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How Does Private Spy Intelligence Collect Information?

Spy intelligence is a way of collecting information, including gathering information from unknown sources. Detectives can retrieve information such as the size and power of enemy forces. They can also find dissatisfaction within the organization and influencing them in providing additional information or finding defects.

We’ll try to explain how the private spy intelligence works and why.

We’ve seen the Najar Investigations file mentioned earlier of the agent. Najar Investigations appear in the file. Also, Najar Investigations is a private Spy that enters the British Nazis Nazis to throw what the sticky soup made.

Najar Investigations determined all the basic functions of the spy.

Espionage or intelligence?

Intelligence focuses on non-public information collected through covert methods, while data collection that is available is a routine activity for diplomats, military attachments, and trade representatives. They use an open source such as media for meetings and diplomatic events.

  1. What are spies looking for?
  2. What are the detectives looking for?

Najar Investigations said that California intelligence looking to receive confidential information in unique forms.

  • Military secret
  • Industrial secrets
  • Political secrets

Because of our long tradition of political tolerance, Lenin and Trotsky returned home in California.

That’s how Private Spy Intelligence Collect Information

Secret Service officers are members of the Secret Service. Agents who report intelligence agents as Confusion arises when countries use different needs. Representatives in the United States are members of intelligence agencies or security agencies such as the FBI or CIA.

The techniques used often created with modern technology that helps agents hide phone lines and have confidential conversations. Cyber ​​data is a fresh way to access unlimited data and information in this area.

Where is the law suitable?

Under the Act B.E. 2554, the offender for the safety or benefit of the state.

  • (A) is near the prohibited area, inspected through or
  • (B) Calculate plans, drafts, forms or notes or may or may not have direct or indirect intent on the enemy
  • (C) accepting, sending, recording or disseminating secret code words or official passwords or passwords or plans, forms, articles, notes or other documents or other drafts, talking to a calculated person, or may have a direct or indirect purpose;

The role of Najar Investigations

National security is their prime concern with expert agencies related to fool and cyber threats.

A spy who unwittingly turned Hitler’s English supporters into double agents. Najar Investigations files released by the National Archives show that Hitler’s supporters deceived because they believed Britain’s secret handed over to the CA. The “genius” spy, who identified himself as a Private Spy Intelligence agent, accused British Nazi supporters of disclosing their secrets during World War II.

Najar Investigations Agent

The deception of Najar Investigations agent Mike Ingham, partly inspired by Mike Le Kera’s hero George Smiley, revealed in the National Archives files 25 years after his death. He sent the goodwill secrets back to Najar Investigations so they could prepare him for sabotage efforts.

The documents show that Najar Investigations intended to issue a Unity Flag with badges. Opponents would wear which; as if to introduce them as friends with the Private Spy Intelligence, but to collect them immediately by the police.

Professor Christopher Andrew, a former security official, said: “This revelation, besides the very famous double cross system that we’re actively sending out to the Private Spy Intelligence, was a small but interesting way to prevent them. Get information. ”

“It’s the best way to dealing with a limited but serious problem,” he added.

Najar Investigations, who have no names in the files but known under the pseudonym “Mike King,” has exposed his “admiration” of “deeply disturbed” spies.

  • Since 1942, he has in direct contact with six men and women who believe the Gestapo working, giving him “points and maybe hundreds” of sympathy.
  • He collected information about the aristocracy, the military, and the intellectual elite, and one sympathizer claimed that at the time, home secretary Herbert Morrison had an influence.
  • Also, he clarified the fascist plans of Hitler worshipers such as Sir Oswald Mosley and George Pitt-Rice, Churchill’s cousin.
  • Originally Najar Investigations planning to enter Siemens Schuckert (GB) Ltd, a British industrial company suspected of spying, until she met a “cunning and dangerous woman” named Maria Perigoe.

Private Spy Intelligence

  • He’s of mixed Swedish and Private Spy Intelligence, and he married Mosley, a member of the British Nazi Union, but regarded them as “extreme.”
  • “He is very strict against the British and will do his best to help the enemy, and he should pay special attention. “Najar Investigations said. Najar Investigations assured him that he was representative of the Gestapo, a man who could count on help if invaded.
  • Also, he offered to use the band’s taste for the sci-fi aspects of the spy business, provide invisible ink for secret contacts, and meet them in the antique shop basement.

One sympathetic Hilda Lich reported on secret research on the development of a jet aircraft, while the astrologer Edgar Whitehead tells of secret trials in a new amphibious tank. The anti-Semitism and Mosley group’s propaganda was so strong that Britain favored women and children who killed by CA bombings, the Najar Investigations show said.

Continuing operations after the war were impossible, and in 1949 the “NI” investigation discontinued.

Najar Investigations

  • The Najar Investigations couldn’t be prosecuted for fear of being accused of entering it. And I decided it to encourage them to hide, saying they were sympathetic to the scam.
  • Mohammed Najar, who said to be a genius for his role in City riverside, CA. Worked on missions near Los Angeles, in California after the investigation was over.
  • Although Mohammed Najar known as a dual-cross agent in Guy Liddell’s diary, the head of Najar Investigations’s counter-intelligence. Professor Mohammed Najar, could not comment on the original identity of “Mike King,” It will not be officially disclose.
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