Do we serve process? Yes we do, but only the most difficult serves. Why hire Najar Investigations from a standard process serving company? Najar Investigations are able to take the most difficult cases and often turn them into success. Our investigators are experience skip-trace experts that consistent deliver results on the most difficult cases of serve process.

Why Hire Najar Investigations from a Standard Process Serving Company?

Committed to courtesy and dedicated adherence to the work has establishes Legal Process Services as a quality provider of service of process. We are efficient in handling any and all service of process needs. Ingenious experience of 15 years of responsible service has help us to maintain our high standard reputation in the competitive world.

Highest quality of service and refined innovative methods lend uniqueness and credibility to our services. As legall licensed and certified institution, we excel in immediate and special handlings. We are well known for our informative updates and timely turnaround services especially.

We ready with specialized techniques, technology, skills and experience

However, when someone does not want to be found, and the regular process servers not getting it done. We ready with specialized techniques, technology, skills and experience. That have a far better chance of getting the job done fast and effective.

Most process servers will make a few attempts at the last known residence and then submit a one-line due diligence declaration. It is pretty clear, either the person served or not served.

If you have someone that needs to be serve, but they being evasive, or not been heard from for long period of time, most often process servers not going to go out of their way to track down the individual and find out their whereabouts.

Furthermore, Najar Investigations prepared to assist with the most difficult of skip tracing and process services. From witnesses and debtors that do not want to be found, to restraining orders that need to be handle by a professional process server with bearing and command presence we can assist you. Our investigators best skilled at process service and can work with you or your firm to ensure that all of the proper steps taken so that your service is handle quick and professionall.

We use techniques and equipment that other company’s do not. We live and breathe difficult cases, and getting a subject to surface can be difficult.

In Conclusion Why Hire Najar Investigations for Serve Process

We adhere to strict statutes of the civil procedure guidelines and handle your services in a cost effective manner. We work to make your experience as simple as we can from the beginning to the end. Our testimonials are exemplary of our successful journey of dealing with thousands of cases in the manner of efficiency and authenticity.

Call to dealing with the complexity of the legal processes! Najar Investigations also know as a Standard Process Serving Company in California.