You can hire a private investigator CA for investigation in Yucaipa City of San Bernardino County, California from Najar Investigations. Najar Investigative agency is a professional California state-licensed private investigation and surveillance company in Yucaipa City. They also provide private investigators and private detectives in Yucaipa. Contact us if you need high-quality investigative services for law firms, businesses, and individuals seeking truth, evidence, and peace of mind. In addition, our private intelligence agency specializes in careful surveillance services. Clients trust also us when they need information, evidence, and answers from San Bernardino County, California, and beyond.

High-service applications for the Yucaipa City of San Bernardino County, California Private Investigator include:

  • Surveillance (Video / Photo Evidence – Strict Evidence!)
  • The domestic investigation, apprehension of fraud, affair, infidelity
  • Husband cheating on wife, boyfriend cheating on girlfriend
  • Family law, divorce, and custody of children
  • Corporate and business investigation
  • Employee theft, external theft issues
  • Injury claims, worker camps, fraud
  • Find the missing person, witness, or fugitive.
  • Background testing and recording research
  • Processing service – funny, complex, just difficult to serve
  • Legal aid services for lawyers and law firms
  • Tested, proven, and selected since 2012.

Why choose us when you need to hire a Yucaipa City private investigator? It is easy. Najar Investigations hires only experienced detectives. Teams of investigators with serious credentials and years of practical research experience. Since 2012, our Yucaipa private investigators and San Bernardino County detectives have provided an excellent investigative provider with unparalleled personal attention. When it’s time to hire a qualified Yucaipa city, California private investigator, let our San Bernardino County Investigation Company provide you with accurate results.

Call now for an honorary and completely private consultation with one of San Bernardino County’s top private investigators in Yucaipa, CA. Our company’s site is full of free tips, helpful advice, and information for your benefit. Please browse the area of ​​your interest.

Hire a private investigator CA for Investigation in Yucaipa

If you have questions about contacting an investigator or need urgent service, please get in touch with our office day or night. All inquiries and services offered are strictly confidential. We also look forward to helping you with your private investigation needs and putting the power of information in your hands.

Why would you like Najar Investigations Agency?

Over the many years, clients have been kind enough to tell us why they consider us the “best choice” private research firm in the state of California.

To know

Najar Investigations specializes in surveillance services. It is not just another random service menu. Surveillance is the main course. Our private investigators are experts. Trained detectives with exceptional expertise in performing dynamic surveillance operations are available. And that’s what we are doing, too.


Companies don’t want to stay in business long if they don’t do things right. Najar Investigations Agency is no exception. Fortunately, quality service and superior results are great pride in satisfying our clients daily.


The nature of the private investigation does not always allow one to plan for weeks. Most of the time, you will need service based on rush hour, at night, after hours, or even on weekends. Najar Investigations Agency clients take advantage of contacting a live private investigator for 24 hours, seven days a week service.


Therefore, to maintain its tradition of virtue, Najar Investigations always looks forward. Whether setting new strategic strategies, monitoring our client’s best interests, or keeping abreast of changing laws through continuing education, Najar Investigations always strives to serve our customers better.


However, clients are also looking for answers and solutions, not more problems. Many people are concerned about maintaining complete privacy. In Najar Investigations, also all information is strictly confidential. Protecting our client’s rights to privacy was never an issue or an additional option since 2012. It comes standard with every case we touch.


Therefore, the ability to “be creative” is not a learned application. We also believe this is one of those things. Either you have, or you don’t have. Imagination and creativity that you have some of the most effective tools the Najar Investigations operative often uses to deal with and successfully resolve issues where others cannot quickly. When it becomes difficult to move forward, never underestimate the power of having a team of experienced and resourceful private investigators.


Therefore, sometimes being out of control is not a bad thing at all. Many years of private investigation have not tarnished our image. At Najar Investigations, our private detectives still love our work and are passionate about serving clients.

Najar Investigations

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At Najar Investigations, we are very fortunate to have met and assisted many people through difficult and uncertain times. We hope you appreciate our tireless adventure and share that information with you. Appreciate your willingness to provide the evidence and answers you need, as no one else can. Thank you also for considering us: Mohammed Najar, President, and Lead Detective.

In 2012, Najar Investigations was born with a simple foundation: provide insightful information and superior service. Mohammed Najar is the founder and president of a California-based private intelligence agency that provides expert surveillance and investigative services to law firms, corporations, executives, VIPs, and selected private clients.

Before his current position, Najar received military training and served with the 1st Cavalry Division, a rich U.S. military history. During his distinguished tour of duty, his dedication, hard work under challenging circumstances, meticulous attention to detail, genuine professionalism, excellent performance of a task, and commitment to national defense during the Gulf War led him to the U.S. military.

Returning to his native California urban environment, he applied his natural abilities, skills, and talents to work in the world of private investigation. In the years that followed, Najar became a senior private investigator CA. However, he worked for several large firms specializing in intelligence surveillance. He successfully performed sensitive and complex surveillance assignments, gathered valuable intelligence and evidence, trained dozens of field operators, broke production records, and eventually founded his intelligence agency. Leave a comment if you’re asking questions above all about hiring a private detective for investigation in Yucaipa. We will also get back to you and solve your problems.