PI Mohammed Najar shared his Personal investigation process to complete an investigation case in New York for prosecution. There was a night for the investigation process at the Empire State Building in New York. The investigation process must bring the case closer to learn how to keep secrets. Mohammed Najar is still trying to find the answer to life’s persistent questions on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building.

Investigation process to complete investigation

We have a superior bias, like a private detective that grew up from Najar’s investigations. PI Mohammed Najar, Janene D, and M Bila, how are private investigators?

What would you expect if a client came to work in your representative office to thank you for a job well done?

This article will walk you through some common cases where you want to become a private investor. Different case studies will come to you once you understand how to solve many mysteries during your investigative career. However, some investigative processes need not be, such as family law investigations.

What will be the investigation process from beginning to end?

However, depending on what type of investigation process you have Therefore, we can begin the investigation process by creating two differences that may fall into one of these categories.

  • Investigation cases related to the legal system.
  • Case studies related to customer requests outside the legal system.
  • Customer requests unrelated to the legal system

They do not connect this type of investigation process, usually initiated by citizens and the legal system.

Examples of investigative processes in this category include

Investigation process for missing persons – Your customers can find long-lost friends. A person who owes money or a lost teenager who crosses the city to live with her boyfriend.

Investigation Process involving Suspected Infidelity – Your customers may want to confirm for personal reasons. Like their spouses have relationships If the client wants you to gather evidence to be presented in the family court to give a reason for divorce Which means that the case of the investigation process now involves the legal system

When you define this type of inspection process, you must specify it. You will need to communicate directly with your customers to know what they want. As a good personal inspector, you will give a realistic evaluation to your customers and be frank about the delivery method and what the customer expects.

Although these investigations may not initially involve the legal system However, it’s still a good idea to understand the laws that apply because it might end up in the courtroom.

Investigative processes related to the legal system

However, this type of investigation involves the collection of evidence to be presented in the courtroom or other legal processes, so when you start as a private detective, these are the most common types that you will get results. For these, you need to understand the laws that apply to your investigation process.

Examples of clients that deal with this type of investigation process are:

  • Insurance company
  • Businesses that have fraud or loss prevention departments
  • Government investigation company
  • Law office

Understand family law investigations

Therefore, understanding the laws that apply to this type of job will determine the level. Besides, the quality of evidence you need to succeed in your customers. You can also specify how you received this evidence in your investigation process.

We come to explain this together with the investigation sample. Clint called you and said that she suspected that her husband had an affair with his secretary at lunchtime. Infidelity is one of the most common private investigations. She wants you to gather important evidence for the court when filing for a divorce.

You must examine all of the above laws necessary to support evidence of suspicion of infidelity. The law says there is reasonable doubt. The parties involved must comply with the following conditions:

  • They have to be in a place where they can do.
  • They will need enough time to investigate.

Besides, they have the inclination I received because their work has a long relationship. The law also said that the family court sentenced the divorce case.

Examples for understanding family law investigations

Here you can translate your understanding of family law into a successful action plan in the investigation process. In your investigation process, you must bring your husband and secretary to the hotel at lunchtime. Take a timestamp in your camera to see photos when you enter your hotel room. Also, take pictures of their other timestamps when they leave the hotel room. 40 minutes later, keep a log of all the activities above to supplement the pictures. It’s as easy as you do in your investigation process.

Understanding the applicable law means that you also know that you don’t have to do anything. This will save you a lot of time and effort and will help you determine the parameters of your inspection process:

You must not do that in your investigation process.

  • You don’t have to sneak close to them and take a picture through the window.
  • Do not install any hidden video or audio devices.
  • They don’t want the physical evidence behind a husband or secretary.
  • A statement that the husband or secretary does not want.
  • The evidence you gather must convince a judge. But not necessary to convince many people to judge.
  • Focus on solving the most common cases from beginning to end.

These are examples of the most common problems that work with PIs and how they play from start to finish. We will talk about the following in this section:

  • Childcare and visits
  • Providing paper checking services
  • Internal audit
  • Techniques for interviewing and asking questions
  • Strolling and surveillance
  • Investigation of appropriate targets
  • Childcare and visits

Advice for private investigators

For private investigators, these matters are very large. You often work with lawyers who use you on behalf of their clients. Lawyers are also involved because of the complexities of childcare and visits linked to the complex laws. However, the lawyer can tell you what is needed to win the case in the courtroom.

The person you meet will be in a legal conflict with child protection. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, etc. Since children are in the picture, the emotional participation of all parties is high. They are perfect for telling you something that makes them count good and others bad.

Also, please remember that you will ultimately submit a final report to the court in this investigation. Your customers are professionally responsible. Although especially a problem with children, many personal investigators will warn you that you have a professional responsibility to investigate and find facts and facts. This helps the judge make informed decisions about what is best for the children involved.

The lawyer you work with will oversee the deployment of the key players involved. You can supplement this by interviewing people like neighbors and grocery clerks. Monitoring and surveillance are also important.

