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Hire a reliable investigator for private investigative Tasks

By tracking our various surveillance groups on foot, motorcycles, and cars, we track and trail your spouse and other parties. We then use state-of-the-art film equipment and greedy recording equipment to gather evidence. We will then present the evidence to you so you can decide what to do next.


Applying for court care often requires justification of your spouse’s financial capabilities. They can hide their assets or income. I used and monitored various economic profiling techniques. We know your spouse’s true financial ability to get you a fair allowance and rehabilitation.

Custody of children

Sometimes the court can give your spouse custody of your child when you know he or she is not a responsible parent. Our role in these cases is to gather solid evidence to prove that you are a responsible parent and that it is good for the child to have custody of your child.

Harassment / Violence

When relationships grow, a person is not ready to give up. Instead, some of them want to control you. It often leads to poaching, harassment, and violence. When such a case brought to court, we need evidence. Through our many resources and expertise, we gather evidence that you have harassed or abused so you can take it to court and get legal help. Also, we offer bodyguard services (unarmed) if needed.

Hire a reliable investigator for private investigative Tasks of missing person

People sometimes disappear. As a private investigator, we start with our clues and background information. Then, in the actual world and the digital world, use different monitoring and tracking sources. After finding them, we can secretly trailer them so they can update you on your updates or let them know you’re looking for them.

DNA testing

Probably the scariest question – is my baby mine? Or did she give birth to another woman? The child is innocent, but not an adult. As part of our investigation, we sometimes collect biological material from both the child and the suspect’s parents and distribute it to test labs to dispel all doubts for final and concrete results.

International investigation

It’s hard to imagine in our connected world where lost wives can travel today. Our inquiries have drawn us to China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, the United States, and Denmark as more work continues on our list. By partnering with companies overseas and sending our trusted agents to move forward, we will not shy away from this high profile and greedy affair.

Fact check

You got bogged down in it, in the last few months, which was just magical and it felt like a story, the future is almost certain. It sounds perfect, but you still can’t say the words that make you feel uncertain. You need to know if they are one, or at least you are not a third party. Your marriage will be one of the most important relationships in your life, so be wise about who you associate with.

We examine facts as a background check based on your partner’s history, background, current career, and doubts about social activities.

Benefits of Hire a reliable Investigator for private investigative Tasks

During our employment, they usually portray the Najar flies under the radar because we’re as poor. We get to places easily with less risk of collisions.

Najar Investigations IQ, EQ, and Awareness Get your work on the ground and LQ (a component of love). Go to us. It is a scientific fact that the mind is the “hardware” for multidisciplinary action, we’re in the details and consider all aspects of the matter because our brains also interconnected. Also, we adopt Ranger’s proven method to adopt a combination of traditional and modern techniques within the industry and to adopt best practices from other fields.

Why choose a private investigation agency?

Read even more about the Najar Investigation Agency and why we consider it a reliable investigative CA. Also, what is the difference between an investigative agency that people consider the best private investigative services in CA?

Customer service

Every client is different, and every case is different. We know our customers are looking for answers to their questions. We take pride in helping others by providing credible facts so they can make better decisions. When you select us, you can address with the investigator who is collecting the information and will not receive it with the other hand. We listen to and understand your goals and develop a custom plan to achieve them.

Experienced investigator

We believe that the investigative firm is as good as the investigators working there. When you hire us, you will work directly with a private investigator and our professional team. We have over fifty years of field research experience and you will benefit. Our primary goal is to help those who deserve it, and we have selected only highly qualified people for your investigative work.

Customer privacy

Who the client is and what is being investigated remains private between the investigator and the client. We do not disclose who the investigator is, who hired us, or the characteristics of the investigation. The investigator will not disclose this information about the investigation, random citizen, or even law enforcement.

In Conclusion of hire a reliable Investigator for private investigative Tasks

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