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Litigation California legislature and Legislative Assembly Bill News Update

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Assembly Bill 403 (Kalra D) Above all, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement: complaint.

Summary: However, this Law allows a person to believe he/she terminated or discriminated against in case of a worker’s jurisdiction. In that case, file a complaint with the Labor Standards Enforcement Division within 6 months. General Current law sets a 6-month deadline for certain violations related to discrimination or retaliation, rather than a one-year filing time. For violation of this bill, under the last date of this 6 month period, the period for filing a complaint within 2 years extended.

Assembly Bill 673 (Carrillo D) Above all, Failure to pay wages: penalties

Summary: In the current law, every person who has not paid the wages of every employee, has not paid the wages of every person, which includes prohibition, except for each person and completely free and all other penalties. However, there’ve also been arrangements for urban congregations. As provided in the Labor Code provisions, differences in gender-based wages. The current law requires the Labor Commissioner to recover a fine which must be heard without any wages and wages, or in a free civil proceeding.

Current law requires that a fixed percentage of the penalty be collect under this amount to a fund within the Labor and Workforce Development Agency dedicated to educating employers about it. The state labor laws and the rest will be paid to the state treasury on credit of the General Fund. The bill will allow the affected employee to take an action to recover specific legal penalties against the employer as part of a hearing exercise to recover unpaid wages.

Assembly Bill 749 (Stone, Mark D) Above all, Settlement agreements: restraints in trade

Summary: A contract to prevent a labor dispute from supplied that would prevent, or otherwise prevent. However, settlement party from being a stable person, as stated, for the employer’s employment. Against whom the relevant person filed a claim or a parent company, subsidiary, division, affiliate, or employer’s contractor.

SB 135 (Jackson D) Paid family leave

Summary: Under current law, employers with 75 or more employees prohibited in the 75-mile radius. Which refuses to allow the employee to seek unpaid care for up to 12 weeks. Hoever, if the employee worked 1,250 hours in the last 12 months, then the family and medical leave. “Family and medical leave” includes the birth, adoption, or placement of foster care in the current law. In addition, the serious health condition of the employee, child, parent or employee spouse. Under this bill, the scope of provisions Will be expand. With 5 or more employees prohibiting an employer from requesting an employee to leave for 12 weeks without paid leave. In addition,If the employee has 180 days of service with the employer for family care and medical leave.

SB 171 (Jackson D) Above all, Employers: annual report: pay data

Summary: Required, on or before March 31, 2021, and every year on or before March 31, Each year. A private employer with 100 or more employees and must report annual employer information. Under federal law, submit the salary data report to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing so that there is specific wage information. The bill calls on the Department of Fair Employment and Housing to provide a report to the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement as requested.

SB 707 (Wieckowski D) Above all, Arbitration agreements: enforcement

Summary: Existing law regulates arbitration under an agreement, as defined. In the employment or arbitration of consumers where the drafting party. As stated, some fees and expenses required to be paid before the arbitration completed. In addition, this bill will require the initiation of fees or expenses. The action will not be paid within 30 days of the due date. The material that violates the arbitration agreement is temporary, and denies its right to compel arbitration.

If the party containing the material is in breach of the arbitration agreement and the arbitration determined. However, the employee or user of this bill will withdraw the claim from the arbitrator. In addition, moving forward with a competent court requires the establishment of a party to pay the appropriate arbitrator and lawyer. If an employee or consumer takes any action in a court of jurisdiction. The bill will state that all arbitration claims have forms of limitation related to or related to any claim as a compliment paid.

Assembly Bill 51 (Gonzalez D) Above all, Employment discrimination: enforcement

Summary: Violation of any employment terms for applicants. Employees of the California Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) or other specific employment laws according to employment control conditions. Any rights, forums, or procedures will be waiv for permanent employment or recovery of any job-related benefits. This bill threatens any applicant for retaliation, retaliation for employers or employees who refuse to waive forum rights or procedures for violating certain employment rules. Or being discriminate against or terminated

Assembly Bill 692 (Maienschein D) Above all, Attorneys: arbitration of attorney’s fees

Summary: Current law prohibits arbitration if any civil action that requests similar relief under existing law prohibiting civil action. Existing law will require the client to waive the right to apply for arbitration in accordance with the specific requirements for arbitration. A lawyer fee after registering any civil Litigation Support may, after initiating legal action or any action taken by lawyer. In addition, authorize this court to initiate arbitration on behalf of the client in accordance with these conditions.

SB 179 (Nielsen R) Excluded employees: arbitration

Summary: The Exempted Employee Arbitration Act will be enforce to allow employee organization to be the deprive employee who submitted. Some complaints to the Department of Human Resources to request the arbitration of the complaint when certain conditions are met. Must be appoint by the standing arbitrator and in some cases mediation. In addition, the arbitration of the State of California and Reconciliation Commission, the Public Employment.

SB 707 (Wieckowski D) Above all, Arbitration agreements: enforcement

Summary: This law governs arbitration under the stipulated agreements. In the event that there’s employment or client’s arbitration at the stated parties. Some fees and expenses must be paid before the arbitration proceedings. In addition, this bill will give consideration of the arbitration. Initial fees or expenses will not be paid within 30 days after the deadline. The draft party is in significant violation of the arbitration agreement. The decision and you lose the right to enforce the arbitration.