This is something that you have to take notes

  • The ability and condition of your goals
  • Evidence of illegal drug use or drug abuse
  • Evidence of a healthy relationship or abnormal discharge
  • Smoke-proof
  • Is the target user?
  • A history of criminal behavior or evidence of current criminal offenses
  • Environmental protection
  • Trash or unsafe conditions in a child’s environment
  • People who are not stable or unsafe in a child’s environment
  • Child abuse or neglect
  • What is the level of legal action currently being followed?
  • Do all parties comply with past court orders?
  • Are all care documents tracked?
  • Current well-being of children
  • Interviews with coaches, religious community leaders, and parents of children.
  • Considering the educational efficiency of children

Childcare issues may include various PI services, including interviews with family members and friends, from supervision to stakes. It may take weeks or months to complete. You will compile your notes in the final report and I may call you to testify.

Provide documents

Also known as attorney processing services, often the district attorney will hire you. The service process involves finding the target person and sending official legal documents to them. It can be anything from any person involved with calling a court to the legal notification.

Your goal can be to try to avoid you. The presentation of documents usually starts with the case of a missing person and your first goal is to find your goal. When you reach your goal, you must confirm your identity. Such as the date of birth, high school, or other relevant details

How would you do this to a blue stranger who might doubt your intentions? You lie

Each private investor has his techniques, which include everything from making fake stacks to pretending to deliver pizza.

For example

You might pretend to be a delivery person from an ice cream company. You arrive at your target door by putting a shipping box with an ice cream box. When they reply you say that you are providing ice cream because it is their birthday and be sure to confirm the full name of the target. When they say it’s not their birthday, you can search for paper and display your journal and ask them what their actual birthday is. You gave it to legal documents, let them know that we served them, and then go out.

When you return to the office, you write a report detailing that you have confirmed the name and date of birth of the target and they sent the documents. Send it to the lawyer that placed you with the invoice, mission complete.

Internal audit

Most large companies have an internal audit department. If the store lacks goods or cash during the inspection or if suspected staff are stealing time

When you work, talk to yourself or movies or why. Set expectations for what you can give and work on your inspections.

This may mean any of:

  • Many employees interviewed to investigate.
  • Inspection of personnel records
  • Looking for videos of old security cameras
  • Computer forensic investigation
  • Installation of surveillance monitoring equipment
  • Your goal is to investigate any errors. If you bring an employee to court, try to gather evidence to support criminal or civil cases.
  • You can determine who is your main accuser by having a good interview with all employees in the target department. You can have staff on the other side if you can pay a private detective.
  • Once you have collected all the evidence and the relevant employee statements, you will write a final report for your customers. There should be suggestions to avoid future staff problems. They may ask how your customers are earning with your search to testify in court.
  • It depends on the number of people you mentioned for this investigation. You can expect an internal inspection to be completed after 80 to 100 hours of use.
  • It’s also normal for potential employees to hire in-depth background checks.

Many employees interviewed to investigate

This is an important part of your job and you will develop your techniques to open the door to gain people’s trust and then get the information you need. Also, take notepads and image recording devices and make sure you agree to the articles – and keep the evidence – so they can record. Video cameras are better because they convey body language as well. Some people talk and this is helpful. There are many ways to break the ice and gain trust with the person you interviewed with and including creating a shared personal relationship.

Ask questions of subjects

When you’re in safe and easy subjects, you want to ask questions about subjects you already know, such as where they grew up, where did they go to school. If you know the unbiased details about this article, for example, they like Red Sox because they know someone who is a personal trainer for the team – ask them to ask you what makes them tell you this information. Pay attention to their body language and speech patterns when they do this.

The only thing you do is set it when it looks like this person is speaking the truth.

When you develop confidence and personal contact, you can move on to more difficult questions. If you feel lacking confidence in your topic, you can return to a neutral topic to relieve pressure. Since you know that when you identify the facts, your body language and body reactions are like that, you can detect them when they lie. This can help you in your overall audit structure.

Stock monitoring and surveillance

If you are a private visitor, you must have this experience. Above all the examples provided to this point may include looking at targets for a long time. This is a good time to deal with another type of litigation.

Insurance fraud and insurance fraud

These issues include claims and public benefits, such as sick leave, disability benefits, and food stamps that deny their rights. In these cases, your customers will be insurance companies, owners, and public auditors or supervisors. It’s your actual activity to check these conditions to get good conditions.

Stakeout is a waiting game that competes with your goals and patience. One of the first principles: Don’t look at your goals.

Good investigations involve extensive preparation. You must have the basics:

  • Binoculars for the investigation process
  • Voice recorder to record in the investigation process
  • Sheets of paper and pen to make backup notes in the investigation process
  • Radio or telephone to communicate with your team if you are not alone.
  • Mini Spy Camera or Video Camera
  • Watches for the investigative tips process

Here are accessories for you:

  • Bring a lot of food for you You can’t leave your post here, even if it’s a five-minute drive. The delivery of the order is not good because you can attract attention.
  • Sleep well before you begin – when you testify from the court that you have watched this article all night, how will you listen, unless you’re only five minutes away?
  • When nature speaks, you should make an emergency plan.
  • If you are aiming at the car, be careful when using a mobile phone or when opening the door of your car. Turn your engine off while exhausting, so you need to plan for cold or hot weather.

In the conclusion of the Personal investigation process

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