Requirements for becoming a private Investigator CA license in California, If you wish to apply for a private detective. Private investigators are individuals who are investigating criminal cases. Investigating identities, businesses, professions, characters, etc. of those investigating lost or stolen property. Also, investigating the cause of the fire, loss, accident, damage. Or injury or provide evidence for court Private investigators may protect individuals only if the service accidentally investigated. Therefore, they may not protect property from a person, partnership, or company. That licensed as a private investigator may hire a qualified manager to manage day-to-day business.

Requirements for a private Investigator CA

Surveillance including cheating cases, child custody cases, labor compensation cases. Background checks, Address checking, mobile phone number checking, criminal history checking, etc. Fraud checking, including financial fraud Identity fraud, etc. Private investigators and detectives search for clues to gather evidence for cases in court or private clients. They interview people, examine information, conduct surveillance, find missing persons, and gather important facts for various cases. Feedback if you ask all the above questions for the requirements for a private Investigator CA license in California.

To be eligible to apply for a license as a private investigator/certified manager, you must meet the following requirements:

18 years old and older

Pass criminal background checks through the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Have a minimum of three years of experience, 2,000 hours per year, and 6,000 hours from work experience in the investigation.


Completed a law degree or a four-year course in police science, including a two-year or 4,000-hour experience.


Graduate with a diploma in science, police, criminal law or justice, and a 2-year experience (5,000 hours).

Requirements for a private Investigator CA license in California

Therefore, the experience must certify by your employer and received while it hires you as a law enforcement officer. Swear, officer. Military police, non-life insurance officers, licensed PI personnel, or arson license inspectors Inspector for the Office of Public Guardians. Working as a processing server, researcher, public record supervisor minors for law enforcement agencies. Our Najar Private investigative agents that collect a debt in writing or over the telephone after the debtor located or possessions after the location not considered a certified experience.

Pass the two-hour, multiple-choice exam, covering laws and regulations, vocabulary, civil and criminal liability. Evidence management, undercover investigations, and surveillance. A copy of the Private Investigation Act will be sent to you and upon receiving a notification that you pass the examination. You must send a license fee to:

Fire license

When working as a qualified private detective/manager. You cannot carry a gun without a valid gun license issued by the bureau or a screen print of the bureau approval given on the bureau website. Also, the gun license issued by the office does not allow you to carry concealed weapons. Therefore, you cannot carry a hidden weapon in operation without a concealed weapons license (CCW). That issued by the local authorities and not carrying a large-caliber pistol.

  • To apply for a firearm license, you must:
  • Be a U.S. citizen or have a permanent legal permanent alien status
  • Be at least 21 years old

Through a course in Power to Arrest, an eight-hour training covers responsibility and ethics for arresting citizens. Relationships with police, arresting restrictions, search restrictions, and arrest of criminal and civil liability. We’ll conduct ethics and we’ll conduct written exams and exams written exams and exams at the end of the course. Training costs determined by the training facility.

  • Submit a firearm license, application fee, and a private detective license with a live firearm license scanning form. Signed by a live scan operator. The firearm application is eligible for $38, DOJ fingerprint processing fee, $32, and fingerprint processing fee $17 FBI for each applicant on the Live Scan website.

Note: Firearms license expires two years from the issue. Applicants will have to sacrifice four times during the life of the license: twice during the first year after the issue and twice during the second year. The request must be at least four months apart.

Insurance terms

They do not classify private investigators as LLC, and firearm operators, and 3) provide weapons escort services related to investigations that private investigators previously hired must carry out general liability insurance policies. Commercially issued by an insurance company licensed to do business in California that provides a minimum of one million dollars ($1,000,000) for loss or occurrence because of bodily injury, including death or damage to property or both.

A private detective established as a limited liability company (LLC) must maintain a policy or insurance policy for liability claims for wrongdoing or omissions arising from private detective services provided for an LLC that has a managing member. The total liability limit must not be less than one million dollars ($1,000,000). For an LLC with over five managing members, an additional hundred thousand (100,000) insurance received for each person who receives Appointed as a managing director for only five million dollars ($5,000,000) within the time limit.

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Citizenship protection will be the most important thing for the Bureau of Security Service and investigations on regulatory and licensing applications whenever citizens protection is in line with other benefits they wish to receive. Therefore, promoting the protection of citizens will be important.

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