If the Draft Party violates significant arbitration agreements and the Arbitration decisions will collect money from employees. Users in order to withdraw the claim from the arbitrator and proceed with the appropriate jurisdiction of the court. Or force the arbitrator to have the power to draft must pay attorney fees and expenses. In addition, the arbitrator as appropriate If the employee or user moves forward with the proceeding in court of jurisdiction. Court will give all prosecutions arising out of or related to the arbitration claims as set forth in the order.

Assembly Bill 1349 (Obernolte R) Civil actions: discovery

Summary: Current laws regulate discoveries in the civil process. Allow one party to inquire through inquiries and requests for written answers. Under the current law, each responding party must have the same number or letter.  In addition, Must be allocat in the same order by the same inquiry request.

But the message doesn’t need to be repeat. Specific Request for Inquiries To facilitate the process of finding the bill. When requested by any of the following investigative methods. The applicant must respond to the inquiry request in electronic form within 3 days that we need. Except for a court of appeal or an acceptance document.

Assembly Bill 1361 (Obernolte R) Civil actions: satisfaction of money judgments.

Summary: Current law requires that the money received in the satisfaction of the judgment be charge in a special order with the cost of interest. Court fees, and the actual amount of the decision. Part does not waive the right to appeal except in certain situations. In addition,  The bill states that these provisions are notices of existing law.

SB 17 (Umberg D) Civil discovery: sanctions.

Summary: The Civil Discovery Act permits one party to be able to process solid documents, land, or other property. Process information stored electronically in the other’s possession, allowing civil actions to be discover. Existing law prohibits the persons, persons or lawyers of the affected without prior notification.

After the investigation to impose a penalty to the persons involved in any proceedings in violation of the discovery process. Has explain Under this bill. In accordance with a court order in civil Litigation Support of all parties within 45 days of the court order. The other parties must disclose preliminary information, including some information relating to the information discovered. Particularly involved.

SB 41 (Hertzberg D) Civil actions: damages.

Summary: This law prohibits any person to destroy his or her property from illegal acts or distorting the truth of others. Which is known to recover financial damages from the offender. Current law establishes a measure of damages in the amount of compensation to compensate for losses or losses. Whether or not expected and whether the damage received is reasonable. This bill includes evaluations, measurements, or calculations of past, present, and future losses that may be cause by injury. In addition, wrongdoing on the basis of race, ethnicity, or gender.

SB 370 (Umberg D) Discovery: response to inspection demands.

Summary: This Act requires any document that’s produced to meet the audit requirements as routinely placed in the business or organized. In addition labeled to fit the demand category as this bill will Get rid of the option to produce documents. As they are put on a regular basis in a business. Therefore, there must be a category of documents or all documents produced to meet the needs in Examination, copying, testing. eEven more sampling Should specify with a specific request The amount of the response document

SB 518 (Wieckowski D) Civil actions: settlement offers.

Summary: Existing laws in civil Litigation Support, judged by trial or arbitration. Allow the parties to forward the other party in writing for that action so that they can make decisions. In addition, award prizes in accordance with current terms and conditions. The current law stipulates the cost of a fixed post to the plaintiff who does not accept the plaintiff’s proposal.

If the plaintiff does not receive, however this decision, for better or awards. Current law also allows courts or arbitrators to order parties that do not accept opposition proposals. And seek more appropriate decisions or awards to cover the costs of the services of expert witnesses. I failed such Existing law, excluding certain actions from these provisions. Including arbitration of any wages specified in the Memorandum of Understanding under the Ralph Sea Covenant Act. The bill would be exempt from any provision for any actions to enforce the California Public Record Act.

SB 749 (Durazo D) California Public Records Act: trade secrets.

Summary: Create specific records of private industry employers produced, owned-used or maintained by government agencies that are not trade secrets.  Public records, including work data for private industry employers. Some notes regarding the terms and conditions of employment of employees of Records of material compliance in local state. In addition, federal households and contracts for job creation of private industry employers. Job quality retention responsibilities in accordance with agreements with government agencies Related work records in the state or local departments

Assembly Bill 9 (Reyes D) Employment discrimination: limitation of actions.

Summary: The Fair California Employment and Housing Act adheres to specific employment housing laws, discrimination, harassment of employees and tenants. The current law allows anyone who claims to been injure in an illegal practice. That’s alleged to filed petition with Ministry of Justice and Housing within year from the date of illegal operation. As stated, the bill will extend the above period by 3 years for discrimination complaints. Bill states that operational date of the certified complaint is the date the consumer form filed with Labor Commission.

Assembly Bill 25 (Chau D) California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.

Summary: California Consumer Privacy Act 2018, which began on January 1, 2020. Provides different consumer rights in respect of the personal information held by businesses, including the right to request business. In which personal information specifically disclosed for collecting and storing information As mentioned, he removed from the business.

Under this Act, businesses must disclose and provide users with unpaid information within 45 days receiving a certified user request. This requires the business to create an account with the business in order to request a certified user. This bill will exempt this prohibition by allowing businesses to require user authentication, which requests for user authentication can made.

Assembly Bill 160 (Voepel R) Employment policy: voluntary veterans’ preference.

Summary: Would enact the Voluntary Veterans’ Preference Employment Policy Act to authorize a private employer to establish and maintain a written veterans’ preference employment policy, To be implement uniformly to hiring decisions, to give a voluntary preference for hiring or retaining a veteran over another qualified applicant or employee.

