Here you can hire a private investigator CA for private investigations cases we solve in the United States. We have conducted successful private investigations for our clients since 2012. The following pages feature many case types covered by Najar Investigations. Therefore, you can contact the Najar Investigative services for hiring a private investigator CA so solve private investigations cases.

Private Investigations Cases

Since 20212, the International Anti-War Services Inc. has been providing private investigative services. Many agencies and clients still identify domestic, civil, and criminal investigations. However, the actual test is jurisdiction and competence. Therefore, all investigations are handled by licensed professionals and conducted by men and women. Who also showing the greatest dedication to our clients.

No case is too small or big for Najar private investigators. Najar Investigations Employee will use the resources for your case. You’ll also find this straightforward and comprehensive as you begin the process of free consultation. Ultimately, you decide what you need and how we can best serve you.

Furthermore, following your instructions on the letter enables PI Mohammed Najar Investigations to renew and refit almost daily with variable caseloads. Also, with a unique staffing solution comprising experts, agents, freelancers, and all contractors. Our path is complete. Hire a private investigator CA for the below private investigations cases we solve in the United States.

Private Investigations Cases We Solve in the United States

Decide how to respond, and act decisively with Najar Investigations.

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PI Mohammed Najar and his Private investigators can help you in your private Investigations Cases which we Solve in the United States

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Document inspection and evaluation

There is nothing for amateurs to inspect and test the document. This is extreme …

  • Domestic Investigation (All Types)
  • Home Inquiry: Are you concerned about your safety or security? You are…

Domestic violence

Domestic, violence is a very serious matter, and many people asking for investigations.

  • Investigation of sinking and boat accident
  • Whether the local police have investigated the case, the Najjar Investigation Team.

Drug testing

Drug Testing: therefore, we have all the methods of testing fabricated and non-intrusive drugs.

Prompt Investigative Investigation (General)

Efficient Investigative Investigations: Thinking about a new business plan or maybe. So, if you suspect that someone is being abused, contact us immediately.

Major Abuse Investigation

Email tracking and SMS tracking

  • Email tracking and SMS tracking: Therefore, in this age of electronic communication, hiding someone’s truth.

Electronic Discovery Services

Electronic Discovery Services: With our electronic discovery and computer forensic experts, …

Fraud investigation

Fraud investigation: Fraud by an individual …

Employee theft investigation

Employee Theft: Does Employee Theft Cost Your Business? How much did you earn?

Employee Milling Investigation

Call Najjar Invitations today if you suspect your employees of taking time off or misusing workers’ compensation.

Investigate employment corruption

Therefore, if you’re experiencing employee abuse, call the Najar Investigations Employee education today so that our experts can help you properly.

Detective investigation

Also, Corporate espionage and Industrial investigations usually involve stealing “trade secrets” from a company.

Testimony of expert witness

Expert witness testimony: In many court cases, expert witness testimony is what …

Extortion or case investigation

Therefore, if you’re a victim of extortion, blackmail, or corruption, please call Najar Investigations Employee or fill out one for free.

Investigate financial fraud

Investigate Financial Fraud: Also, to Protect Yourself By Calling Najar Investigations Education To Deal With Your Financial Fraud …

Investigating hidden assets

Investigating Hidden Assets: Therefore, assets include property, vehicles, boats, aircraft, businesses, …

Investigate lost assets

I attempt to recover lost assets when private investigators are hired to gather facts …

Hidden asset search (lost or forgotten)

Finding a lost or forgotten asset: Are you missing out on the money you believe you had? Najar Investigations Employee can investigate …

Murder and murder investigation

Please call the Najar Investigations Employee to investigate the murder or murder as soon as possible. Therefore, it’s time to ask private investigator CA for help.

