We provide private investigative solutions for your needs in the United States. Najar Investigation is a licensed and insured full-service investigation firm in the state of California. Our investigators are active or honorary retired law enforcement agents with an irreplaceable background and extensive investigative experience. All of our investigations conducted confidentially, with honesty and professionalism.

They found the private investigation in 2012 by Mohammed Najar, a United States military veteran who has worked in law enforcement for two decades and has extensive investigative experience with both local and state agencies. Based on his years of experience working in the judiciary, he felt the need to share this level of experience with the public. By working as a private investigator, he recognized he could protect and serve his client’s interests.

We understand that using the services of a private investigator for the first time can be a traumatic experience. Allow yourself the comfort of knowing that there are active or retired laws in place that work for you. Najar Investigations offers you the experience, knowledge, and training you can count on. We make sure we meet your needs. I conduct all of our investigations in strict confidentiality to protect your privacy while complying with all federal and state privacy laws.

Our bilingual investigators are available who are fluent in Hindi, Urdu, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. It licenses all of our investigators to possess concealed weapons.

We provide private investigative solutions for your needs

Below are some highlights of our cases. During our consultation, we call our investigative tailor to customize our client’s needs. Therefore, we can provide private investigative solutions for all your needs in the United States.


Kidnapping Case

In early 2019, a concerned father who believed his ex-wife had abducted their child contacted us. The ex-wife failed to meet at the exchange location. The client had called the Los Angeles Police Department and reported the child missing.

We conducted a comprehensive background investigation and discovered the ex-wife was working at a bar in Kentucky. We deployed a surveillance investigator to the bar. A short time later, our investigators observed the ex-wife leaving the bar. The investigators surveilled the ex-wife at a residence. While surveilling the residence investigators observed the child. We immediately contacted the client, advising him of our findings.

The client responded to Kentucky. The client contacted local law enforcement and secured his child.

Criminal Defense

In mid-2019, the conflict panel appointed Najar Investigations in an Assault with a Deadly Weapons case.

As part of the investigation, the investigator canvassed the crime scene. During the canvass, the investigator located the alleged victims of the assault and other additional witnesses. An interview of both victims, neighbors, conducted. Including criminal background investigation of the alleged victims.

The information gathered used by the defense attorney to mitigate the case for a reduced sentence (time served).

Background Investigation

In late 2018, a law firm was preparing for mediation on a civil case. Therefore, attorney concerned that at least one mediator on the panel based and possibly belonged to an Alt-Right movement. The client contacted also our firm to investigate.

We also conducted a comprehensive background investigation, including the review of social media. During the review, if the social media we uncovered that at least two mediators posted anti-immigrant ideology and contributed to nationalist movements.

Therefore, attorney armed with the above information could replace the mediators from their case.

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In Conclusion of We provide private investigative solutions for your needs

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