PI Mohammed Najar is the largest data provider for differences between security guards and private investigators. We train security guards to deal with dangerous situations and they have full knowledge of first aid and CPR. They also train security guards to comply with and report on private property rules. But a private investigative general investigated people’s actions or their whereabouts.

If you’re considering an alternative career path but can’t decide between becoming a private investigator and a security guard. Then learn even more above all the differences between security guards and a private investigator. Here you’ll know between the two professions. Here, find out what’s included in the license terms to determine how your career path is best for you. Post a comment if you continue to ask the above questions for the differences between security guards and private investigators.

 Security guards and a private investigator

We commit Najar Investigation Agency to provide information for those interested in starting a career in private investigations. One question that we often asked by prospective students is about the responsibilities of a private investigator. And how the role of the PI differs from the security guards.

Yes. Security guards differ from private investigators. However, both in the way, they’re licensed, and the responsibility of the job itself. Read in more detail how the two explanations differ, the differences between security guards and a private investigator.

What does a private investigator do for you?

We hire a private investigator to investigate the actions or whereabouts of a person or company. Investigations include theft, fraud, custody disputes, blasphemy, and the search for missing or assets. Their investigations include private investor investigation techniques and investigative research such as public databases, internet searches, and asset searches. There are also history checks, tracking, video and audio surveillance, photography, GPS tracking, and TSCM services. And use as personal observations. Most times, private investigators will work with lawyers in civil and criminal cases to bring someone to justice. I do most of the work they do undercover, providing privacy to their clients.

How do you become a private investigator?

To become a PI in the United States. You must complete a 50-hour mandatory training course and pass an exam to get your Training Compliance Number (TCN). Once your completion number reached, you can schedule your test with SERCO in the United States. After earning a passing grade, you’re eligible to apply for your PI license with the Ministry by applying to Service in the United States.

Responsibilities of security guards and a Private Investigator

Here you will read the responsibility of the security officers and private detectives.

Examples of security guards responsibilities:

  • Perform scheduled and random inspections of designated areas throughout the factory to inspect security violations.
  • Take advantage of the company guest policy to issue guest certificates and ensure that each guest comes with the staff before entering the place.
  • Assists maintenance personnel in securing local security in the event of an emergency.
  • Work with other members of the organization’s security team to ensure that the place is safe at all times.
  • Maintain a professional and effective relationship with the local police and fire department.

Examples of responsibilities of a private investigator:

  • Investigate cases such as infidelity, insurance fraud, identity theft, maintenance disputes, and even more.
  • Keep monitoring for only 6 hours at a time to observe the person or company in question.
  • Check documents, emails, reports, or other documents related to the case.
  • For research public records, such as a criminal record, court orders, and telephone numbers.
  • Perform spy work when needed.
  • Receive the legal documents for the specific part of the investigation.

In both cases, the specific responsibilities associated with the job will vary according to their role and the organization’s human resource needs. Both careers are growing and we expect the employment of private investigators and detectives to grow by 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all careers.

The need for private detectives and investigators is born out of security concerns and from the need to protect confidential information. We can expect strong competition for these jobs. Do you have a background in the criminal justice process and are you ready to take the next steps? Learn more by registering today in the NITA Online Copyright Program, continuing education, and career development courses for PIs.

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In Conclusion of a difference between security guards and a private investigator

We train security personnel to deal with dangerous situations and have a thorough knowledge of first aid and CPR. We train security personnel to view and report on and enforce private property rules. Private investigators are often used to investigate a person’s actions or locations.

A detective is a person who investigates a crime and directly involved in law enforcement. A private detective is a spy, but he is not directly with the police and is not subject to restrictions.

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