Human trafficking

Najar Investigations Innovations launches its network …

Identity theft

Identity theft: Identity theft can rob you of your resources, damage your reputation, and leave you …

Inheritance Investigation

Inheritance inquiries can provide you with information on illegal inheritance assets …

Insurance Fraud Investigation (Active Case)

Insurance Fraud Investigation: Our Insurance Fraud Investigation Unit is a virtual network …

Insurance investigation

In the United States, it injures employees in the workplace daily, but more often than not, employees …

Infringement of intellectual property and copyright

Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement: Alleged Intellectual Property Theft …

International Marriage Investigation

International marriages especially …

Juror Waiting (Jury Selection)

Jury Waiting / Jury Waiting (Jury Selection): Finding and analyzing jurors can be difficult …

Kidnapping and ransom situation

When dealing with a kidnapping and ransom situation, you will need a private investigator on your part …

Monitoring labor disputes

Labor Dispute Monitoring: Make sure everything goes smoothly.

Land ownership and title investigation

Land ownership and title investigation: Land ownership and title investigation are very …

Litigation and Legal Aid (Active Case)

Legal Aid and Legal Aid: Keep your skills to work and get the edge you need.

Find the missing people

Najar Innovations can help you find people you’ve lost contact with, even if it’s an old friend.

Missing persons

Missing Persons: We bring together teams of experts led only by experts …

Pet investigation missing

If your precious pet is lost, run away, or stolen, the pet’s disappearance can investigate.

Investigate stolen or lost pets

If your rare, exotic, purebred, or precious animal has stolen or lost, you.

Loss and theft investigation

Loss and theft investigation: Whatever you have lost, call Najar Education today for in-depth, …

Medical and dental disorders

Medical and dental malpractice investigation: Have you, or someone you love and misdiagnosed.

Investigate professional abuse

Professional Dishonesty Investigation: Professions Outside the Medical Profession.

Rudeness investigation

Rudeness is wrongdoing that no one had the right to do. Wrong professional behavior…

Naval or boat inspection

Naval or boat investigation: Water accident claims can investigate.

Integration and acquisition investigation

Integration and Acquisition Inquiry: Buyers Be Careful.

Mobile phone and PDA visits

Mobile Phone and PDA Seizures: Digital Edge technology used for your investigation.

Cellular pharynx

Cellular forensics to see what data may be in the cell phone memory.

Money laundering investigation

Money laundering investigation: Money laundering is a criminal act of filtering funds …

Mortgage fraud investigation

Mystery and Secret Shopper

Mystery and Secret Shopper Services: Najar’s investigations are careful and effective.

Drug detection

Online Defamation Investigation

With the Internet, smartphones, the globalization of the economy and the workplace, your reputation …

Online Auction Fraud

Online Auction Fraud: E-BAY Fraud may be the most popular online auction site, but fraud …

Online social networking investigation

Social networking sites can be a goldmine for investigators. We usually have full access to …

Online gaming and MMO investigations

Online games like MMOs can be an investigative gold mill. We usually have full access to …

Internet cyberbully

Many people think there is nothing that can do to find and stop the cyberbully, but …

Opposition investigation

In search of a PI Mohammed Najar, our case analysts train experts to …

Origin and reason for the investigation

Initiation and Reason for Investigation: Professional staff at Najjar Investigations provide various services …

Organized Crime Control or RICO

Organized Crime Control: we train our private investigators to control crime.

Parental Inquiry

  • Paternity Investigation and Testing: Establishing paternity can be very difficult. Our buyers …
  • Personal protection
  • Personal protection: If you watch a lot of television or watch a lot of movies, I warn you …

Personal injury

Whether you need an investigation into a worker’s compensation issue, an automobile accident, or …

Pre-employment screening

Pre-employment screening: The key to a competent, productive workforce is a professional employee …


Investigative investigation: Ensuring fair distribution.

Process service (worldwide)

Process Services – From initial or secondary start-up to file filing. We …

Public interest investigation

Public Interest Investigation: Najjar Evictions means Integrity.

Polygraph and lie-detection

Polygraph and False Detection Testing: You may have a certified polygraph test for professional help.

An inquiry-based on religion or belief

Religion or Belief Investigation: Since 2012, Najar’s investigations known for integrity.

Real Estate Fraud Investigation

Real Estate Fraud Investigation: Protect Your Property From Finding Najar Investigative services.