The bill would provide that the granting of a veterans’ preference pursuant to the bill, in and of itself, will be consider not to violate any local …or state equal employment opportunity law or regulation, including, but not limited to, the antidiscrimination provisions of California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

Assembly Bill 242 (Kamlager-Dove D) Courts: attorneys: implicit bias: training.

Summary: The Judicial Council will give power to the development of bias training about all these characteristics. The bill will require that every judicial officer who interacts with the public. Must undergo any training developed by the Judicial Council every two years under this authority. The said bill will authorize the Judicial Council to use the judicial rules from 1/1/ 2021 to enforce these conditions. So, This bill includes other relevant provisions and other existing laws.

Assembly Bill 365 (Garcia, Cristina D) State civil service: examination and hiring processes.

Summary: Under current state civil service law, for the Department of Human Resources administers the Limited Examination and Appointment Program (LEAP). Which provide an alternative to traditional civil service examination and appointment process to facilitate the hiring of persons with disabilities. Until January 1, 2021, the program includes persons with a developmental disability, as defined.

However, Current law, until January 1, 2021, specifies that LEAP is a voluntary. in addition, method of applying for state employment and is not mandate on any state agency employer or job applicant. Current legislation by January 1, 2021 requires to coordinate with some government agencies in design and development of internship programs. And specify some relevant requirements. This bill will extend the provisions of all LEP programs mentioned above without limitation.

Assembly Bill 1372 (Grayson D) Employers: prohibited disclosure of information: arrest or detention.

Summary: Current law prohibits employers from applying for disclosure or using them as factors in determining any employment conditions. In addition to the information about the sentences that were exclud from the court or sealed in the order. Please inform applicants for employment as a peace officer, Ministry of Justice, criminal Investigation agencies or with a peace officer. Employers are exempt from these prohibitions.

Therefore, information about all applicants may be disclose or searched by those positions or employees. This bill will include individuals on the job who are not representatives of the criminal justice system. Disclose exceptions to these restrictions on their employees or be follow As so.

AB 1478 (Carrillo D) Employment discrimination.

Summary: Current laws allow injured employees to file complaints with the Labor Standards Division of the Department of Industrial Relations. The current law, the Personal Code of Labor Act 2004 allows employees of this employee. Other current or former employees to take civil cases to recover specific civil penalties assessed by labor.

To collect and collect Office of Labor Development in violation of certain provisions that affect employees. The Act imposes specific civil penalties for violations of these provisions. In this bill, instead of filing a complaint in the department. The injured employee is allow under the above discrimination to carry out a private civil action with him. Employees do not need to take any other measures before the employer can take action.

SB 188 (Mitchell D) Discrimination: hairstyles.

Summary: The California Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits discrimination based on characteristics, including competition. Discrimination  forbidden to act because of the opinion that that person is one of those protected. And associated with someone who has or is regard as having certain characteristics as a current law. Defining conditions such as race, ethnicity, Other religious and gender beliefs for work purposes.

This bill will define competition for these purposes, including relevant competitive characteristics in the past. including but not limited to protective hair and hair surfaces and these regulations. For the purpose, we will describe the hairstyle that protected.

SB 218 (Bradford D) Employment: discrimination enforcement: local government.

Summary: Under the FEHA, lawmakers have the intention that FEHA covers discrimination in the employment sector. But the FEHA does not limit or limit the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act. The California Civil Rights Act generally prohibits businesses from distinguishing at a particular base.
The bill will be amend and the county will have a local government office located in Los Angeles, CA.

Using local employment discrimination laws, including the treatment of Makes And there will be punishment, including Under this law. Local governments will be empowere to establish local agencies to enforce anti-discrimination laws.

SB 310 (Skinner D) Jury service.

Summary: The Trial Jury Selection and Management Act prohibits persons who convicted of malfeasance in office or a felony, and Which civil rights not been resolve from being eligible and qualified to be a prospective trial juror.

This bill would delete the prohibition relative to persons who convicted of a felony from being eligible and qualified to be a prospective trial juror, and instead would prohibit persons while they’re incarcerated in any prison or jail, persons who convicted of a felony and are currently on parole, postrelease community supervision, felony probation, or mandated supervision for the conviction of a felony, and persons who’re currently required to register as a sex offender based on a felony conviction.

Assembly Bill 196 (Gonzalez D) Paid family leave.

Summary: The family will revise the benefits assessment formula available under the Temporary Disability Insurance Program. Redefining the weekly benefit amount for a disability period beginning after January 1, 2020, to pay someone for employment. Also, 100{9cdeb8952ada841e7021d5b669a32d44c5ad5141d8ee05c0c46903554f8f3741} of the going wage will be declare.

Employees during the quarter of the basic personal disability, the maximum wage paid divided into 13. The maximum compensation paid by the Department of Industrial Relations is not more than the amount of temporary disability compensation.

Assembly Bill 372 (Voepel R) State employees: Infant at Work programs.

Summary: By January 1, 2020, will the pilot program be establish on January 1, 2022? Under this bill. Government agencies will be allow to participate in pilot programs that allow the fetus to work in the company. A representative who is the parent or caretaker of a newborn baby as stated.
This bill will define certain elements that required for adults.

The Billing Pilot Project will allow government agencies to implement rules and regulations to participate in the pilot project.

