PI Mohammed Najar offers investigative solutions for your private investigation cases in the United States. Therefore, the Najar Investigations agency is a full-service, licensed, and guaranteed inspection company in California. Our investigators are passionate or represent retired law enforcement officers with inaccessible backgrounds and extensive investigative experience. Therefore, all our investigations conducted honestly and professionally, confidentially.

Investigative Solutions for private Investigation

Therefore, we found the Najar Investigations in 2012 by Mohammed Najar, a veteran of the United States. He worked in law enforcement for over two decades and has extensive research experience with local and state agencies. With his many years of judicial experience, he considers it necessary to share this experience with the public. By working as a private investor, he realizes that he can protect and serve the interests of his clients.

Investigative Solutions for all your private Investigation Cases

Therefore, we know that using the services of a private investor for the first time can be a shocking experience. Facilitate knowing if you have active law enforcement at work or retirement. The Najar Investigations solution offers knowledge, experience, and training that you can count on. We make sure we meet your needs. We conduct all of our strict confidentiality checks to protect your privacy. Also, we follow all federal laws regarding privacy and confidentiality.

Bilingual inspectors specialize in Urdu, Mandarin, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. It allows all our inspectors to carry concealed weapons.

Kidnapping cases

In early 2019, a related father who believed that his ex-wife had abducted his child contacted us. The ex-wife cannot be found on the client exchange site called the Los Angeles Police Department. She reports that the child is missing.

We did a thorough background check and found that our ex-wife was working in a bar in Kentucky. We deployed a surveillance officer at the bar. Shortly after, our researchers found that the ex-wife left the bar. Therefore, researchers surveyed the residence of a former wife. Researchers observed children during housing surveys. We contact customers who advise him to search for us immediately.

Customers respond to Kentucky. The client contacted the local law enforcement agency and saved his child’s life.

Crime prevention

In mid-2019, an arbitration panel dealing with serious weapons cases established the Najar investigation. As part of the investigation, the researchers present the crime scene. During investigation, the accused is the victim of the attack and other additional witnesses interviewed the victim and neighbors. It also includes an investigation into the alleged criminal record of the victim.

The defense attorney uses the information collected to eliminate the reduced sentences (time required) in this case.

Background check

At the end of 2018, law firms are preparing to mediate in civil cases. Lawyers worry that at least one arbitrator on the panel biased. He may be a member of the entire rights process. Clients contact our company for background checks.

With a thorough background check, including social media checks during the investigation. If we reveal on social media that at least two mediators have posted an ideology against immigrants. Also, we participate in a nationalist movement.

Therefore, along with this information, lawyers can then replace the arbitrator with their case.

Najar Investigative Service branch for Insurance Claiming an investigation

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Insurance has become the most searched branch in today’s environment for human and material security, because every moment of life is uncertain and unpredictable, causing people to be unsure about life, property, property and possessions. Clients has confirmed that insurance inspections are a trustworthy process for security by compiling facts to prove the correct cause of the cause and eliminate them.

Najar Investigations

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An important requirement is the management in the medical and automotive sectors, where people use insurance plans to recover insurance through accident insurance and medical claims. But today there are claims of accidents that are fake and many scenes have taken the region by surprise. Therefore, side effects can be seen from high financial losses revealed and insurance inspectors that help clients and respected organizations working for insurance that are working permanently in this field. Insurance companies contact us continuously to reap all the benefits of Wiz Insurance Review Services, specially designed for the insurance sector. Below are the most reliable services for checking insurance:

  • The thief has investigated
  • Recover a stolen car
  • Checking for damages claims
  • Checking life insurance claims
  • Insurance inspection services in the United State
  • Check insurance fraud
  • Real estate claims investigation
  • Insurance support service
  • Follow the witness and the fight on Wiz.
  • Accident claim investigation
  • Third-party inspection claims
  • Check travel insurance claims.

Najar Investigations Employee and Team members

Therefore, Najar investigations have only retired employees. Besides, all members of the team, licensed by the California Bureau of Safety and Slum Investigation Services (BSIS). BSIS has set the industry standards for investigations following strict ethical principles and standards. Our team members include federal, state, and local agencies.

In Concludion of Investigative Solutions

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