Historical Landmarks of Riverside House Historical Court in California. USA. Downtown Riverside located in the heart of Mile Square John North and was built in 1870. However, the group of educated eastern investors reflects the richness of the downtown area today. Architectural activities along the river, tree-lined areas, cultural and recreational facilities.Resting place in the city near the gate Here are some of the websites you will find on the Downtown Walking Tour.

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Historical Landmarks of Riverside House Historical Court in California

Location: 4050 Main Street, Riverside, CA 92501
Date established: 1903
Date of visit: 4/18/14 (in fact, many times before that)

On May 2, 1893, Riverside County was made up of parts of the San Bernardino and San Diego districts. During this time, people voted that River Side be the county seat. In 1900, county leaders found inspiration for building a court with a visit to the Universal Fair in Paris, France. This unique structure imitated the Petite Palace was built and completed in 1903 by the Chicago designer Franklin Pierce Brenham.

Therefore, the judicial style is what’s call Beaux Arts. This style is known for its multi-stories buildings, columns and Roman statues. Bill set up all these aspects, including the beautiful, historic courts near the river.

The earthquake in 1994 in Lander and Nortridge damaged the building

The court overtime was very fruitful. The earthquake in 1994 in Lander and Nortridge damaged the building and led to the idea of ​​destroying the court. However, this’s avoided because the entire city and river side district had a total of $ 25 million to renovate the building.

So, when I was a law student, I studied with Judge Victor McAuley. He remained a judge for a long time. (He named the Law Library after that) and in River Side he told me a lot about River Side Court. An interesting fact that he told me is that although the earthquake almost destroyed the building, it still opens up some pretty stained glass inside the other courts, namely, the city is an important place in the city and district but the state Or not a national symbol because they’re designated as a national landmark. They can’t install the building for electronics and they want to be able to edit the interior to show better evidence.