Assembly Bill 406 (Limón D) Above all, Disability compensation: paid family leave: application in non-English languages

Summary: The current law established under the Government Disability Insurance Program, which is run by the Department of Employment Development. The Temporary Family Disability Insurance Program, also known as the Family Retirement Program. For employees to receive compensation from work, as mentioned.

Serious patients must be a family member or have a bond with young children within one year of birth or birth. These appointments Under this law, on January 1, 2025. The Department will require that applications for temporary disability insurance benefits be submitt to all English-speaking applicants. With a sufficient number of English-speaking applicants. Also distributed in non-English languages As described

Assembly Bill 500 (Gonzalez D) Above all, School and community college employees: paid maternity leave

Summary: Governing board of the school district, governing law school, and The governing board of the community college certified by the staff.. In addition, at least 6 weeks of leave, with the full salary of the academic staff to the school. District or charter to be issue from duty due to pregnancy, abortion, childbirth and recovery from these conditions.

This bill will allow leave to start and continue before the birth of a child if the employee is truly disable by pregnancy, childbirth, or any related conditions.

Assembly Bill 555 (Gonzalez D) Paid sick leave.

Summary: The employer will modify the sick leave form so that employees have at least 40 hours leave. However, pay 200 days of the employment calendar or every calendar year. In addition, the period is 12 months.

The bill will accommodate satisfactory requirements that can meet employers’ minimum sick leave requirement of 40 hours in 5 days. Which you can use after 200 calendar days of employees. The bill states that employers do not need to allow employees. The sick leave paid more than 80 hours yesterday …

Assembly Bill 1223 (Arambula D) Living organ donation

Summary: Must be a private or public employer. That allows employees to spend 30 working days on unpaid leave for a period of one year. That purpose of organ donation Before paying all available sick leave. There will be government employees on the bill.

Assembly Bill 135 (Jackson D) Paid family leave

Summary: Under the current law, employers with 75 or more employees within a 75 miles radius are prohibit. If they refuse to take 1250 hours for family leave and medical leave in the first 12 months Normal conversation. Current laws include the birth, adoption or childcare of “Family care and medical leave” and the serious children health conditions . parents or spouses employees, bill extends the scope of those requirements, which can prohibit 5 or more employers to reject. Apply for 12-week leave without pay for family and medical leave if employee has 180 work days with the employer.

SB 142 (Wiener D) Employees: lactation accommodation

Summary: The employer must provide the lactation room or the place where the qualification specified. Employer must, among other things, have access to the sink and fridge around the employee’s designated work area.

According to state law in this bill. It’s assumed that appropriate time or appropriate place rejected to indicate failure to breastfeed for the rest of the time. The bill prohibits employers from releasing or acting in a manner that bring contempt or retaliation against employees. Who are try to exercise their rights or exercise their rights under these terms.

Assembly Bill 35 (Kalra D) Above all, Worker safety: blood lead levels: reporting.

Summary: The Ministry of Health should consider a report of 20 inches or more of micrograms. Depending on the level of lead in the blood of employees, to endanger employee health. Please report this to the Health Department within 5 days. The overhead indicates a serious breach of the report and will be sent to the employer or workplace for consideration. All citizens must enter, redirect or punish any inspection year …

Assembly Bill 1007 (Jones-Sawyer D)Above all,  State Civil Service Act: adverse action: notice.

Summary: No recording of fraud, theft, fraud, rape, or property litigation is a matter of criminal investigation or prosecution. The law prohibits unreasonable behavior for three years after the cause of disciplinary action. Except where the cause of disciplinary action reported within one year except for disciplinary action. In addition, except in cases of disciplinary action, namely the front and the front being Schedule on or after 1/1/ 2020.

SB 35 (Chang R) Above all, Human trafficking: California ACTS Task Force.

Summary: Under the draft law, Alliance of California Against Human Trafficking and Slavery. California Act will create a Task Force to collect and manage information about the nature and scope of trafficking in California.

Asked the Agency to consider the type of cooperation between local and governments and non-governmental organizations to protect trafficking victims. Under this bill, working groups of government officials and citizens will be create to specialize in marketing to citizens. In addition, providing services to those who have lost their customers.

Assembly Bill 589 (Gonzalez D) Above all, Employment: unfair immigration-related practices.

Summary: The bill imposes specific civil and criminal penalties for a violation. It would make it illegal for an employer to destroy, hide, remove, confiscate or possess a real or suspected passport. The immigration document or any real or suspected government identity document of another person during his commission. With the intention of committing, trafficking or collusion Slavery , forced servitude or forced labor.

Assembly Bill 668 (Gonzalez D) Courthouses: Above all, Privilege from civil arrest.

Summary: Will explain the power of the judicial authorities to prohibit activities that threaten access to the court. Its including the protection of special privileges from being arrest in court. Bill states that no one arrested in a civil court while attending court proceedings or taking legal action in court.

Assembly Bill 314 (Bonta D) Public employment: labor relations: release time.

Summary: Current law, including the Meyers-Millias-Brown Act, the Ralph C. Dills Act. Trial Court Employment Protection and Governance Act. The Trial Court Interpreter Employment and Labor Relations Act, the Judicial Council Employer Employment Relations Act. Los Angeles County Metro Political Transportation Authority with common transit assignments.

