Najar Investigations Private Investigation Services that Gets Results and protect people. Najar Investigations is Private Investigation Firm that also Gets Results. We experienced, Personalized Private Investigation Services in CA, United States by Active and Retired Police Officers. You can call us for an appoinment, Najar Investigations is CA Licensed Investigators know as the best Private Investigation Services that gets results shortly.

Najar Investigations Private Investigation Services that Gets Results

Also, known Southern California Private Investigations Firm in CA. Najar Investigations is a private license firm operating national. Furthermore, all investigators employes by Najar Investigations are active or retired law enforcement and ready to help you in investigations.

Asset Searches

We locate Real Estate, Bank Accounts, Brokerage Accounts, Safe Deposit Boxes, and Retirement Accounts.

Child Abduction and Missing Children Investigation

When families are face with a missing child or child abduction, it is the most difficult and vexing time in their lives. Investigators at Najar Investigations understand and are wait to help.

Criminal Investigation

Whether a defendant facing the penalties of a conviction or the public safety is at risk because of a perpetrator, it is equal important to have a thorough understanding of the picky case. Our investigators are experts in seeking, collecting, and gathering evidence for the case. We seek the truth without judgement and bias towards out client

Due Diligence Investigation

Due Diligence are the processes of exercising reasonable care to avoid unnecessary exposure. In part these investigations are done to verify state information prior to entering into a business transaction. The idea behind this type of investigation is to reveal the truth and minimize business risk while providing quality information to the decision makers.

Elder Abuse Investigation

When you suspect your elderly family member might be subject to abuse. The abuse can be of financial, emotional and physical nature. We here at Najar Investigations empathize with your situation as we have also have elderly family members. We will investigate and gather evidence for a successful resolution for your case.

Family Law Investigation

Family law matters can be among the most difficult and delicate to navigate. Najar Investigations is here to help. Whether you are an attorney representing clients or someone who is represent themselves in family court, we are here to help.

Fraud Investigation

The trained investigators can uncover these types of frauds/scams and compile evidence that may be use against the perpetrator in court.

Infidelity Investigation

Matrimonial, cheating spouse and infidelity investigations performed in order to determine if a person’s spouse, partner, or significant other is unfaithful or committing adultery. Our investigators skilled in getting the client the results need to prove their case.

Litigation Support

Our litigation services can provide responsible support to every stage of your incomplete or pending case. Najar Investigations support, helps win new clients, deliver strategic advantages in litigation, and ultimate can add to a firm’s bottom line.

Process Serving

We committed to courtesy and dedicated adherence to providing quality Legal Process Services. Najar Investigations accepts only difficult process services and we pride ourselves in successfull locating and serving these individuals.


Need to Find a Defendant or Witness? We have the resources to locate almost anyone. We utilize numerous national databases, social media and court systems to locate individuals.

Surveillance Investigation

Surveillance Investigations yields documentation of the most organic situations. Because surveillance conducted in a covert manner, it is the key to providing clients with the vital evidence they needs to attain their picky goals. Surveillance is a balance of art and science to secure the footage need for a picky mission.

 TSCM / Debugging / Bug Sweeps

TSCM Debugging Bug Sweeps common referr to as “TSCM”, “Debugging“, “Bug Sweeps“, Technical Surveillance of Counter Measures, or Countersurveillance conducted in your suspect areas prior to sensitive meetings. Our TSCM Debugging Bug Sweeps service includes searching physically and electronical for all major types of audio and video transmitters. We utilize computer driven correlates to seek out any line carriers, current and infrared signals.

In Conclusion of  Najar Investigations Private Investigation Services

Najar Investigations Private Investigation Services that also gets results. Also, Najar Investigations known Southern California Private Investigations Firm. Furthermore, Najar Investigations is a private licensed firm operating national. All investigators employes by Najar Investigations are active or retired law enforcement and ready to help you in investigations.