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Insurance Company Private Investigator for Deferral of Claim

When a person is injured in an accident and is seeking compensation, either the personal injury case or the workers’ compensation claims, their injury, disability limit, and/or physical limitations related to this decision. Therefore, how much compensation is because of that injured party. Aside from the medical records, a lot of evidence will be present, personal injuries of the injured party, and an explanation of how the injury hurt him and changed his life. However, insurance companies do not accept the words of the injured. They would like to investigate.

How do insurance companies investigate accidents? They use private investigators.

Why Do Insurance Companies Use Private Detectives?

Therefore, insurance companies are big businesses. We can see in almost every major metropolitan city in America, the largest buildings are occupied by big insurance companies. Like any other business, they also want to profit. They also do this by collecting insurance premiums on the millions of insurance products they write, which is their income. Also, they try to minimize their expenses and deductions, such as the amount they pay out on valid claims. This will also increase their profits.

To challenge an accident victim’s claim for compensation insurance companies also need some evidence to rely on. Remember that I hold insurance companies to certain legal standards of fairness in Massachusetts. They cannot just deny insurance claims without justification. So, they use their private investigators to conduct surveillance of the injured party., to get evidence to scrutinize the injury claim. So, they hope these investigations uncover the evidence they can use to either deny claims. Sometimes they use as leverage to pay less than they should.

What Insurance Company Private Investigator Do For Insurance Companies?

As mentioned above, insurance companies will hire investigators to investigate certain claims or lawsuits to investigate an injured party or plaintiff. Investigators will have all the information of the injured party such as their name, date of birth, home address, employment information, school attendance so that investigators intend to survey the injured person. Investigators will do one or two things for insurance companies.

Private Investigators of Insurance Company Will Follow an Injured Person

Therefore, the basic and common tactic used in interrogation is to locate an injured person. They’ll drive and park near the injured man’s house. They will follow the injured person to work, school, or running activities. Investigators will take video and photos of their targets. Sometimes, we have also seen investigators sketch the daily activities of the injured party by setting a timeline with videos and photos. What they do is what they try to do and what the injured party claims about their pain and suffering and what they claim about the injury and how the injury affected their lives.

Some investigators are smart and fearless. Also, they’ll come and knock on the front door of the injured person who pretends to be a salesman or something like that. This way they can talk to the accident victim and observe standing or walking. It also allows them to inspect inside the injured person’s home where they hope they can use something against them they can use.

In a recent case involving our office, it injured our client on the job and his doctor ordered him to stay away from work. As we do with all of our affairs, during the initial meeting with this client, we explained the workers’ compensation process and the things to avoid and see. One of them is a private investigator. Frequently, our client saw an unknown vehicle passing by his house. He then saw a car parked on the side of the road away from some houses and saw a man sitting in the car. Then a few days later, the same person knocked on our client’s door, gathering information about whether it would interest our client in his home solar panel.

Clever tactics for Insurance Company Private Investigator

When our client demanded identification and asked the name of the person’s supervisor, the investigator became defensive and abruptly left. Insurance companies and their investigators also use clever tactics when they cannot catch an injured person from outside. In another case we dealt with, they injured a young woman in a car accident. There was no issue of liability, but the disadvantages were significant. She has a serious knee injury that requires two surgeries, and her orthopedic doctor claims that the injury permanently crippled her left leg. The doctor also claimed that the woman needed to use a cane to help her walk. I registered a case of personal injury in this case.

During the litigation process, the woman’s meeting in Worcester, Massachusetts, is scheduled for a specific date. A private investigator with the insurance company sat in front of our client’s house that day and walked out of his house by Friday. Later, during a lawsuit, the insurance company provides videos of our client’s investigative surveillance through their lawyer, which is being offered. On the way to the collection, our client stopped drinking coffee. When she got out of her car and went to the coffee shop, she did not use her cane. The videos also show his park in Worcester.

 He got out of his car and went to the law office on Friday. In the video, our client turned around after about 20 feet, went back to his car, and recovered the stick. The insurance company thought it was exaggerating the severity of its knee injury and disability. He claimed that based on his surveillance videos; he had no problem walking without a can.

Compensation claims

In workers’ compensation claims, if a private investigator is used and they cannot find the injured worker, the insurance companies will schedule an independent medical examination (IME), which the injured employee must attend. The investigator will then know the date and time of the IME. Therefore, the investigator will know when and where the injured employee will be. They will monitor the injured worker and leave the IME hoping to get a job so they can refute a worker’s claim for compensation or used in court against them.

Insurance Company Private Investigator will investigate online

Besides traditional investigative tactics, private investigators conduct online investigations. They will search social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He hopes that there will be evidence of the injured party doing something that could use against them.

For example, our office represented a young man who suffered gangrene and a herniated disc in his spine in a car accident. The client’s medical records have confirmed the injury and also supported the client’s pain and discomfort, which he complained to his doctor. Here, the insurance company hired a private investigator who investigated online. The investigator found our client’s Facebook account, which was not private. The Facebook account shows our client’s high school alumni playing football under the Thanksgiving Day flag while he was treating his back pain. The insurance company used it aggressively against him.

People share all kinds of personal information on social media. Some people like to tell everyone when and where they are going on vacation. Or they post their photos and videos during the holidays. In another case, I hit a woman in the hip and knee by a tractor-trailer on I-495 in Westbrook, Massachusetts. Months after the knee surgery, she moved to Disney World with her family. The insurance company hired an investigator who saw photos and videos of the client walking around the theme park with his family at Disney World. They used it to pay for his injuries.

Protect Yourself From Insurance Company Private Investigator

If you have an injury claim pending or an open injury lawsuit, you should always be careful when working in public or around your home. Do not do any activity beyond the restrictions prescribed by your physician. You should also avoid any activity that the insurance company may use against you.

The greater the injury, the higher the cost of personal injury. In these cases, it is more likely that the insurance company will use a private investigator. Use common sense and you have to be careful. For some people, this is difficult after a life-changing injury. You may not do what you once did. But make sure you follow your doctor’s recommendations.

If you use social media, check your privacy settings. When an injury claim or lawsuit is pending, do not discuss the accident or your injury online. Be careful what photo or video you post online. Again, use common sense.

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