Is The Employment Employment Relations Act and the Higher Education Employer Relations Act regulate the labor relations of the state. Also, the courts and certain local public agencies and their employees. In this context, public institutions require staff representatives in the organization, employees who are certified to leave reasonably without compensation. About all, benefits related to labor relations which is usually the time of release, called. Bill will write the time regulations that apply to all employers and public employees that fall under above all procedure. Generally cancel the provisions regarding the time of release for those proceedings.

Assembly Bill 378 (Limón D) Childcare: family childcare providers: bargaining representative.

Summary: This bill for Child Care and Development Act, implemented by the Ministry of Education. Requires public teaching supervisors to manage comprehensive child care and development program for qualified children from infancy to age 13. The year includes other resources programs and referrals, alternative payment programs and home childcare education networks.

This bill will allow the child care providers in the family to establish, and participate in the activities. Also, the service organization as specified and to request certification from the service organization to act as the service provider’s representative. In addition, Take care of children in the family. Furthermore, In petitioning and election processes overseen by the Employment Relations Committee or outsiders assigned by the Committee.

Assembly Bill 418 (Kalra D) Evidentiary privileges: union agent-represented worker privilege.

Summary: Will create special privileges between union representatives as required and former employee representatives or former employee representatives. Who will refuse to disclose confidential communication between employees or former employees and union representatives made while union representatives. Which Currently acting as a union representative Except as specified. Bill allows employees who are agents or former employees to prevent other people from disclosing special communications, unless otherwise stated.

Assembly Bill 1066 (Gonzalez D) Unemployment insurance: trade disputes: eligibility for benefits.

Summary: Reimbursement eligibility for unemployment benefits after first 3 weeks of trade disputes for employees leaving work due to trade disputes
The bill will also code the case law, stating that an employee who retires due to an employer closing the lockout. Even if it is in anticipation of a trade dispute is eligible for benefits. The bill specifies that the bill’s provisions will not reduce qualifications for the benefit of persons. Who are exclude from work due to the employer closing the job or similar actions as stated.

Assembly Bill 1124 (Maienschein D) Employment safety: outdoor workers: wildfire smoke.

Summary: Must be receive by July 18, 2019. The Occupational Safety and Health Standards Committee will implement emergency regulations that require employers to use respirators for outdoor workers. Which every day or the burning structure due to forest fires. While working By expanding the scope of existing crimes, the bill will determine local programs mandated by the state.

Assembly Bill 1805 (Committee on Labor and Employment) Occupational safety and health

Summary: The current legislation establishes “serious injury or illness” and “serious disclosure”. The purpose of reporting serious injury or illness to the Department of Occupational Safety and Health and Accident Investigation. Bill would exclude minimum requirement 24 hours to be admitted to the hospital and describe a “serious injury or illness”. That is ineligible for medical observations or diagnostic tests and loss of eyesight. This bill will cover the loss of physical organs from the definition of a serious injury and will include deductions instead.

Assembly Bill 424 (Gabriel D) Depositions: audio or video recordings.

Summary: The Civil Discovery Act provides procedures for the recording of depositions by means of audio or video technology. A party who intends to offer an audio or video recording of the deposition in evidence must accompany the offer with a stenographic transcript prepared from the recording, unless a stenographic record previously prepared.

This bill would clarify that a stenographic transcript accompanying an audio or video recording of deposition testimony offered into evidence must be prepare by a certified shorthand reporter. It would also restate the ability of parties to modify the act’s procedures for the recording of oral depositions by means of audio or video technology.

Assembly Bill 692 (Maienschein D) Attorneys: arbitration of attorney’s fees.

Summary: Current law prohibits arbitration If a civil action is requested. The same remedy will be suspend under the current laws governing the time of the civil action. Current law sets out exceptions that prohibit clients from requesting arbitration in accordance with arbitration specifications. And attorneys’ fees after filing civil suits by lawyers. If the request for decision maker meets these requirements after trial, this rule will allow the client to make decision.

Assembly Bill 372 (Voepel R) State employees: Infant at Work programs.

Summary: Will be from January 1, 2020 until January 1, 2022 to establish the infant pilot program. The bill will allow government agencies as required to participate in the pilot program to allow staff of the agency. Law is for the new parent or caretaker to take the baby to the workplace. The bill will create certain required elements for adults as specified. Pilot project The draft law will authorize government agencies to accept regulations that require participation in a pilot project.

SB 179 (Nielsen R) Excluded employees: arbitration.

Summary: Will issue the Exempt Arbitration Employee Act to allow the employee organization to be the representative of the exempt employee. Who submitted a complaint to the Department of Human Resources to request an arbitrator from difficulties if the conditions specified. The bill must have the standing of the standing arbitrator and under specific circumstances. An arbitration and mediation services in California within the Public Relations Committee.

Assembly Bill 9 (Reyes D) Employment discrimination: limitation of actions.

Summary: The California Employment and Housing Act makes the specified employment and housing illegal, including discrimination against, harassing employees and tenants. Existing laws allow individuals who claim to have suffered from the alleged illegal practices to file a complaint. Also, investigated with the Department of Employment and Housing within one year from the date of There is illegal practice.

This bill will extend the period described above to 3 years for the complaint alleging discrimination. Bill specifies that workday of the complaint being investigat is the date consumption form filed with the Labor Commission.

Assembly Bill 171 (Gonzalez D) Employment: sexual harassment.

