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However, Najar Investigations would like to share a list of top private investigators in the United States for private investigation cases. It’s up to you which one you would like to hire for your investigative case.

Hire Top Private Investigator in the United States for Private Investigation.

However, as a professional private investigator, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest news and technology that can drastically affect your business and industry. It’s also fun to read stories and complain about the media misrepresenting private investigations (no, you rarely have a magnifying glass). A great way to do these things together is to follow a private investigative blog. Continuing these blogs provides a platform through which you can read and share experiences, current events, and ask questions. Also, private investigations can sometimes lead to funny stories that you don’t want to miss.

But we know that you spend hours flooring or sitting in your car for hours, so we’ve compiled a list of private investigative blogs worth your while. When creating a list, we have several things to keep in mind, including:

  • Readable: Is Writing Easy to Read and Interesting?
  • Easy access: Is the website clean and easy to navigate?
  • Relevance: Are the articles regularly related and updated?

Remember, as smart as we are, we are not flawed, so we expect our ratings to differ and even welcome. But if you think we missed an important blog, contact us or leave a comment below.

  1. Delegina Group Blog.

The Delegina Group’s private criminal investigative claims to be the first place because it has it all. It’s informative and entertaining, which is sometimes a difficult balance to accomplish. Brian Willingham writes with the perfect blend of hiding and experimentation, and his genuine passion for what it does for him is loud and clear.

  1. Acquisition Magazine.

OK, so technically this is a magazine, not a blog, but that means you can count on what you are reading because there is a dedicated team behind it all. Press Mag has many related articles, Investigative tips, and interviews in one place.

  1. Guns, games, and gumshoes.

This blog is a mini because it has stood the test of time. Blogs disappear after a few years, but Sean and Colin Kaufman have kept guns, games, and disappearances since 2009.

4. Denver Private Investigator.

What makes Denver Private Investigator’s blog so special is the author, Susanna Spear, who contributes to Acquisition Magazine and is a freelance journalist. Because of his quiet writing, his articles are relevant and easy to read.

  1. Ethical Investigator.

Like the Denver Private Investigator, ethical investigator Philip Siegel has written experience with journalism, which means his writing is professional and current. His articles are also interesting because he explores the ethics behind the investigation and the conduct of a process.

  1. P.I. Tips.

This blog is important because it documents real PI experiences. Andrew also maintains a podcast and video series for even more content about the investigation.

  1. Kevin’s Security Scrapbook.

Kevin, with his surveillance detection background, is asking if you have questions about investigative technology. Also, they provide the latest trends and investigative news, including articles about spyware and TSCM.

  1. Private Eye Confidential.

Mike Spencer is both a private investigator CA and an author who is out to set the record for private investigations directly. Through his stories, he reveals that Pi is much more than a trench coat and magnifying glass.

  1. Music and Music Blog

This blog has been around for a while and publishes a variety of content, including stories, recent events, and helpful articles for both novices and supporters.

  1. To trust.

Trustees Blog has a great variety of personal information that’s privately investigated and would like to know more about what it contains.

Honorable Mention:

  • Najar Investigations
  • Martin Research Services
  • Key North Group Blog
  • Mass. Private
  • North America Investigation Blog.
  • PI feed.
  • Buzz
  • New Hope Investment Blog
  • Investigator
  • i-Sight
  • Krebs on security
  • Secret Resources
  • Sandlin Private Investigator
  • Pattaya Private Investigators Blog


Quit: For all things, leave you’re tracing your go.

Background Investigator: An online magazine that contains a collection of articles about background and record checking.

Defrosting Cold Matters: Look no further for cold case postings and stories.

Feed Magazine: Another online magazine, but it revolves around fraud.

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