Here you will know how the police get evidence to arrest private investigators when they do surveillance investigations. PI Mohammed Najar and their private investigators team are trying to gather evidence that married men visit gay sites regularly. (Our client, his wife, looked at other people’s messages but they needed more concrete things. Because he wanted to divorce her and he wants to. The data is bulletproof.)

How the police get evidence to arrest private investigators

Tonight, as we entered the site to find a quiet place to park and observe, we saw a car with a gentleman in the back seat. Think of another “customer” we care about, just write a car registration to save yourself.

That night was brief and we checked out the hotspots in other areas to see if any of them were on our article lines. Come dry, we come back to the original site and when we get out of the car, we see other people in the car whose spouse thinks of women. Time passed, and we called him all day. When we get out of the car, the car comes back to life and starts following us. My colleagues took some unusual steps to stop and try them. But they are with us.

Therefore, we have turned our attention to the local hospital to see if they will follow our stock and compete with them. Thinking that public places are violent and an obstacle to trying to do something in the best place, we stood up and all our followers did the same. Jumping out of the car.

My colleague accidentally opened his window and said firmly but politely, “Can I help you?”

The person with the biggest smile on his face said: “We are undercover police officers looking for suspicious activity in the area.”

My private investigator CA and I pulled out our PI #: 187816 and said, “Well, we are private investigators. We are informing the local police that we will work in a non-cooperative area. Is a record number. “

She and her partner (who is a woman) suffered from severe depression, apparently sitting for hours, hoping we would have a crime and we could vent their anger. He confirmed our story, apologized deeply, and went back to the car to see the clock.

A fraud case led investigators to a cool car show

The best case I worked on was a boy who was an instructor at the Court Museum in Bowling Green. The wife suspects that she is cheating on one model who worked on the show. Just spend the weekend watching Lamborghini, Corvette, Porches, and 50 other 500+ HP cars racing all weekend.

One corporation tapped its employee’s phone

Ok here After leaving the Navy, I worked for a top PI company in Houston. Because of my electronic background, I often go to work with printed inspection and printed surveillance equipment.

Therefore, we received a call from a client who was confident that his office had debugged because his client knew all the things he had done before. His office has a mobile preview on the customer’s website. He is a subcontractor for a large oil field construction company.

We did a full electronic swap and found nothing. (However, In the early decades, no need to worry about bomb signaling, etc.) they bury No device in his phone. He insists on sweeping the entire body both inside and out. So we crawled under the trailer and found the stairs and checked the roof. Nothing so far.

We’re ready to go out and he said: “Look, I’m not crazy, pick up the phone, press 9 to call outside and you’ll hear all kinds of noises or clicks on the sound.” Replace our office phone sent via the organization’s PBX. His client doesn’t have a problem with his office, he can “get an extension” inside the major building and hear what he wants. We also do not believe it is illegal. We suggest installing a private telephone line that pays if he wants to have a private conversation. We ended up charging him like two greats for this trip.

One woman thought a caretaker would tear up her condo and move furniture.

They have sent me a lawsuit by a lawyer I work to include a woman who convinces her fellow bodyguards to go to her house. She buys a condo. Actually, threw her (it was her old vacation).

I met him to discuss the matter, and it seems reasonable. She’s an attractive old woman, a boy who’s familiar with the condo and accessible destination plans, and hell, I see weird things, so we move on. Jana agreed that I would install a hidden camera configuration with Motion Detector. If you think there is anything, you will call me. A few days passed, and he called. I went and received the tape. (This was before digital recording) and checked. It’s nothing but you. I met him to tell you about him and he said, “He must have some machines to hide him. He’s a stranger in space.” He never mentioned important pieces of information.

I told him that the level of technology was beyond my management capabilities and that we should talk to his lawyer to determine the best course of action. I called the lawyer to tell him that our client had some problems, and we could get psychological help from him.

Government employees may have some confidential information

PI Mohammed Najar is a PI in the early. He also worked for a law firm in California. I was twenty years old at the time so he accepted me as a processor server. Therefore, I facing an aggressive divorce case. The husband is a Jordanian citizen who married an American woman. (One of many wives) who ended up being a breeder in the family and wanted to go out, also works for NASA.

In Conclusion of How the police get evidence to arrest private investigators

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