Fugitives and missing children

Investigating runaways and missing children: The first 48 hours are often the most …

Investigation or sabotage

However, if you are a company, you will face a kind of sabotage. Not at all …

The Serbians-Oxley Act and the Securities Investigation

The Serbians-Oxley Act and the Securities Investigation: Recently, there have been dozens of scandals, …

  • Interrogation of sects or interrogation of sects
  • Sectarianism, engagement, or sectarianism: Some things inspire more fear than sex and …
  • Security Consulting (CPP and PPS Certified)
  • Security Consulting: Human Resources, Facilities, Equipment, Materials, Operations, and more …

FMLA Abuse Investigation

Do not allow employees to misuse the Family and Medical Leave Act. Before acting, a completion.

Claims of sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment Claims: Sexual harassment can make your life miserable, even if you …

Sick day fraud

Sick day fraud is common in many workplaces, especially for companies with many …

Pirate Investigation

PI Mohammed Najar, also known as signal theft, occurs when a business or individual.

  • Defamation and notoriety of character investigation
  • Character Investigation Defamation and Defamation: Defend Your Integrity from Najar’s Investigation.
  • Spouse care or sincere modification
  • Spouse Care: Increasing the insult to injury, many spouses refuse to pay the begging money or …
  • Substance abuse investigation
  • Substance abuse is a serious matter. So it is important to find a …

Sting operations

  • The Sting Operations: When you believe you need a sting operation, act wisely because …
  • Social media investigation
  • Social media networks can provide a lot of information for a private investigator. We can …

Stocking and harassment investigations

Beating and Harassment Investigations: Najat Ejaculation gives you security and peace of mind! The people …

  • Stock Options Fraud
  • Stock Options Fraud: A “serious” crime like murder robbed the man of his life. However, some …
  • Strike and labor unrest
  • Strikes and labor unrest: The recent decline in the business environment has …

Surface or forensic drug detection

Surface or forensic drug detection: We are a highly trained drug testing company providing drugs…

Investigate stolen property

Private investigators have asked private investigators to investigate and deal with the stolen property.

  • Covert surveillance (tailing)
  • Undercover surveillance, aimless monitoring of the treatment of …

Surveillance (beacon or GPS tracking)

Surveillance (GPS tracking): How do you know if someone is not where they say there? Therefore, what if…

All-day surveillance

All of Najar’s surveillance investigations were conducted in secrecy, working under the radar …

Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening: This is an important service in determining the fitness of a potential tenant…

Secret and covert investigations

Undercover investigations are often complex and difficult. Does your business suffer from an employee …

Investigate unfair competition

Unfair competition occurs when one company takes advantage of another company’s wrongdoing …

Investigation of illegal behavior

The Illegal Behavior Investigation is a wide-ranging investigation designed to determine whether …

Investigation of unsolved crimes

Investigation of unsolved crimes: Did the police spies dismiss you for not solving the crime …

Vendor screening investigation

Vendor Screening Investigation: Vendor Screening provides you with virtually all information …

Veterinary malpractice investigation

If your mate has recently suffered an injury or death, and you think…

Water-related death inquiries

Water-related deaths are tragic in any situation, especially if there is reason to believe …

White-collar crime

White-Collar Crime: When investigating white-collar crime, you need investigators.

Wire and Electronic Communication Crime: We can help inspect your systems and operations.

Witness locations and interviews

Searching for Witness Interviews and Statements: Find Who You Are Looking for, and Get Answers.

The Workers Compensation Fraud (AOE / COE)

Workers Compensation Fraud: We Justify also Workers’ Compensation Claims! We only.

Investigation of workplace conditions

Therefore, if you’re being abused at work, a private investigation of Najar Investigations Employee can be offensive …

Workplace (ADA, EEOC, or FMLA sensitive)

Workplace Inquiry: For almost forty years, so our clients have recognized that our workplace.

Workplace Violence Investigation

Workplace Violence Investigation: Therefore, Our clients have also acknowledged that our workplace violence.

Workplace Inquiry Interview

Workplace Inquiry Interview: Get the services of a Najar Investigations Employee’s evitations today so you can…

False death investigation

Wrong Death Investigation: So, if you have recently fallen in love with someone who died prematurely?

Wrongful punishment investigation

How does one overcome the faults of society? Therefore, how do they overcome borders and cultures?

Wrong prison interrogation

Unlawful imprisonment: Therefore, when you or someone you love wrongly imprisoned, often;