Summary: Current law prohibits employers from dismissing or acting in a way that disparages or retaliates against employees. Who are victims of domestic violence, rape, or falsification of absence from work for the specified relief. Violence, sexual assault. Inclouding stalking if the victim informs the employer of their status or the employer has knowledge of the actual status. Existing rules allow employees to file complaint with a labor law enforcement agency within one year after these licenses violated.

Current legislation makes it a criminal offense for employers to refuse to promote, promote, or recall employees. Who considered eligible for grievance or legal proceedings. This bill will extend the scope of these provisions by defining “employers” for the purposes of these provisions. Any person who’s hired under an appointment or contract of employment again and includes state departments and municipalities.

Assembly Bill 547 (Gonzalez D) Janitorial workers: sexual violence and harassment prevention training.

Summary: The current law requires employers of at least one employee and at least one protected person as specified. Which provides the specified cleaning service to be registered with the Labor Commission annually. Do not allow them to do business without registration. Current law must be in the form specified by the administrator of the registration request. And must be used and sworn by the employer as specified.

This bill will require the department to issue two types of registration. One for the non-staff registrar and the other for the registrant with employees. Also, prohibiting the department to approve the registration as described above if The employer is not included.
Written application, the name of the subcontractor or the franchise service contract related to the branch. And the name of any subcontractor in the contract franchise service

Assembly Bill 628 (Bonta D) Employment: victims of sexual harassment: protections.

Summary: Current legislation prohibits employers from releasing or discriminating against or retaliating against employees who victims of domestic violence rape. And falsification of the status of their employees as victims. The current law also prohibits employers with 25 or more employees to disengage or discriminate against or retaliate against employees. Who are victims of this matter, which takes time to request specific services or consultations.

This bill will extend these employment coverage to defined victims of sexual harassment. The bill will also extend these employment coverage to the family members specified as required by the leave victims. Also, to provide assistance to the victims when looking for relief or requesting services and advise

Assembly Bill 749 (Stone, Mark D) Settlement agreements: restraints in trade.

Summary: Will prohibit the settlement of employment disputes because the provisions prohibiting the prevention or limitation of injured persons. As specified from work to the employer for which the injured person has submitted a claim. Or guardian of the company, subsidiary, affiliated company or employer of The employer

SB 71 (Leyva D) Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign expenditures: limitations.

Summary: The Political Reform Act of 1974 allowed some candidates and election officials to set up separate Legal Defense Fund accounts. Also, to clear attorney fees and other relevant legal costs that arise in the protection of candidates or officials. Election Or administrative actions that occur directly from the conduct of election campaigns, election processes, or performance of activities. And duties of government officials as specified.

This bill will prohibit the spending of funds in the fund’s account for legal defense in paying. In addition to returning money to candidates or elected officials for penalties, decisions or arranging. Settlements related to sexual claims Or election officials in any civil, criminal or administrative action

SB 530 (Galgiani D) Construction industry: discrimination and harassment prevention.

Summary: Will allow the creation and commercial training to prevent training harassment for travel-level employees. And will require an internship program to maintain certain records and issue a certificate of internship or travel level labor.

SB 778 (Committee on Labor, Public Employment and Retirement) Employers: sexual harassment training: requirements.

Summary: Current legislation requires, by January 1, 2020, employers with five or more employees to prepare a classroom. For at least two hours or effective interactive training and sexual harassment of all supervisory staff. Minimum of 1 hour of classroom training and education about sexual harassment of unauthorized staff in California within 6 months. Also, from the date of filling the position.

The current law requires employers who provide training after January 1, 2019. No sexual harassment and education training is required by January 1, 2020. Employers with 5 or more employees arrange training and education as described above by January 1, 2021 and every two years.

Assembly Bill 5 (Gonzalez D) Worker status: employees and independent contractors.

Summary: Will specify the legislative intention in processing the decision-making in the Dynamex case and clarify the application. The bill specifies that, for the purposes of the provisions of the Labor Code, the Unemployment Insurance Code. And the Welfare Order of the Industrial Welfare Committee. Those who provide labor or services to receive compensation are considered employees rather than independent contractors, except.

The hired juristic person shows that that person is independent from the control and direction of the hiring business. Furthermore, in relation to the work of that person, who operates outside normal path of business of the hired company. That person Participate normally Freelance trade, career or business

Assembly Bill 170 (Gonzalez D) Above all, Worker status: employees and independent contractors.

Summary: As established in the case of Dynamex Operations W. Inc. v. Superior Court (2018) 4 Cal.5th 903 (Dynamex), lawa currently makes the assumption that the service worker for the employer is an employee for the purpose of claiming. Cost for Wages and benefits arising under the wage order issued by the Industrial Welfare Committee.

The current law requires a 3 part test called the “ABC” test to prove that workers are independent contractors for those purposes. 5 AB of the normal period 2019-20 specifies the legal intention of processing decisions in Dynamex cases. Also, clarifies the use of AB 5, stating that for the purposes of the provisions of the Labor Code.

The unemployment insurance code and wage orders of the Industrial Welfare Committee, who provide labor or services to receive compensation. Employees are considered employees instead of independent contractors. Unless the employer shows that that person is independent from the controls and directions of the law office.

