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PI Mohammed Najar is a local private investigator CA in Sacramento, California. He specializes in careful surveillance cases such as infidelity and child custody. Nobody is close to providing a level of customer service, personal touch, and daily updates for our customers. We have the best rates in the industry.


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Make sure it’s local Some people will pretend to be local and will often use 800 numbers for their advertising. They then divide your case for others to handle. (Hopefully, they’ll get a license) that you won’t talk to one on one.

Make sure they take the time to talk to you in a way that makes you comfortable and shows that they care about your case.

Try to avoid those who value the “police background”, although my background includes civilian law enforcement and the Air Force security police. But it is also my experience that clients don’t always look to the police for their private investigators.

Also, be extremely careful to avoid those present. “The Hollywood look” and charging an excessive and seemingly unreasonable hourly rate with an unreasonable minimum seizure.

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Surveillance specialist

Although we are a full-service private investigative agency. PI Mohammed Najar specializes in video surveillance. This includes the following topics carefully and recording their activity in the video for our clients. With extensive civil criminal surveillance experience. We’re your local expert in the fields of infidelity/cheating cases, child custody/divorce cases, worker comp. AOE / COE, fraud, Personal Injury, and Loss Prevention in Retail Stores (Shoplifting) case.

Hire Private Investigator CA in Sacramento for Surveillance that also accessible 24/7

Infidelity Surveillance

Surveillance of infidelity in Sacramento, California,

Do you have a cheating spouse?

Do you have an unfaithful spouse and need a personal investigator in Sacramento who specializes in surveillance of infidelity? There are unexplainable stress factors and tremendous emotional pain that weighs in on anyone unsure about being monogamous. That trust problem must be solved. Often for my clients, much of the stress was eased by simply searching for a “shutdown” and finally finding out using Najar Investigations, a Sacramento private investigator specializing in surveillance of infidelity. Call us anytime for a free consultation at +1 866-286-5378.

Surveillance of infidelity

Najar Investigations is Sacramento’s infidelity surveillance specialist. We are the ones to call when you want to catch your unfaithful spouse. Nobody has come close to provide a level of customer service, personal touch, and daily updates for our customers.

We have a wealth of background and experience in this area to process your case carefully and effectively to get the answers and evidence you need. We pride ourselves on taking serious daily customer attention at an affordable price, taking care of your case if a large company doesn’t have it, and to receive that important truth, record it in a video. (Below are just some real-case examples)

Child Custody

Child custody investigation

A private investigator in Sacramento, California.

Do you have child custody issues in Sacramento? Sacramento child custody attorneys often recommend trained private investigators to help tackle these matters, Fishbaugh & Associates can help you identify what your ex-spouse or family member is doing with your children and Recorded in video Nobody has come close to provide a level of customer service, personal touch and daily updates for our customers.

Childcare expertise

Sacramento childcare cases require people with training, experience, and expertise in this area. Najar Investigations has the experience you need for delving into important matters within these countries, both carefully and effectively. We work directly with your lawyer to help you initialize your child’s custody claim.

Example case

A recent case involving an assignment from Child Services documented a mother with a history of consuming large amounts of methamphetamine and alcohol with her two children when picking them up from school. I could identify that she was taking them to a home-type place selling drugs in an undesirable area of ​​the city and making them spend the night there at least once. Of course, this information is of great value to the child’s father, who appeals to Child Services and the court for detention.

As an example of how our surveillance expertise can offer invaluable peace of mind, I remember another recent case where I was asked to watch a 3-hour planned visit between a little boy, his dad, and his new dad’s new boyfriend. The boy previously told his mother that his ‘lower’ ‘hurt’ after the previous visit. When asked what hurts his butt, the boy said his father hit him for ‘Bad’.

Sacramento for Surveillance

I was already in the park in the back of the minivan when the exchange took place and the visit began, and there was a 360-degree panoramic view of the area. Neither father nor his boyfriend/fiancé showed anything other than good care and love, and the little boy had a lot of fun playing with them. The document was entirely recorded on digital video, and after watching the video document, Mom was more at ease. I expect we’ll be following up one or two. But it satisfied her enough and did not ask for further surveillance.

In another case, I had the opposite outcome, shocking mothers about the potential abusive relationship between the father and their daughter. Mom and Dad divorced, and again they asked to document a 3-hour visit between my 10-year-old father and daughter.

I picked them up, where they exchanged custody at church on Sunday, and followed them to the local flea market, filming them for a while before walking around. The International House of Pancakes was so crowded that Dad sat at the breakfast bar instead of a table.

They sit next to the waiting area. I sat on a bench next to one another and pretended to be waiting for someone to meet me. For about 10 minutes, I used a camera under the magazine to record father and daughter interactions. The daughter spends most of the time sitting on the stool together around her father, sometimes between his legs, leaning towards him.

The father is encouraging his daughter to touch and lean towards him in very suspicious ways, including similarly suspicious inappropriate touch by the father. After seeing the surveillance video, customers were anxious about this behavior. This gave her the evidence needed to more tightly control future father visits.

 an interesting case in Sacramento

Another interesting case of child custody involves following other mothers with a history of alcohol and drug use. She was taking the primary care of the client’s child, who was also an infant. My job was to follow her to a local bar where she knew she was going shortly after sending her child to visit. When she does this, I have to go in and consider what she’s drinking, try to talk, and see what she has to say.

This has worked tremendously. We quickly became friends, and she told me recently that she had a “really close call” on her way to visit with a baby in the car. She said she had there been a “two drinks” and a fender bender which was none other than the deputy sheriff at the station where there was a children’s exchange.

She said she was lucky because the deputy felt she was too cross and didn’t arrest her. As we were talking, she was scrubbing the mixed drink, waiting to go back to pick up the baby. This document is mandatory for the care of the father of the child.

Najar Investigations Agency provided expert personal attention and got the answers I was looking for. Will defiantly use them again for other matters.