted hundreds of AML investigations. Working with several multinational banks and even more financial institutions.


Examining the support of the Control Testing Procedure compliance with the RI Patriot Act helps to comply with AML. Which helps the program comply with the risk of the state banking lawsuit compliance with international AML regulations.


Now, Najar Investigations provide private investigators for worldwide services.

  • Specific land-based intelligence in each country
  • Responsibility for customers, intermediaries, shopkeepers, and employees.
  • Background screening
  • Document verification and verification
  • Market intelligence related to high-risk regions and also jurisdiction


  • Retrieving forensic data
  • Funds flow analysis
  • Gap and link analysis
  • Traditional research and intelligence
  • support liaison with law enforcement agencies and regulators Inappropriate
  • Compliance Programs
  • Good positioning
  • Program with regulators.

Asked questions above all a private investigator for a free consultation.

Questions 1: I’m interested in private investigative service. What do I do next to get your service?

Answer: Contact us now! Our initial consultation is FREE OF COST.

​Questions 2: When will the process of my investigation begin?

Answer: In most situations, a private investigator can start your case upon receipt of your signed retainer agreement agreed upon retainer payment. Also, we work with our clients to provide investigations as they needed. Working within the required time frames for your investigation case.

Questions 3: What is the minimum rate of hours required in surveillance investigation?

Answer: The minimum price of hours required in our surveillance investigations is sex.

Questions 4: How much will an investigation price?

Answer: Every case is different in the investigation. However, determining the fee for investigation will estimate after a free consultation. After that, we understand your complete case situation. Will ask you some questions and understand your goals after that we will give you a quote.

​Questions 5: Can you guarantee investigation results?

Answer: It is impossible to predict which researchers will find out before drowning in this matter. We agree to use our best efforts during the investigation to gather information. However, we cannot guarantee the outcome of the investigation.

​Questions 6: Will I get video and pictures?

Answer: Yes, photo and video captured by the private investigator will accompany the written report.

​Questions 7: Will I get updates status on the investigation?

Answer: Yes, in a discreet method we agree upon during the initial consultation. When your case will be closed, it will provide you with a final report. We prepare the reports, video/photo files and attachments in evidentiary manners for you (and use in court if needed).

Yes, during the initial consultation, we agreed. When your case is complete, you receive a final report. We create video/photo reports files and attachments to identify you and use them in court.

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In conclusion, Free Consultation for Corporate Investigations Services

First of all, Najar Investigations team would like to welcome visiting Najar Investigations. We offer a free consultation for corporate investigation services in the United States. Because Finding reliable private investigators for investigative services in the United States is very hard. Najar Investigations is a private detective agency for investigative services in the United States. You can call to Najar investigations when you need a private investigator for US investigative services.

The Najar Investigations is a private detective agency founded by former Mohammed Najar police. After completing secondary education and the University of Mohammed Najar joined the United States Marine Corps. Mohammed Najar established a Najar investigation in July 2012 after his resignation at the River Wide Country Sheriff’s Department.

Mohammed Najar retired in January 2016 from California law enforcement. However, you call to Najar investigations at +1 866-286-5378 to get Free Consultation for Corporate Investigations Services in the United States. You can also contact us through email for a free consultation for Corporate Investigations Services in the United States.