Worker status: Above all, employees and independent contractors

In addition, that hires a person’s work to operate outside of the normal business path of the employer. And that person is normally engaged in a freelance trade or business established independently. AB5 excludes operations identified by experts using Dynamex. And will terminate their operations with oversight of SG Borrello & Sons, Inc. V. Department of Industrial Relations (1989) at 48 Cal.3d 341 (Borrello).

The bill will be available until January 1, 2021, excluding operations under contractual agreements with newspaper publishers and newspaper distributors. It’s recommended to combine 5BB as described above with newspaper publishers or newspaper distributors received from the DyAmex proposal.

Assembly Bill 233 (Cooley D) Above all, Insurance: licensees.

Summary: Current legislation requires a license for residential real estate brokers, brokers, deceased agents, brokers, personal agents. Also, a limited car insurance agents to be prominently display in the cardholder’s office.

The current law requires the director of insurance to impose 200 USD fine for violating the first rule. However, if not resolved within 45 days and allow the director to impose 400 USD fine. If the violation is repeated within 3 years of the violation. First, there must be a representative, broker or licensed organization with multiple offices to clearly display copy of each license.

Assembly Bill 267 (Chu D) Above all, Employment of infants: entertainment industry.

Summary: The current law regulates the employment of minors in the entertainment industry. Requires the written consent of the labor commander for minors under 16 to participate in certain types of employment. Current laws require certification from doctors and surgeons to allow infants under one month of use in dress or place. The Current laws make it a crime to violate infant employment provisions.

This bill will extend the certification requirements for infants to cover any employment in the entertainment industry. The bill will define the word “Entertainment industry” for the purposes of billing and current law.

Assembly Bill 271 (Cooper D) Civil service: Personnel Classification Plan: salary equalization.

Summary: Must provide the Department of Human Resources by December 31, 2020 and every 2 years thereafter. Assess the classification of all civil servants and make a detailed report on gender and ethnicity. Pay interest in the classification that is presented to women and people Minority group. In this law, each state agency will send the specified information to the relevant department for classification of civil servants.

Assembly Bill 403 (Kalra D) Above all, Division of Labor Standards Enforcement: complaint.

Summary: Current rules allow them to believe that they dismissed or punished by the Bureau of Labor for six-months when applied. to the Bureau of Labor Standards. The law requires six-months waiver of misuse or partial bias for a temporary case on the last day of submission. The cost of illness will increase within six-months of the filing of a complaint, within two years of the crime.

Assembly Bill 467 (Boerner Horvath D) Competitions on state property: prize compensation: gender equity.

Summary: The Department of Parks and Recreation, the State Land Commission. For California Coastal Commission require that a permit or lease agreement, as described and compensation be made. Also, be conducted in the jurisdiction of the corporation. it’s determined that the rivals in the subgroups must be compensated equally between the subgroups of each participating group.

Assembly Bill 529 (Ramos D) Above all, Psychiatric technicians and psychiatric technician assistants: overtime.

Summary: Would prohibit a PT or psychiatric technician assistant (PTA) employed by the State of California in a specified type of facility from being compelled to work in excess of the regularly scheduled workweek or work shift, except under certain circumstances.

The bill would authorize a PT or PTA to volunteer or agree to work hours in addition to his or her regularly scheduled workweek or work shift, but the refusal to accept those additional hours would not constitute patient abandonment or neglect or be grounds for discrimination, dismissal, discharge, or any other penalty or employment decision adverse to the PT or PTA.

Assembly Bill 555 (Gonzalez D) Paid sick leave.

Summary: Does the employer change the method of calculating alternative sick leave, which requires at least 40 hours of sick leave. Or time off work for an employee’s 200 days or each calendar year or 12 month period?

This bill will change the order of employer satisfaction by allowing 40 or 5 days sick leave. Which the employer can use after 200 days of his/her salary. This bill has not yet forced the employer to give the employee. Hoever, more than 80 hours or 10 days depending on the total number of sick leave paid

Assembly Bill 673 (Carrillo D) Failure to pay wages: penalties.

Summary: According to the Labor Code Gender Code, current law requires that the labor group be penalized under unpaid wage assessments. Current law requires that fines be paid in accordance with regulations established by Fund at Office of Labor Development. Employers with Ministry of Finance are seeking legal penalties for injured workers as part of an investigation into unpaid wages.

Assembly Bill 789 (Flora R) Itemized wage statements: violations: actions: Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004.

Summary: The 2004 Labor Code provides that, as an alternative to civil penalties evaluated and collected by Employment and Employment Agency. General Law of Attorneys, civil penalties may be recover by the victim’s civil actions on his/her own behalf employees. This action requires employers to comply with the procedures set forth before the start of the case. And allows employers to treat violations with a payroll order within 33 days after being notified of violations.

This bill requires employees or agents to notify employers of violations of wage claims made in accordance with above requirements.

Assembly Bill 1768 (Carrillo D) Prevailing wage: public works.

Summary: The definition of public works, which includes work done on landscaping or feasibility studies, expands. This bill is part of public works, regardless of whether or not construction works are underway. In addition, designing, site evaluation, feasibility studies, and land management.

SB 1 (Atkins D) California Environmental, Public Health, and Workers Defense Act of 2019.

Summary: Current status laws regulate air emissions into the atmosphere. The Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act emits pollutants into state waters. The California Safe Drinking Water Act sets standards for drinking water and controls drinking water systems. California Endangered Species Act requires the Fish and Game Committee to list a list of endangered species and the list of threatened animals and generally prohibit catching them.

