Most commonly, though, private detective charges an hourly rate to investigate someone. However, it’s depending on your location, complexity of the nature of the Investigative work, and expertise of the private investigator. The private investigator’s charges can range from $30 to over $100 per hour with the average somewhere around $50 an hour in the United States. Here you can get an idea above all for How much a private investigator charges to Investigate someone.

How much a private investigator charges to Investigate someone?

At our Najar Investigations firm, we charge a flat fee of $300 for a location. Until I would have guessed we were close to the upper price range (we are a former feeder and consider ourselves an “advanced firm”), but last month we were approached by a client Accepted a new location assignment that hired another firm for $1000. After weeks of trying (one would expect), this first agency called it a “hit religion”, a failed quest. We could find this article in 3 days (for our standard $300 fee). On the other end of the spectrum, I think something new (maybe licensed) is P.I. It may cost less ($150?), but the accuracy of these results will matter.

For locations

we ask clients to provide as many ratings as possible on the title of the location. We don’t need it all (and get it) but, in the perfect world …

Full name 

DOB (or age, or age range) 


Last known address 

Telephone Number

Email address

In the aforementioned hands (or as many clients as we can provide – in fact we only have successful places to work with a first name and old address), we make our proprietary database (available only to licensed investigators and law enforcement).) And, perhaps, do some magic on the phone, to determine the current residential address of this article. We often come to the current work address, cell number, landline number, and / or email address that we include in our report at no extra charge.

We have done many of these tasks now that the above protocol (which we have adapted and perfected over the last 17 years) has been successful about 98% of the time. These days, the most determined and disciplined “runner” or the most helpless, leave some digital footprint that we can capture., however, this article has gone overseas or been living under a bridge or running off the couch (ie, crashing into various friends’ homes).

In these rare cases, we have to make things a little bit worse. At this stage, the client can choose the stage 2 search. This can include knocking on neighbors’ previous doors, checking local courtrooms, visiting homeless shelters, and so on – leg work. It will be expensive, but as mentioned, it is necessary.

In Conclusion of How much a private investigator charges to Investigate

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