Welcome to Najar Investigations, we private investigative services at a competitive price in CA at a competitive price. You can get our private investigative services at a competitive price throughout California. Since business 2012, we have decades of experience providing high-quality investigative services to the Greater Los Angeles area, including surveillance, search, skip tracing, process service, background testing, polygraph testing, Includes asset search, record search, and more. These services are also provided by highly experienced and fully qualified private investigators/spies and action servers, all of which are very informative, intelligent, and detailed. With each case, our investigators focus their efforts on each client’s specific goals. With our highly skilled and reliable team, competitive rates, and 24/7 availability, it is not surprising that we have 1000,000 satisfied clients and an A + rating with better business bureaus.

Private Investigative Services at a Competitive Price in CA

Hire our private investigative services at competitive prices in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pasadena, Orange, Tustin, and the surrounding area. At Najar Investigations, our private investigators are licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). While all of them have years of direct, working experience, some of our investigators also have experience with law enforcement, the military, and/or state or federal investigative agencies. Whether we are investigating marital infidelity for a relevant spouse, conducting covert surveillance for business, or presenting court documents from a law firm, our investigation agency aims to provide a high level of customer service.

We take the time to develop our investigative programs to accommodate a wide range of needs, concerns, deadlines, and budgets. We rely on the best research technologies and techniques and adhere to the industry’s highest standards for monitoring, record-keeping, search, and execution services. Because we have access to a vast database of national records and an extensive network of licensed investigators, we can pursue some issues beyond Los Angeles.


Therefore, you can hire Private Investigative Services at a Competitive Price in CA for the following services. Our Private Investigative Services can also bring results at a Competitive Price in CA.


Whether you’re married, committed, or divorced, you deserve it;

Surveillance Investigations

The Najar Investigations agency offers the best surveillance services in Los Angeles.

Search and retrieve

Najar Investigations agency is an excellent tool for a record search and retrieval services;


One of the best choices for LED private investigative services is Najar Investigations;

Trace / leave

However, Najar Investigations agency is an excellent provider of investigative tracking and scaling treatment services;

Attorney Services,

The Najar Investigation is famous for provides highly reliable private investigative services to Los Angeles;

Process service

Ask above all, rush delivery, and we will prioritize your assignment for completion on the same day or the next day;

The Big Sleep – TSCM

When Najar Investigation clears bugs, it is not responsible for removing critics from your property;

Social media investigation

Therefore, Najar Investigation became a social media investigation company;

Najar Investigations

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The Najar Investigations agency is fully licensed, affiliated and insured, and is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Long Beach, Downey, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Cerritos, Paramount, and beyond. He is also a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), our full-service investigation firm. National Association of Research Experts (NAIS); International Private Investigators Union (IPIU); And the World Association of Spies (WAD). We offer free advice over the phone and in our offices. Alternatively, we can meet clients at an off-site location for a small fee. For surveillance investigations, we provide a comprehensive final written report with video or camera footage.

Recent affairs

Complex scaling investigation complex

Therefore, Najar’s investigation recently uncovered a case where a Michigan client was looking for his ex-sister-in-law. Our client’s brother had died and his wife fled with her child. At the behest of the father, the paternal grandparents had traditional rights, and they hired us to trace the woman who has a non-bailable arrest warrant. After running the credit report, we learned that the woman had recently run a credit check to find an apartment in the Palm Springs, CA area. We sent a private investigator to visit the apartment complex and could verify the home address of the subject and provide this information to our client.

Difficulty investigation

Najar Investigations recently helped a Florida client find his missing pet, which was stolen by a friend who moved to California. So, it involved the subject of our investigation in several frauds and was in deep print. Our team of experienced private investigators inspected the escape trace and could locate the husband of this article through utility searches and phone records. Therefore, that record took us to the subject’s home address and allowed our client to reunite with his missing pet.

Working people’s Comp Fraud Investigation

I set Najar’s investigation up by a construction company in Los Angeles to investigate a fake worker’s claim. The former employee claimed to have suffered from stress, depression, and work-related bodily injuries. The company first hired another private investigative agency that produced no results. Our experienced private investigators found and monitor the subject for several days, got footage of the article on motorcycles, and performed as a singer. We also found several social media accounts that had evidence to disprove the article worker’s claim. With our evidence, the construction company could refute the worker’s claim and charge with fraud.

Detection of Eavesdropping Detection

A large corporation in Orange County hired Najar Investigators to conduct a big sweep to find any spy or surveillance equipment hidden in its building. A different company that could not find any bugs in the business completed debugging services. Our state-of-the-art debugging equipment could identify multiple listening devices. And hidden cameras. Those were being devices also used to transmit information to 3G, 4G, and LTE devices. Therefore, our Najar Investigations agency has a better handle on also counter-espionage efforts.

In Conclusion

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