The California Endangered Species Act requires the Committee of Fisheries and Games to list endangered species and list endangered species. This bill, dated January 20,2025 requires the authorities to take specific steps regarding Federal, air, water and wildlife protection requirements. By delegating new responsibilities to local authorities, this law defines local government-authorized projects.

SB 171 (Jackson D) Above all, Employers: annual report: pay data.

Summary: Must be on or before March 31, 2021 and on or before March 31 of every year. After that private employers with 100 employees or more and those who need to file an annual entrepreneurship report. According to federal law to submit wage reports to the Ministry of Employment and Housing along with specific wage information. This project requires the Department of Employment and Housing to submit reports as requested by the Department of Labor Standards.

SB 229 (Hertzberg D) Above all, Discrimination: complaints: administrative review.

Summary: Current law prohibits anyone from releasing or discriminating against or taking any unwanted actions against employees or job applicants. Because employees or applicants are involved in the identified safeguards. The current law empowers the Labor Committee to issue claims to persons considered to be responsible for violations. Current law requires applicants seeking legal orders before posting bonds equal to the total amount of any minimum wage. Including liquidation damage, and overtime compensation.

This bill requires employers who deliberately refuse to comply with these final orders in order to pay civil fines.Which imposed directly on the affected employees. Requires the Police Commissioner within 10 days to submit a copy of the final reference to the High Court. Which will for the enforcement of the court in any district where the assessor is punished has property or business. Except for the person referred to, requesting an informal inquiry to oppose the reference stated

SB 286 (Durazo D) Payment of wages: professional sports organization employees.

Summary: The law states that “employers” will be paid for the next working day after termination with termination unless otherwise stated. The bill shows that these provisions don’t apply to the compensation of civil servants. In addition, this bill recommends changing the rules that must be paid after the dismissal. Also, this bill will be added to Articles 203, 203.1 and 220 of Labor Code proposed by SB 671. If this law and SB 671 are effective and it is final, other laws will also participate in this program.

SB 671 (Hertzberg D) Employment: payment of wages: print shoot employees.

Summary: In general, the current law stipulates that if an employer dismisses an employee. The wage received and unpaid at the time of release will be due and immediately paid.

This current law stipulates specific provisions that give rights to employees engaged in the production or distribution of motion pictures. In which employment is terminated to receive payment of wages received and not received during the period. Also, time of termination Current laws impose penalties for payments-related violations of these specific requirements. Furthermore, this bill will create similar specific provisions for the printing staff fired as required.

SB 688 (Monning D) Above all, Failure to pay wages: penalties.

Summary: In addition, the labor commander may send a subpoena to the employer to compensate the unpaid damages. If the Labor Commission considers that the employer pays the minimum wage as stipulated in the contract. This bill contains other relevant provisions and other existing laws …

SB 698 (Leyva D) Above all, Employee wages: payment.

Summary: Must have the employees of the Regents of the University of California receive money on a normal pay day.This bill requires that salaried university staff receive monthly payments in accordance with the university’s pre-payment policy. Employees receive a monthly salary five days after the end of the payment period.

SB 730 (Stern D) Above all, Commission on Tech Equity.

Summary: By January 1, 2025, a joint technology advisory council will be set up, which will consist of seven members and a director. By January 1, 2021, the Director of Government Business and Economic Development will develop and submit suggestions for management policies. In addition, tax administration, innovation and technology sharing. And on or before January 1 of every year.

Assembly Bill 333 (Eggman D) Whistleblower protection: Above all, county patients’ rights advocates.

Summary: The current law on mental health support requires contractors to be appointed or signed to service at least one patient. That must be in the area to perform duties as assigned by the mental health director. In the current legal area, protecting the rights of patients in the performance of duties of supporters. This bill creates similar coverage for those who report clues, especially for district patient rights that support district patient rights.

Assembly Bill 403 (Kalra D) Division of Above all, Labor Standards Enforcement: complaint.

Summary: Use labor within six-months with the Department of Labor Standards to complain that they terminated or discriminated against. The current law requires a six-months exemption with a one-month appeal period for offenses related to discrimination or temporary retaliation. The deadline for submitting a complaint will be extended within two months after the violation of this claim within six-months.

SB 322 (Bradford D) Above all, Health facilities: inspections: employee reporting.

Summary: The Current laws require health care licenses and regulations from the Ministry of Health. Current law prohibits health care facilities from being discriminated against or retaliated by patients, staff, medical personnel. In addition, other health care providers because they’ve filed or initiated a protest, complaint or communication at the place.

Participate or cooperate in investigative or administrative actions related to the quality, service or conditions at the plant. Billing provides employees or their employees with the ability to discuss qualifications or security issues with HR personnel during investigations.

Assembly Bill 346 (Cooper D) Above all, Workers’ compensation: leaves of absence.

Summary: The bill Added police officers working by school districts. School district offices, community colleges to list civil servants with the condition that they pay temporary disabilities instead of paying. For due to injury or illness and during work too.

Assembly Bill 1400 (Kamlager-Dove D)Employment safety: firefighting equipment: mechanics.

Summary: The health worker compensation committee for training to the Occupational Safety and Health Council should have a lashing committee. Los Angeles District is at risk for cancer and cancer care while cleaning a fire truck in the Los Angeles.

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