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There are two types of private detective licenses

  • A private investigator who is license is the operator of the agency.
  • Private investigators hired by the agency or agency operator
  • This means that person cannot be a private investigator and work as a subcontractor for a private investigation department.

If an individual wants to be a private detective, they must establish their department. Private investigators apply to be arms or not armed. Those planning to just complete a firearm safety course with armed approved by the United States. Also, pay an additional license fee too.

Here are some important links to the United states RCW definitions for personal investigators:

  • Private detective
  • Private agencies, detectives and private investigators
  • Business and Professional Act
  • Licensing terms

If you’re applying for a private detective agency license or a private detective license as an employee. You must comply with the following requirements:

  • Private investigators without weapons must be at least 18 years old.
  • A Private investigator must be at least 21 years old.
  • Each private detective in the United States must be an American citizen or a foreign resident.
  • Private investigators must not have any criminal offenses related to their ability to act as private investigators. Also, he compromises public safety.
  • Private investigators must have a business location within the united state of America.
  • From the United States of America, private inspectors must have a valid business license.
  • A business license issued by the United States and the location of the business must hire a private detective.
  • With weapons and without weapons requesting licenses for PI through an established organization should apply straight through that agency
  • Provisions of the licensing of arms

When requesting a license for an armed private detective:

Send it to the agency you want to work for the current gun certificate. Issued by the United States Criminal Justice Training Commission. The complete private investor license application. The current status requires an application fee. One completed fingerprint card a copy of your concealed pistol license Unarmed license terms.

When applying for a private detective license without a weapon:

  • You must submit the licenses of private investigators only.
  • The current status requires an application fee.
  • One completed fingerprint card
  • Training requirements

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The current duration of the training required takes many hours to cover the law and private investigation procedures in the United States. After completing the training and before issuing a license, applicants must pass a test to check their understanding of the training topic. The United States Department of Licensing or a private investigative trainer licensed with the United States can manage this. We should send necessary documents to the organization you enrolled in to receive the documents to the state.

The requirements for private detective licenses of the armed and unarmed agencies are the same as the requirements listed above for private detective staff with the following additions:

The principal must submit a private investor representative/principal, the main business license that has a license and Can display a private investigation for at least three years of relevant field experience before applying for a license

If we cannot show the experience, the principal will have to pass the law tests and procedures related to the private investigation conducted by the United States Licensing Agency. Principles of the agency must provide evidence of at least $ 25,000 of liability insurance for physical injuries and $ 25,000 of property damage or $ 10,000 of the bonds of private investigative.

Exam Study Resources: Private investigators, United States license.

Therefore, additional information required forms. We can also view exam study materials online on the Department of Copyright website.


Personal investigations may be important to lawyers by creating facts about a lawsuit. Consultations with professional private investigators can help you take advantage of your position by finding creative and effective ways to eliminate your enemies. As a lawyer, you have specific needs and our job as your private investor is to make sure you have all the facts and information when you need them.

Civil inspection

Therefore, civil investigation helps to reveal and gather the information necessary for the civil trial. In most cases, this court involves two citizens who argue about issues relating to their rights as citizens.

 For example, if someone sues another for damage caused by an accident in the house. Also, we may try the case in a civil trial. The civil examiner used to gather the evidence necessary for the trial.

Criminal investigation

Researching criminal investigations, searching, and collecting evidence for specific cases or purposes. The criminal examiner looks for clues and evidence to determine whether a crime has occurred. If there is a criminal offense, the criminal examiner may consider the background of the accused, trying to reveal who is the offender. Criminal investigators use many techniques to find the evidence needed for a case.

Training instructor contact information

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