PI Mohammed Najar offering private detective services for surveillance investigation in NY. Private Investigators CA of Najar Investigation has over 5o years of experience for surveillance investigation. Furthermore, our New York-based headquarters offering private detective services for surveillance investigation in NY. A team of private investigators is also available at Najar Investigation for New York state. Najar Investigations is one for private detective services which also, considering a one-stop-shop for all your research needs. If you have any questions above all surveillance investigation in New York beyond all private detective services, please comment.

Private Detective services for surveillance

Therefore, civil and criminal Law Investigations (Prosecution and Defense)

  • Accident / False Death Investigations.
  • Murder Investigations
  • Missing Persons Investigations
  • Child Abduction Investigations
  • Cold Litigation Investigations
  • White Collar and Corporate Crime Investigations
  • Financial and Credit Card Fraud Investigations
  • Status Detection Reviews
  • Cybercrime, and Computer Forensic Reviews
  • Insurance Defense Reviews
  • Marriage Reviews, “Adoption-Adoption” Location Reviews (birth-parent / child/siblings)
  • Surveillance investigation (Insurance / Marriage / Observation)
  • General Responsibility Reviews
  • Traffic Accident Investigation / Accident Scene Diagram
  • Written Statements / Registered Statements
  • General Background Reviews
  • Pre-Employment Background Inspections / Scanning, AOE / COE Inspections
  • Locating and Jumping Tracking
  • Activity Controls, Live and Well Controls / Verifications
  • Site Inspections, and Process service.

Whatever your specific research needs, we’ve got you covered! We represent a wide variety of customers, from individuals to large multinational companies. We approach each case with care and devotion. Our goal is to protect your interests and exceed your expectations every time. The investigation is also too big or too small. So, our experts can help you find the answers you’re looking for. However, If something you want to discuss and need to investigate, place a comment.

Najar Investigations

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We also provide 5 stars services. Also, We provide the best investigations nationwide to our clients. Therefore, we provide confidential Investigations for diverse situations. In other words, the Najar Investigations agency work in the Dark to serve the Light. Experts in complex private detective services. However, Najar Investigatibve’s agency is the best Investigations in New York. Our top Criminal Investigator will also save you and your business. Consider Najar Investigations for brands. Criminal Defense, and Private Investigator CA.

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List of private detective services for New York

The above all following is a list of various types of Private Detective services for surveillance and private investigations:

  • Accident investigation.
  • Arson / Fire Investigation.
  • Background check.
  • Child care.
  • Civil investigation.
  • Organization / Business.
  • Crime scene investigation
  • criminal Investigations.
  • Fraud Investigation

Founder & Chief Investigator

PI Mohammed Najar is a highly decorated, retired NYPD Detective. Najar investigative experience while working for the New York City Police Department. He encompassed all facets of law enforcement from instead of. Such an investigation for drugs, criminals, illegal firearms. Also, Other violent offenses have led to the Special Operations Division to find major crime incidents across the city. The apprehension of many city’s most wanted criminals.

Many consider Najar’s extensive undercover, observational surveillance investigation, and covert/special operations’ to be unparalleled in the private sector. Since Mohammed Najar’s retirement from the Law Enforcement and re-entry into private sector investigations. PI Mohammed Najar has worked with several large-scale National & International Investigative Firms in the capacity of Executive instead of President, Chief Investigator, Chief Compliance Officer, and National / International Investigative Consultant.

Private sector

Throughout his career in the private sector, PI Mohammed Najar has successfully investigated and supervised the completion of thousands of cases in an array of investigative practices, (many of which have garnered “national and international” media coverage and attention), encompassing, civil/criminal law, accidental/wrongful deaths, homicides, missing persons, child abductions, cold cases, white-collar, corporate, and cyber-crimes, insurance defense, matrimonial practice and a passionate personal specialty in “Adoption-Adoptee Location” (birth-parents/children/siblings); and the “identification, location and reunification”, of those who wish to reunite.

Most, PI Mohammed Najar spent approximately three (3) years leading the Executive Management team at Beau Dietl & Associates (a Manhattan-based international investigative firm), as Executive Vice President & Chief Investigator. When asked about bringing PI Mohammed Najar on-board to lead the Executive Management team, a senior member of the team commented. PI Mohammed Najar brought with him his vast investigative and professional management experience in both the public and private sectors. Mohammed Najar helped us to sustain and grow BDA’s current clientele, garner new business relationships, and spearheads our growth into the emerging 21st-century markets”.

In PI Mohammed Najar’s creation of New York Private Detective Services, he has taken his vast investigative and professional experience in both the public and private sectors and created an investigative firm with the sophistication and technology of a large-scale international firm, while maintaining a small-firm feel which provides personal, “one-on-one”, hands-on professional services to its vast array of clients both large and small.

Also, Contact to Najar Investigations for a free consultation at +1-866-286-5378. Private detective services for surveillance in New York also available through Najar Investigations. PI Muhammad Najar is providing private detective services for surveillance investigations in New York. PI Mohammed Najar has 5o years of experience in overseeing private investigations. Consider also PI Mohammed Najar for Surveillance investigations in New York.