Today, we’ll know on this page above all for what we do in the private investigative process and next steps. We’ll know how PIs bringing private investigative cases to results. Therefore, we’re independent of the police, the government, and interest groups. We also investigate the most serious and sensitive police incidents and allegations in the United States. Here, we’ll know what we do in the private investigative process and the next steps to get the results.

Overtime and coverage of police forces have expanded:

  • Najar Investigations agency has Police and Crime Commissioners and their deputies.
  • Deputy Municipal Police Office for Policing and Crime.
  • Certain police forces (including British Transport Police, Ministry of Defense Police, and Civil Nuclear Constabulary)
  • Revenue and Customs
  • Staff who handle specific border and immigration work now work within the US Border Force and Home Office.
  • National Crime Agency
  • Officers performing certain functions in the Gung Masters and the Labor Absence Authority.

The relevant police force handles most complaints about the police. Each force has a separate department that monitors complaints. They’re called “Professional Standards”.

By law, the forces must send certain matters to us. These include:

  • Some complaints about their power
  •  – such as allegations of serious corruption or serious assault.
  • Indications that police officers or staff have committed corruption. For example, any suggestion that a criminal has committed a crime or is seriously injured.
  • If anyone had direct or indirect contact with the police, or shortly before, they were seriously injured or died. However, the forces only need to refer to cases where contact has resulted in death or injury.
  • We can direct forces to record incidents and then ‘call them’. We can also consider incidents that have not yet refer to us by police, and decide whether we will investigate.

What we do in the Private Investigative Process and next steps

Private investigators are people who also paid to gather facts. Unlike police detectives or criminal investigators, they usually work for private citizens or businesses rather than the government. Their job is to gather information, not to arrest criminals or prosecute them. You can hire a private investigator CA at Najar Investigations agency for your private investigative cases. PI Mohammed Najar is one of the best private investigator CA in the United States. You can also consider to hire PI Mohammed Najar when you hiring a private investigator.

Our private investigator investigate hundreds of very serious and sensitive incidents and allegations involving the police every year.

These include:

 – Death or serious injury during or after police custody. Police Firing – Allegations of Excessive Use of Force Learn more about our Investigations, what we investigate, and the next steps.

What do we do after receiving a referral from the police?

When we receive any reference from the police force, our assessment unit reviews the information provided. We decide whether the matter needs to be investigated and the nature of the investigation.

There’re three different interrogations.

  • Independent
  •  – We use our investigators to investigate the matter.
  • Direction
  •  – We direct and control investigations using police resources.
  • Local
  •  – Police force us to investigate with no interference

What happens during an independent investigation?

At the very beginning of each investigation, we’ll outline what incident or parts of the incident we will investigate. We call this our ‘terms reference’.

Our investigators then gathered evidence to establish all the circumstances of what happened, which may include:

  • Taking witness statements.
  • Interviewing police officers or members of the police staff.
  • Analyzing CCTV or camera footage worn by police officers (body-worn video).
  • Get other documents and records, such as telephone records.
  • Review policies for what has happened.
  • Our research may also require forensic analysis and independent advice from experts.

What happens when we complete our investigation?

At the end of our investigation, we prepare a report in which we extract it:

  • what happened?
  •  How we investigated and what to investigate
  • Which type of evidence did our investigators find.
  • Analysis of our evidence

We send a report to the police force. We also decide what should happen to those involved in the incident – for example, they may need further training, or they may face a corruption meeting or a corruption hearing.

The police force can then provide its representation of what should happen. As we consider these ideas, we will make a final decision about what happens because of our investigation.

It is the police force that takes disciplinary action of any kind. They may hold disciplinary hearings for total corruption or meetings for corruption.

Possible disciplinary measures the police force can take include:

  • Written warning.
  • Last written warning.
  • Decrease in rank.
  • Dismissal without notice.

May also take disciplinary action for mismanagement or lower performance issues, such as ‘practice needs improvement’. Supervising officers can also offer informal advice to their staff, identify any training needs, and arrange for their completion.

If our research finds areas for improvement or learning opportunities, we can make recommendations to all forces involved – or if appropriate.

Who receives a copy of our private investigator report?

We provide a copy of our investigation report to the relevant police force and also:

  • The person who complained or was injured.
  • In matters relating to death, the family law of the deceased.
  • Crown Prosecution Service – but only where we believe a police officer or member of staff has committed a criminal offense. Also, the crown prosecution service will then decide whether to take legal action.
  • Coroner – but only where someone has died. If there is an inquiry, she will consider our evidence.

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