You can now hire the best private investigative services in Newport Beach California, the United States at the Najar Investigation Agency. PI Mohammed Najar offers the best private investigator that can save you and your company In Newport Beach, California. They will provide accurate results, and peace of mind is also the aim of the Private Investigation Service in Newport Beach.

Hire The Best Private Investigative Services in Newport Beach California

California State found Najar Investigations licensed private investigator, Mohammed Najar (License No. PI #: 187816). Since 2012, we’ve been a professional Private Investigator in Orange County, California. We serve as a private deductive in concord, Los Angeles, and as a private investigator in San Diego, CA

Najar Investigations

PI #: 187816.

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Contact #: +1 866-286-5378.

Also, Najar Investigations provides private investigative services nationwide. They link us to the investigative resources you need, wherever you need them, just call us at +1 866-286-5378 for more information.

The Najar Investigations is unique in its field of asset search, monitoring and background testing. We can find someone quickly. Also, we specialize in child custody. We know our private investigative team for consistency in uncovering the evidence that our clients find at their desired rates.

Our services include:

Family Law Services?

When you’re navigating the emotionally challenging world of divorce and/or custody of children, you need a sensitive. Also, experienced private detective to take care of your needs with beauty and discretion.

Corporate Services

In today’s turbulent economy, your company must maintain integrity, employee integrity, inventory control, and high quality of everyday tasks to be profitable. Our expert investigative services can help.

Services for Lawyers.

Whether you’re prosecuting a civil or criminal case, Najar is a valuable, trusted, trusted source of resources for private investigator CA. We make sure your legal team has evidence that it needs positive results for your clients.

Surveillance Investigations services.

Najar Private Investigation provides the most comprehensive criminal, civil, personal and business oversight in the industry. We provide home, work, and vacation monitoring.

Asset Searches.

Whether you’re at the beginning of a business or personal relationship – or you’re ready to end it – asset search can be a valuable resource, and you can protect your best interests.

Background check.

Najar Private Investigation’s’ full background check and criminal record check provides results that are complete, accurate and reliable so you can make the best decisions for your business and/or your personal life.

Find someone

Regardless of what you’re looking for, private investigators have the resources, experience, skills, and determination to help you find them.

You Need a Trustworthy Private Investigator.

When you’re navigating the emotionally challenging world of divorce and/or child custody, you need a sensitive and experienced private detective to take care of your needs. Here’s what our family law services are.

Najar Private Investigations worked with individuals and families for over 30 years. Your divorce attorney appreciates your active stance by hiring a private detective and will appreciate our work at a mediation meeting or courtroom.

Owner Mike Great is a local private investigator based in Orange County, California. His team of top private investigators works on a local or international level. To your needs. Mike and his team provide important evidence to ensure the positive closure of your case.

Najar Investigation Family Law Services have become a valuable and trusted tool for individuals and their family law attorneys.

Here is also a Sampling of our Family Law Services:

Surveillance Investigation

We can monitor our parents’ behavior before and/or after visits. If you need to know what’s going on or get evidence for others, this can be an important first step in helping you make important decisions. However, once we uncover the truth, you can take action accordingly.

Child protection issues.

However, your children are safe? Is the court order violated? Are there issues related to surveillance visits? Our investigative services can help answer these questions and provide acceptable evidence.

Physical address/job verification.

We can determine where your former spouse or someone else is now living and working. Are they are living with someone else? This can affect the wife’s help and custody. Often, alcohol or drug use is a factor in divorce and custody matters.

Background check.

Who is around your kids? Do you know the exact date of the other parent? You can do a criminal background check. Our background investigations provide information about child care, providers, or detained parents’ family members and other important individuals.

Confirmation of Court Order Violations.

Violations of court orders are very common and should be documented by a licensed private investigator. We may provide documents, videos, and/or photos upon request. Having this evidence can have a dramatically positive impact on your child’s custody and financial settlement.

Deep online research.

However, this can be important. Most of the time, clients need information about property ownership records, company ownership, criminal and civil records, income and employment, financial status, and more. We have a lot of resources.

Temporary Restriction Orders (TRO)

Are you facing threats, domestic violence, invasion of privacy, or harassment? Also, we can document some of this and help you get Temporary Prevention Orders (TROs). However, We may affect the services of another person or another document.

Professional References.

We can recommend marriage counselors and family psychologists for review or therapy. Also, we refer to lawyers, forensic accountants, and other professionals as needed.

Provide peace of mind.

Sometimes, for your peace of mind, you need evidence outside the courtroom. Also, you may need to have some proof for your family, friends, church, etc.

Contact us for a free private consulting inquiry.

We will chat or call you over the phone during the free consultation. It allows us to get to know each other. After discussing your situation in secret, we can develop a detailed plan and tailor our services to work with your budget. Throughout our services, we will be in constant contact with you, or your designated contact, so I will keep you up to date on my case.

Reliable evidence of positive results from our Family Law Service Provider.

Our investigative services have helped family law lawyers and their clients reach the successful conclusion of thousands of cases. When you have valid, relevant and reliable evidence that got professionally by a licensed private investigator, you are more likely to get favorable results in family law courts.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to be a licensed private investigator. You cannot afford to enroll in P.I. Which will come up short, provide weak evidence, or make matters worse?

We can refer you to the best-certified family law experts.

Family law lawyers are weighing in on it. Divorce is also difficult. And when children were involved, it becomes even more emotionally difficult. Also, depending on the lawyer you choose, your journey can go relatively smoothly or lead to disaster. After many years of working with strong lawyers in Southern California, we can also send you the best lawyers based on your needs. However, in family law matters, they always require a family law expert is always.

Contact us when your situation requires a private investigator.
If you need a lawyer, we can also provide you with our services for a lawyer.
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The California communities we serve include Orange County, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Corona del Mar, Ludo Island, Crystal Cov. Also, Spyglass Hill, Newport Coast, Pelican Hill, Salt Creek Beach, Balboa Island, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Irvine, Balboa. However, for General Chat Lounge Crystal Cove, San Clemente, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego County, San Diego.

Furthermore, River Wide Country, La Quetta, Palm Springs, San Bernardino County, Rialto, Laguna Beach, Emerald Valley, Emerald Cove, Emerald Point. Also, we work in South Laguna, Laguna Niguel, Niguel Beach, Monarch Beach, Salt Creek Beach, Capistrano Beach, Diana Point, and other local communities.

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